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  1. ES is ccorrect, the flap vanes need to taper in cord and they approach the wingtips. It seems to that the easiest (and cheapest!) fix would be to separate the individual flap vane segments and install these the correct way round as suggested by ES i.e with decreasing chord towards the wing tips rather than buying the SD resin wings. To me, the biggest selling feature of the HB kit should have been the deployed slats/flaps but HB screwed this up completely. Apart from the flap vane issue mentioned above, the other issue is that there are spring loaded panels on the underside of the
  2. The Reskit canopy is an improvement over the HB canopy but it is still not correct. The HB canopy has three errors, the major one being the slope of the windscreen, which should be a flat, descending angle in the side profile. HB have managed to make theirs curved giving it an upwards bulging appearance. Secondly, and you can see this in the comparison pictures above, HB have located the canopy bow too far forward which shortens the windscreen length in side profile. Notice the step between the cockpit bow and the fuselage side immediately below the windscreen which is slight
  3. G'day Thadeus, Thanks very much. The canopy fits very well although as you say it is a bit thick in the sides which results in some distortion. I doubt this would be an issue with the canopy open. G'day people, I have managed to get the lid on As already mentioned, the canopy fit is excellent however although not immediately apparent from the pictures there is some distortion when looking directly through the side sections. The canopy was dipped in Future following tinting so this is not an opacity issue with the tinting but
  4. G'day people, Getting closer to closing up. The kit supplied crew figures have been painted up. These are nicely sculpted for the most part with the torso including mask and hose details with a separate right arm. The left arm kind of disappears and is poorly defined and the head is also a bit too big proportionately with poorly defined details. I ended up sanding the head down a little and re-shaping. The details were the painted in by hand I used some spare decal placards to simulate the knee board checklist details I found the HUD combiner
  5. G'day people, I was able to find some pictures of my subject display jet with an interesting asymmetrical load of inert AIM-9M, AIM-9X and ACMI along with a pair of jugs that received some artwork to match the jet. I had a pleasant day today preparing the stores. The kit supplies a pair of very nice AIM-9L/Ms but I will only be using one. I was able to scrounge the AIM-9X from another kit and the AMI pod is a modified AIM-9 from the spares box. The kit decal sheet includes stores stencils and these all behaved exceedingly well. I used the spare AIM-9M stencils on the AI
  6. G'day Gianni, Thanks very much. I just coul not let it go and since it will be visible thru that big canopy it seemed like the right thing to do G'day Kurt, thanks for the welcome G'day people, I spent today on the back end. Revell provide both the GE and PW engines with some very nicely rendered details for the turbine faces. Apart from the mahoosive amount of flash on the engine parts After cleaning that up, the next problem I had to deal with was painting the turbine face as it is quite deep within the exhau
  7. G'day people, The fuselage is together! It went together okay but I found that the rear side portions did not marry up too well. Revell (and just about every other manufacturer) break down the fuselage into a horizontally split affair, but Revell have moulded the wings integrally with the upper rear fuselage so this is one less seam to deal with and also takes care of the wing anhedral issue nicely. Revell have chamferred the upper edges of the lower half and this part had a tendency to pinch inwards resulting in a small gap. If
  8. With the original downwards ejecting seat - terryfying! Pappy
  9. G'day Thadeus, thanks very much. I am a fan of the Has 1/72 F-16s (having built several of them) but I must agree this seems the better kit, but then again it should be as it is a significantly more recent tooling so it should be. The Has kits still build into fine models but the panel lines seem finer and more accurate on the Revell kits and the u/c is a massive improvement. The thing is, the Revell kit is considerably more expensive and closer in price to the Tamiya 1/72 F-16s (which I have not built), which in Oz is close to $60 vice the Has kit which can
  10. Yup GE engines. In this instance the tail feathers are visible. and they have a different shape to the PW engine which are narrower and closer (but not always) to steel colour while the GE engine has a more golden hue and the exhaust petals are wider, plus as you correctly state, the doughnut is black, cheers, Pappy
  11. G'day Gianni, glad this has piqued your interest, 1/72 builds generally get less attention. G'day people, The cockpit tubs have been painted. I opted not to use all the instrument panel decals as the supplied detail is very nice and looks good when carefully painted. I did use some decals for the centre pedestal as these are completely devoid of detail They look a little garish by comparison but with the aircrew in place and canopy down I don't think the effect will be that stark. The seats have now been painted up as well
  12. G'day ALF, Yup, what they said. The time difference involved in being on the other side of the planet does not always allow for a prompt answer I didn't know about the early BLK 30/GE birds, thanks H2, I Iearnt something new! cheers Pappy
  13. Thanks very much. It was much easier to do before the wingtip launchers are added cheers, Pappy
  14. G'day people, Rvell break down heir kit fuselage a little differently to their Has equivalent. They have opted to use a common rear upper and lower fuselage section with different forward sections to allow for the single and dual seat versions. The advantage ere is that the wings are moulded integrally to the rear section but the modeller is left with a potentially nasty seam to clean up. I would have preferred Hasegawa's approach which involves a completely new upper fuselage for one hole/two hole vipers as this eliminates a potentially nasty seam. I glue
  15. G'day people, I have made a very basic start today by doing what I like to call condensing. the kit comes with many parts that will not be utilised as this kit is based on Revell"s earlier PW engined F-16B kit while the kit subject in this boxing is a BLK 50 (GE engined) F-16D and includes an additional sprue for that purpose. In order to avoid confusion and eliminate the potential to add an incorrect part, these 'Not for use" items were removed from the sprue and added to zip-lock backs in their parts group i,e tail, inlet, weapons etc) and squirreled away into the spares bank.
  16. G'day Fred, I don't suggest correcting it now, you have made a stunning job and I am sure that Roto will be very happy with it and probably won't even notice. On page one, in the second picture that shows the intake (with a cover installed) the ram inlets above the intake itself are angled forwards. This is a recognition feature for the GE engined /MCID ("Big Mouth") inlet combination which use the CF weave doughnut as HABU correctly pointed out, if anyone knows he should! The PW engine/NSI inlet uses the metallic doughnut combination. F-16s are a little like Me/B
  17. G'day people, I would like to join in and this will be my kit I have not built a Revell F-16 before so it will be interesting to see how it compares the the Hasegawa offerings. It looks very nice with more detail in general but for a relatively new kit there is a considerable amount of flash. As an example here are some engine exhaust parts The exhaust opening is almost completely closed over! cheers, Pappy
  18. Accident or not it is a great representation of worn ceramic coating. Congrats again on a great looking T-bird Pappy
  19. G'day Geoff, Thank you very much. That is sad news, I hope the owner's situation improves, cheers, Pappy
  20. G'day Fred, That has turned out very nicely. I aways thought that the exposed part of the engine immediately behind the fuselage 'doughnut' was a black colour on GE birds, yours is a sivery grey colour? cheers, Pappy
  21. G'day all, It has been a little while since I havebeen on here. It looks like there is a current F-16 Group Build (GB) underway. I have some questions: 1. Why is this not in the dedicated GB sub-forum? 2. What are the GBrules and dates? 3. Can I join in? cheers, Pappy
  22. G'day Geoff, Lovely work. I was skeptical that the decal seat belts would look convincing but they look very nice under the closed canopy. I alsoreally like the worn effects of the engine exhaust petals, may I ask hpow that effect was achieved? It looks very convincing, cheers, Pappy
  23. Awesome work CDT - you nailed it! Many thanks, Pappy
  24. G'day people, I posed the same question over at Britmodeller and it looks like it is an ACMI pod, potentially a RAIDS pod (or deriviative) which is close in dimension and shape to an AIM-132, thank you for all the replies, Pappy
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