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  1. G'day Jim, it is n the queue, but not near the front. I see that you are following this. When I get back to it, I will post in this WIP, so you will know when I am workin' on her again, cheers, Pappy
  2. Oh i see. I am sure Calum can build a model without my help, cheers, Pappy
  3. G'day SM, cheers but I was not happy with the hot bits. I did not know Calum was in Perth (he does get around) as i presumed he was at the other end of the joint, but still far away! G'day people, I was not happy with the rear engine nozzle heat shields, they looked too new and shiny so these received further weathering to make them look duller and dirtier I have also assembled the stores The Aden gun pods look nicely shaped and will fit well, but are a little plain as they lack the prominent underside gun vents.
  4. G'day people, I managed to get on with the cockpit today I had previously added some of the cockpit rib detail using plastic strip The cockpit was painted first and then the details picked out. The PE set provides painted etch overlays for the side consoles which require the extant detail to be sanded off. I was not convinced with the pre-painted PE, they look like decals and in 1/48 scale appear too flat IMO. I left kit console detail alone. Once the cockpit interior had been painted, the PE was could then
  5. G'day Dave, I have the kit. The larger angled stores pylons (C9, C10) - top picture) as well as the LAU-117s (C19, C20) are on ethe C sprue.. The D sprue has the suspension units (D11-D14) and the E sprue contains the pylon support struts (E35-E37) The torpedoes look a little simplistic, the twin screws are just represented as solid discs. I know these can have protective covers fitted over them, but they look like Kinetic just tried to save money here as they figured the aftermarket boys would include the screws in a PE set. The Mavs look okay, the seekers
  6. G'day people, Following the advice of a fellow modeller, I removed the mesh at the bottom of the GTS/APU outlet and fitted it over the APU intake. Kinetics's rendering is perfectly acceptable, all it will require is a simple wash to bring out the details The mesh is actually supposed to be installed over the kit intake. i decided to remove the moulded detail and sheet in the bottom and after sanding off the raised detail around the intake. This is what it looks like now, Meanwhile I turned my attention to the undercarriage today.
  7. G'day people, I worked the on the nose gear bay today. I have replaced some of the details lost due to filling and sanding. Starting from this, I added some plastic strip, stretched sprue, wine foil and lead wire to end up with this, I also used some plastic sheet to add a dummy roof for the aft nosewheel bay. This meant I did not have to bother filling the join seam in this awkward area. Followed by a quick blast of light grey to see what it will look like under paint
  8. G'day people, I have been sitting on this kit waiting for some extra bits to arrive. The itch to start got the better of me so scalpel in hand I took the plunge. There are lots of reviews around so if you want to find out what is in the box, the internets are at your disposal. Interestingly, two sets of wings are provided. One wing is for the previously released Sea Harrier FA.2 boxing. The only difference that I could find is that the FA.2 wing has the second vortex generator (from the inboard end) deleted FA.2
  9. What, like the resin Pavla seat in the first picture of the thread :P
  10. Waay, waaay past the finish date, but finished all the same. This is my Airfix 1/72 Imperial Japanese Navy Nakajima B5N2. cheers, Pappy
  11. G'day John, Thanks very much. I started this build on this site for the "Far our, far east build" Unfortunately I didn't finish in time, but the build continues over the pond at Britmodeller. I have linked to the current build at the end of the ARC thread, cheers, Pappy
  12. G'day people, I am approaching the end of my 1/72 Airfix Kate build and I have a couple of questions. 1. What is the aerial fitment pattern? There is an aerial mast exiting the canopy, so it seems obvious that that there will be an aerial fitted between this mast and the vertical fin leading edge. I have seen some models and paintings with additional aerials (HF?) that appear between wing trailing edge and the tail plane leading edge symmetrically on both sides. Does anyone have a clear drawing or rigging diagram? 2. Did the Kate have navigation lights
  13. This build continues here: http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235012889-nakajima-b5n2-kate/ cheers, Pappy
  14. G'day Lisa, You are gonna love it. cheers, Pappy
  15. G'day Lisa and welcome aboard, I agree with what all the others have posted but will add: A good hobby knife is a must. Although hobby shops sell these, they are also available in other craft supply shops that do scrap booking etc. Avoid the slide type Stanley and box cutter knives that you can break off the blades, they lack control. A good no.11 blade (the standard triangular shape) will be your most useful tool. Sanding sticks - I usually buy the nail shaping/buffing sticks from the grocery store. You can spend a fortune on dedicated model sanding sticks but I
  16. Great choice, Here is how mine turned out cheers, Pappy
  17. Except that this kit is in 1/72! Wow, a long time between updates. G'day people, I pulled this kit out and have made a little more progress. I have masked up the canopy and the painting has begun I personally think that pre-shading is a complete waste of time, but then again, other people swear by it, fair enough. I had some paint left in the airbrush colour cup so rather than just waste the paint I quickly sprayed along panel lines. I much prefer post shading as a means of adding tonal variety as it allows greater control IMHO. cheers, Pappy
  18. What a zinger! A great result and far, far better looking than the terrible HB kit, cheers, Pappy
  19. G'day Scott, I just used a sanding stick applied at random angles cheers, Pappy
  20. G'day Raymond, Any news on the Skunkworks Super Etendard (French Navy) weapon set? cheers, Pappy
  21. Thanks Mike, as my mate would say, "modelling for god" G'day people, Work moving forward. The join between the forward and aft lower fuselage is a weak point on the Hasegawa kits. The misalignment issue is most evident in the seam which travels through the forward missile wells. Since my ordnance load will be mostly air to ground, I cannot disguise the issue by chucking a couple of missiles in there, although I will be fitting a LITENING pod to the forward left well, so hopefully this will mitigate the issue a little. In between puttying, sanding, scribing (repeat!) of this seam, I decide
  22. G'day fellas, They both look great. I did something similar with my Thai F-16, cheers, Pappy
  23. Thanks very much fellas, G'day people, I spent a little more time on the fuselage today. First up, the ram air intake at the base of the fin got a little love. The detail provided is adequate, but my PE set includes some parts to make this area look a little more delicate. It requires the removal of some of the kit area which will be replaced by PE Next up, the kit aft cockpit fairing is supplied as a separate item. This area should have a smooth transition between the upper fuselage and the fairing. The kit part looks like a separate part added to the fuselage, which is exactly what it i
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