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  1. They do not keep that website up to date anymore. They can be found on their ebay store. http://stores.ebay.ca/Aviaeology
  2. Correct, with one addition. They also do not pay business taxes at home so they can offer a much higher level of service overall and still remain profitable. Their economy class is the equivalent of biz class for most NA carrier's. Having flow most of them regularly since the mid 90's (Emirates, Qatar and Etihad), it is sad to say there is no comparison in service to NA airlines.
  3. You mean Mustang, The gear on the Zero actually extends and retracts.....
  4. Go get yourself a gallon of Lacquer thinner at Home Depot. It's all I use with Testers Enamel.
  5. And they came with made in Canada stickers
  6. Been thinning Humbrol and Model Master enamel with Lacquer thinner since Christ was a Cowboy and never had a problem. It works just fine. Turpenoid has to much oil content and does not work well. Mineral spirits work ok also. My favorite is good old Lacquer thinner.
  7. Kind of a interesting thread. What about The Battle of Britain? Sure it's not completely accurate with the planes used but pretty darned accurate. 12 O'clock high was a good one as was Tora Tora Tora, and I fully agree with Memphis Bell being rather well done on accuracy.
  8. We've had a really windy winter in Calgary this year. Check out this Luft. A340 just a few weeks ago
  9. ron

    "Big" Mustang

    Hey, I didn't take that way at all. I've always thought they had a hodge podge of all three props judging from the pictures I have. I was absolutely convinced the pic of PR590 I posted was with an Aeroproduct prop! Ron
  10. ron

    "Big" Mustang

    I beg to differ and strongly disagree.... Looks like Aeroproducts to me? not square tipped and no cuff..... Grey Matter Figures sells a 1/32 Aeroproducts Prop prefect for what you are looking for (yes it is mastered by Jerry Rutman).....Link and you can find a review of it that I did over at LSP...Review Grey Matter Figures sells a 1/32 Aeroproducts Prop prefect for what you are looking for.....Link and you can find a review of it that I did over at LSP...Review
  11. Same thing popped in my head. Nancy Sinatra's "These boots are made for walking" was released in 1966, nearly 15 years after the end of the Korean war.....
  12. Crest white tooth paste works just as well.....
  13. I don't like to speculate but having read this over I thought I would comment The problem with this comment is that if he was slumped forward and pushing against the stick as stated, he would be pushing the stick forward and the nose the plane into negative Gs (into an inverted outside loop with down elevator not up elevator as seen.) I don't see that in this photo. The "bulk head is only at head height. It's clearly open space behind the seat. Look at this photo and the area around this person's right shoulder. Its black open space. I think it's completely plausible that when the trim t
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