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  1. G'day people, A question regarding the auxilliary fuel bladders fitted to the rear cabin to extend range/duration. When these are installed, is there any additional piping visible between the bladders and the cabin? thanks in adavnce, Pappy
  2. G'day Gabor, Thank you very much for a great and usefel explanation, cheers, Pappy
  3. Splendid work Ken and a very useful bit of info too, cheers, Pappy
  4. Wow! Impressive work Ken. It is looking really good. Did the kit supplied masks work well, do they fit and stick well? I am looking at my instructions and your kit and noticed that the destructions would have you install part of the nose gear mechanism (the 'Y' shaped bit and its hydraulic actuator) inside the nose gear bay before installing the nose gear bay tub into the fuselage. I Think this would be very fiddly to install after the fuselage is all closed up but in your WIP it doesn't look like you followed that step. Have you already done this or do you have '
  5. G'day BD, I usually use CA (Super Glue), usually the cheapest stuff I can find at the supermarket, chers, Pappy
  6. G'day people, So I have been able to drag this one out of the cupboard of aimless destiny during the Chrissy break and managed to get a little more done with it. I have managed to get some paint of the inner wing/nacelle sections and the fuselage. The inner wing sections are only dry fitted in the pics below, The nacelles still need some more work and engine cowls were only temporarily attached using PVA glue to allow me to mask and paint the anti-glare sections, The cowlings have s
  7. G'day Oliver, Uhh nup, I didn't know they operated AS-532s! Thanks for the tip, cheers, Pappy
  8. G'day Mig, Awesome, that is exactly the info I was chasing. The CC set provides the round M-5 drum type, cheers, Pappy
  9. G'day people, I have a question regarding the cabin floor of a Vietnam UH-1B or UH-1C. I know that some uses (RAAF for example) would add a thin protective plywood floor doubler over the cabin floor. There were circular cut-outs so the tie down points were still accessible. Was this a common practice for US Army and Marine B/Cs? If so, would anyone have a 1/48 floor plan with the tie down points? I plan on doing the venerable Monogram UH-1B (converted to a UH-1C using the CC resin set) with the M-5 'thump gun' installed. This will mean the moulded 'lump' of amm
  10. G'day Ken, Cheers, that helps a lot. Unfortunately I cannot help you with your Su-17M3>M4 question but I am sure someone will supply an answer shortly, cheers, Pappy
  11. G'day Ken, Stellar work! Does the M-55s variant of the K-36 differ much from other fighter versions (K-36DM?), because the sides of the headbox look to extend forwards a little more than is typical for a K-36? I have this kit coming from Crimbo (that is the rumor anyways) and I think I will swap the kit seat out for an aftermarket item unless it is 'unique' cheers, Pappy
  12. Thanks very much Seawinder and everyone else who contributed, 4 scale inches it is. I have been wading through several fora discussions on the subject of wheel well colours and door positions. It is a minefield with lots of contradictory opinions and evidence. My take on it is that the inner oors would normally be closed immediately after engine shut down as they only opened as the gear was cycled. Once the engine was shut down (and the engine driven hydraulic pump was no longer supplying pressure to the system), these doors would sag open, however the rate was dependen
  13. G'day people, I have a newbie question regarding the yellow painted portion of the propeller tips of P-51 Mustangs. Was there a standard distance for this yellow portion, i.e. 2" for example? cheers, Pappy
  14. G'day Harald, Thanks very much, but do the floor hatches open upwards or downwards when used? cheers, Pappy
  15. G'day Andy, Thanks very much for the link. I had actually already picked over these pictures and while there is a wealth of detail on offer, none of them were able to answer my question so unfortunately I am still looking for an answer, cheers, Pappy
  16. Great stuff, keep going Ken! You are doing a great job finding all the pitfalls for the rest of us, cheers, Pappy
  17. G'day people, I want to build a Cougar/Super Puma and want to open the two hatches in the cabin floor. I have found some pics of the under fuselage lower door open/missing but the cabin doors installed/closed. Whilst I am sure the loadmaster could just lean out the window to get a better I think it would also be common (and easier) for the cabin floor doors to be opened. What I need to know is do these cabin floor doors open downwards, upwards or would they be removed altogether when the when the under fuselage winch is used? cheers, Pappy
  18. The PT imagery was displayed on the Radar Indicator Display (RID) and was present before the F-111Cs underwent the AUP mods. The FOV was diivded into an upper and lower display depending on which sensor (Radar or PT) was the sensor of interest. The RID was located on the right side of the cockpit, so yeah the PT display was on the rights side (the navigator's side) although a small flap on the left could be raised to allow the pilot to view the display as well. The Has kit is not perfect but the difference in nose profile is not that noticeable in 1/72, I could certainly live with
  19. It is a dark blue similar to the blue of the (full colour) RAAF roundels, insignia blue would be about right. It should be a semi-gloss finish, not full gloss, cheers, Pappy
  20. Depending on the version, you also have wrong pylon and dump mast shapes (for the FB -111A/G) , for the F-111C AUP, the cockpit details that are not correct (the Eduard PE sets do not offer AUP details), and the PT pod is also not accurate. The RAAF decals are also pretty bad (colours wrong, roo shapes awful), incorrect bomb racks, the list goes on.... The re-tooled Academy kit did update the cockpit side consoles and instrument panel to represent the AUP cockpit, and also corrected the nose gear bay which is now very accurate, however the main gear bay was not updated and is very
  21. G'day Dio, I just pin-washed the u/c bays with thinned oils. My reasoning is that the more you put on, the more you have to remove, so less really is more in this case, cheers, Pappy
  22. G'day Scott, Funny you should bring this up as I was doing some work on this one today. The eagle eyed may notice that there is a small bit missing from the lower right corner of the outer left wing's flap. Unfortunately I a managed to drop the outer left wing panel (the breeze lifted it off whilst the paint was drying) and now I have a little repair job on my hands😠 G'day, Weeeellll, truth is I didn't do it, it is pre-painted photo-etch, all I did was stuck it onto the kit part which is bereft of any detail,
  23. Thank you very much Chris, exactly what I needed, cheers, Pappy
  24. G'day people, I am chasing some pictures of the aft cabin bulkhead and engine well housing (sorry I don't know the actual name of this bit but it is the U shaped bit that extends forward of the aft cabin wall) without the sound proofing installed, cheers, Pappy
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