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  1. Thank you Corey that is very helpful I wonder if any made it as far as the Korean war or were they all expended in WWII?
  2. Dear Colleagues Some of you may have noticed the Eduard resin FFAR rockets https://www.eduard.com/eduard/brassin/ffar-rockets-1-72.html They certainly aren't folding fin, so what are they? Are they HVAR or USN rockets of the Korean war? Please share if you know? Thanks Andrew
  3. Thanks Guys this is all making a lot more sense now. Not being able to attend Top Gun, the ARC forum is the next best thing! Andrew
  4. Ah ha, you mean reduce the G-loading on the aircraft? In this case a high G load could be in a turn. So unloading means straightening out. Great, that makes sense, thank you Underdog!
  5. Dear Experts Reading the memoirs of American jet fighter pilots discussing air combat in Vietnam they often use the phrase 'unload' when dogfighting Migs'. Does anyone know what they mean? It can't mean release everything on their pylons can it? Thanks Andrew
  6. Your figures are truly remarkable Norbert! Keep up the good work Andrew
  7. Hello Guys The paint for the aircraft are those from Gunze specific to this scheme. The hanger is card from Noy's Miniatures and the equipment is one of the old Hasegawa sets glad you approve! Andrew
  8. Dear ARC Colleagues A few photos of my Academy F-8E from VF-162 based on USS Oriskany in 1967. Lets see if my photos work here?? Regards Andrew
  9. Thank you Team! This has been very informative on your recipes. I shall try different combinations and see what wins. Interesting to hear that the Mr Color aqueous and Mr color levelling thinner would obviate the need for a varnish pre-decals Regards Andrew
  10. Thanks for your heartfelt replies all! I'm curious to know Seawinder how much you thin the Mr Color clear gloss with levelling thinner? Is that 50:50? As part of my research I have also ordered some Alclad Aqua Gloss! Bill do you thin your Tamiya X-22 before applying and if so by how much? Thanks Andrew
  11. Dear Modellers With the demise of Johnsons Klear I have bought the Johnsons Pledge, but I'm a bit suspicious of it. It does not seem to dry as evenly as Klear did and does not seem to behave with oil washes in a predictable way. Am I being paranoid? Maybe I should spray a gloss varnish instead? What do you guys do? Regards Andrew
  12. Many thanks for your advice team! The later Academy, GWH, Fujimi and Hasegawa F-14D all seem to have strong support Regards Andrew
  13. Thank you Don for that detailed explanation on the Hasegawa F-14. I'm thinking if I do an f-14 I would choose the D version, but most of these new tools appear to be A versions! Oh drat! Regards Andrew
  14. Thank you colleagues! So Fine Molds, GWH and Academy get good marks from you all. I've noticed some Hasegawa F-14s' being available for good prices. Would you advise me to steer clear of the Hasegawa effort? Andrew
  15. Dear Fellow Modellers There maybe a thread you can direct me too, but what is the consensus on who makes the most attractive F-14 Tomcat in 1/72. I think I last made one from Airfix in the early 1970s (oops) Thanks Andrew
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