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  1. Why don't you guys try searching for images of RAAF F-111G's instead? The astro compass was removed but the fairing it sat within remained. It was a raised rectangular section in plan view which blended into the curved upper fuselage section forward of the windscreen. There were ex USAF FB-111A/F-111Gs that served with the RAAF before their eventual scrapping, although at least two airframes survived disposal
  2. G'day Vidar, That was a lucky escape, even in consideration of the severity of your injuries and given the alternative. I know that people who have used a Martin Baker seat are given a certificate and a special tie, is there any equivalent for using the ESCAPAC seat? In any case you are a member of a very exclusive club, cheers, Pappy
  3. Awesome reply, thanks Thommy! G'day Scott, Thanks very much. The SH-2G really just needs painting , I should get back to it, cheers, Pappy
  4. Thanks very much for your comments. SERNAK, I agree that Kinetic could have done more. The canopy affords a good view into the cockpit and the supplied level of detail is lacking. Wheel bay detail would have been nice but unless you pick the kit up, you cannot really see much. I don't regret adding the additional details but I suspect most people will be happy with what is provided. I think the bigger disappointment is that absolutely nothing is provided aft of the cockpit. I would have happy with just a floor and rear bulkhead but as this kit is a notorious tail sitter, this space
  5. Thanks Dio, but there are far deserving people on this and other forums that deserve that monniker. G'day people, A little more progress today. The wing mounted searchlight has finally been closed up The reflector dish had some PE elements added. These parts were small, it was like trying to assemble a small PE spider, but I got there eventually Next up, I replaced the kit supplied dump masts with some bent pieces of brass tubing. The kit parts are supposed to be butt glued, which means that they
  6. G'day people, Well, after wrestling the canopy seam into submission, I am ready to move on. This aircraft is a natural tail sitter (in real life too in the engines were removed!) so I have I have added about 15g of lead sinkers to the engine nacelles in area behind each engine I have also added about 45g of lead sinkers to the area immediately behind the cockpit. Of course I should have done this before I joined the fuselage together but I am actually an idiot. It was a tricky affair and I had to remove one of the seats to get sufficient access but I manage
  7. G'day fellas, I just used some thin cement but made sure the two halves were clamped better this time instead of relying on capillary action alone. It seems to have done the trick because the canopy seam has now been treated and the assembly has dipped in Future to restore clarity and shine. cheers, Pappy
  8. Scott that is a great idea! My only reservation is that I want to dip the canopy in Fiture before attaching and that the canopy needs to have an overhead panel and some PE attached internally. Attaching the canopy then sanding it may result in some of these delicate bits falling off? I will have a think about it but it sounds promising, cheers, Pappy
  9. No probs Hooker, glad that was helpful G'day people, I have been working on the inner wing sections today. The underside nacelle to wing joins are not too bad The upper wing join will need a second application of putty to eliminate 'ghost' seams due to putty shrinkage I also noticed that the upper surface of the inner left flap has a weird 'step' moulded into it. I hadn't noticed it earlier and I would have preferred to deal with it before attaching the engine nacelle, but I will jus
  10. Thanks very much fellas, I really appreciate your encouragement. Hooker, I am not sure what effect you mean? The wheels are replacement resin items as I am not a fan of the way Kinetic has you trap a single piece hub between two tyre halves as invariably this means eliminating a seam that also means losing the tread details. All I have done to the tyres is to paint them in a very dark grey (not black ) and then pick out the wheel hubs in semi-gloss white followed by the application of a pin wash using oil paints thinned with some white spirits, cheers, Papp
  11. Cheers Calum, I am not shooting for 100% accuracy on this one, just trying to pop some details out. The kit has a number of inaccuracies, some of which are easier to correct than others. The fuselage has accuracy issues as the section aft of the wing is too long and it appears the rear observation windows may be in the wrong spot, more info here: http://tailspintopics.blogspot.com/2011/07/s2f-one-more-time.html G'day people, The fuselage is nearly done. The seams have behaved and I only need to re-scribe a few lines before the canopy can be added
  12. Thanks very much. The hook just did not look right OOB. G'day people, Well, I have managed to get the fuselage nearly together, I still need to clean up the seam on the canopy. Kinetic provide the canopy very unhelpfully in two parts, no doubt to capture the bulged windows. The seam between the two front windows will proved very tricky as there is not much frame material separating the clear sections. The upper fuselage has several sink marks corresponding to the location of the alignment pins which will require some put
  13. G'day Calum, Many thanks for the link, I have already found a bunch of stuff I got wrong! Seriously, I want to build a RAN Tracker at some point so the walk around will prove very useful when the time comes, cheers, Pappy
  14. cheers Brad Yia sou megale! (nice Prowler work BTW) G'day people, I managed to get a little painting done today. First up, the arrestor hook has received a base white coat in preparation for (yet more) masking and the application of black stripes Next up the rocket launchers The main gear bays where also given a coat of white followed by the application of a subtle wash. From my pictures, it seems that these bays did not get overly dirty so I will keep the weathering eff
  15. G'day people So, some plumbing wok today. I have added a little bit more detail to the main gear bays to increase the busyness. I dam not shooting for complete accuracy, just a sense of the real thing and something to apply a wash around, The weapons bay doors had their hinges removed and replaced with PE 'piano hinge' parts The searchlight housing has been faired into the starboard wing Although not the best fitting part, it was not difficult to accomplish, just requiring filler an
  16. Thanks very much Dekon G'day people, I managed to get some prep work in on the undercarriage today. The upper section of the nosegear unit is supplied in two halves. This makes for an awkward seam and the crossbeam halves bridging the upper yoke section did not line up nicely. My solution was to cut away the central section and replace with plastic rod, simple and effective, plus no seam to tidy up. The PE oleo scissor links and tie down rings were added and this part is ready for paint. The main gear units were next and
  17. G'day Dekon, No probs, the instructions recommend 50g, so I will start there. I won't be opening the ditching hatches, none of my pics show them routinely open. the canopy affords a pretty good view into the cockpit in any case Cheers CK, G'day people, Well, first to catch you all up, I have splashed some paint around, this is what I ended up with, Next up, I have been beavering away on the weapons bay,
  18. Ouch! G'day Dekon, I hope you can get back to it. How much nose weight will thing require, most of the on-line builds that i have read indicate that a reasonable amount will be needed. G'day people, The props have been cleaned up and look good, there were only some minor sink marks on the rear faces which were pretty easy to eliminate the kit donks look okay as well. I have given them a quick blast with some aluminium The cockpit has received some random details in the form of circui
  19. G'day people, I am building this as part of a group build on another channel, but I would like to post progress here as well, It the Italeri re-pop of the Kinetic kit. The kit has a few shortfalls and mistakes which have already been well documented. I will correct some, and others I will live with. I had ordered some PE when I bought the kit but made a start in the meantime, assembling what I could. The cockpit parts were cleaned up in anticipation of the PE. The detail provided in the kit could best be summed up as 'sparse' so it was no big lo
  20. Wasn't this ruled out due to weight concerns? I believe that the current MB Mk.16 seat has now been re-designated US.16 and that when low speed/low occupant weight issue was being sorted, the ACES 5 seat was considered as well, cheers, Pappy
  21. G'day Mark, No not just the piston thingy, the whole headbox shape is different. 82Whitey51 had posted some pictures of the F-35 seat in an earlier post but the whole PB ransomware issue meant that the links were broken. He has kindly re-sent the pics to me and is happy for these to be re-posted here. The lower edge angles upwards to allow the oxy bottle to nestle underneath Notice in the attached pic below that the headbox has a triangular shape in side profile. Compare this to the pic in the earlier post and you can clearly see that the headbox is no longer the same,
  22. G'day mark, I disagree, I think the shape has changed. I just did a general F-35 search, but the pic in the link below is a good illustration of what I mean. Once you notice it you cannot unsee it. The headbox is definitely a different shape. There is a raised structure on each side of the headbox. On the early headbox version (pre-mod), looking from the side this feature starts at the lower forward corner and angles upwards towards the upper rear corner. On the post-mod version, a similar feature is present however it now starts at the upper forward corner and angles
  23. G'day people, I have an ejection seat question that I hope someone in here can answer, apologies if it has been done to death already. I know that there was some sort of issue with the F-35 ejection seat vis weight restrictions and the original parachute configuration. Looking at the current online pics, it seems that the parachute headbox has changed shape at some point. I have the 1/48 Meng F-35A kit and the kit's seat headbox has a rectangular shape in side profile, however most of the current pics I have seen seem to indicate a more triangular side profile sitting
  24. G'day people, Heaps of info in this thread and I am working my way through it slowly, but there is a lot to digest. I have an ejection seat question that i hope someone in here can answer, apologies if it has been done to death already. I know that there was some sort of issue with the F-35 ejection seat vis weight restrictions and the original parachute configuration. Looking at the current online pics, it seems that the parachute headbox has changed shape at some point. I have the 1/48 Meng F-35A kit and the kit's seat headbox has a rectangular shape in
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