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  1. Apologies, I meant Two Mikes! Thanks for clearing that up, cheers, Pappy
  2. G'day Steven, A lot of those aftermarket bits look like the Two Bob's resin parts, did Phase Hangar Resin take up the molds? Good to know that these bits are available again, cheers, Pappy
  3. Thanks Shion, I didn't know they had a name! cheers, Pappy
  4. G'day people, I was looking through the instructions for the Meng 1/48 F-35A and came across something that has me scratching my head. There are four optional blisters included (parts F23-26), two for the upper fuselage and two mounted on the underside. Can anyone shed light on what these are for? (remove spaces in HTTPS to view link below) h t t ps://www.cybermodeler.com/aircraft/f-35/pages/dayton_f-35a_14.shtml h t t ps://www.cybermodeler.com/aircraft/f-35/pages/dayton_f-35a_18.shtml My guess is that they amplify the a
  5. ' Thanks very much fellas. unfortunatwely I am away from home for a little while and comms are a bit spotty at the mo' so there will not be any updats for a fe weeks , but thanks for following along, Pappy
  6. Cheers mate. I did something very similar however I used some PVA (wood working glue) which i simply cleaned up with a wet finger, simple and cheap! It goes on white but dries clear. You can see if you have a good 'fillet ' in the gap before it dries but you don't get the cracking or shrinking and it is not grainy either. G'day people, Well, in between bouts of seam sanding i have been busy on other bits. Kinetic stuffed up the rear RCV part E25. The part fits very well as per the kit instructions but the details have been transposed. The rectangular outlet
  7. Thanks Joel, but there are some errors (now fixed!) which required some re-work. I just use a sewing pin inserted into a pin vise and a scribing template. It is pretty low tech compared to some of the dedicated scribing tools available, but in my experience the tool used is secondary to the oerator's skill, so no use wasting $$$ on a specialist tool when a cheap solution will work just as well. G'day people, Well, I am slowly bashing the underwing seams into submission, but in the meanwhile I have been keeping myself busy with the undercarriage. Kinetic insi
  8. G'day people, It is with a heavy heart that today I must inform you that I have lost my little mate 'Spike" This little guy had stuck me with me from the start of this build but sadly today his journey has come to an end. After fighting on despite many blows from my clumsy fingers, Spike finally sustained a mortal blow and there was noting more I could do for him so I had to put him out of his misery, RIP Spike On a happier note, most of the seams are behaving well. Just
  9. Thanks CO G'day Matt. I haven't built the Has AV-8B, but I do have the GR.7/9 boxing and I assume that a lot of the fuselage is common between them, but not sure how valid a comparison between the FA.2 and the Harrier II series jets would be. It would be more useful to compare the Kinetic and Airfix FA.2 kits as that would be comparing apples with apples. The Kinetic kit costs about twice the asking price of the Has kit. Both have recessed panel lines and both are pretty accurate shape wise from what I have seen. Both kits also have th
  10. Thanks Joel, I am no means an expert, but I do find that I get better results when I have pics of the subject in front of me. The 'net has been a real boon for modellers and many subjects which may have previously only been found in expensive reference books are readily available and for nix! The PE does make me look better than I am though I do not like the pre-painted colours. G'day Matt, Thanks but I am not sure what you are asking, better in what regard? I will need some more context before I can answer your question cheers, Papp
  11. G'day people, Well, I started the day by painting up the seat and adding some PE loveliness Pavla offers a resin seat however unaltered, it is far too tall to sit in the cockpit. You would have to reduce the raised plinth that the kit seat rests on which could be tricky. In any case the kit supplied seat is very nice and really only lacks the seats straps to look convincing. The kit decal sheet even includes a pair of data plate decals for the seat headbox (not mentioned in the instructions) and the PE set also supplies pre-painted stencil pla
  12. Rubbish! Kinetic attempt to get a lot out of their molds and this means that sometimes additional panels need to be added in order to make different versions from within the same kit release. Whilst this may mean some test fitting and adjustment is required (in other word modelling skills) it is not significantly removed from a manufacturer like Hasegawa for example. Kinetic do make detail mistakes as I have already mentioned and they are far from perfect but I don't agree that in general they are a 'construction nightmare', G'day Joel and welcome aboard, hopefully I ca
  13. G'day people, I cracked the bags on this one today, I enjoyed building my Kinetic FRS.1 So it will be interesting to see how this one goes together as this was the first release in Kinetics's Harrier 'family' of kits. Also, having already built one, I should be able to avoid the pitfalls inherent in the kit. I tend to jump around and build in sub-assemblies rather than strictly follow the suggested assembly sequence and this build will be no exception. For this reason I began with the main wheel well which received some PE
  14. Sort of, bleed doors = air goes out aux inlet doors = air come in Lovely build ! Pappy
  15. G'day George, You have made a great job of that kit. One (minor) thing I will point out (and you did ask for errors to be pointed out) is that the auxiliary air intake doors are not open on the ground without the engine running. With the engine running and low forward speed e.g taxiing and take off, these doors are sucked open to allow more air to enter the engine. As speed increases, these doors are closed, Great model though! cheers, Pappy
  16. Thanks very much, I like painting cockpits, I don't really see that part as a chore that some people do, and careful painting and detailing here will certainly pay dividends later! G'day people, I had hoped to be a little further along however I have had a setback. Earlier, I modified my RPK-10 combination bomb rack/fuel tanks. It turns out that although RAAF RPK-10s had staggered forward inboard positions, the aft inboard stations were not. I thought about attempting to salvage the tanks but eventually put these aside and instead pilfered a set
  17. Thanks very much! G'day people, Well the beastie is coming along slowly. The intake seams still need some work but they will get there The top side was not too bad but the lower side will need some more work The fin fillet will also need a smear of filler. The left side was very good, but the right, not so much, In between applying filler and sanding, I was able to do some more seat work, And I could not resist a cheeky dry fit!
  18. N That is probably a good use for it, I can't imagine anyone would actually drink that stuff :P Pappy
  19. Thanks very much! G'day Ray, thanks very much. The kit is very nice OOB, but a few little touches will give the kit a bit of sparkle. G'day people, The tub has been painted up and it looks very busy now The PE set provides a Radar control stick but I thought it looked a little '2-dimensional' so I substituted a stick from the gash spares. The provided PE throttle and its quadrant was also discarded and replaced with a scratchbuilt item. I decided to leave most of the instru
  20. No worries then, I am sure that the safety devices are installed! l Looking forward to more pictures, cheers, Pappy
  21. Great work Thommo! The quality of your work is very good but one small point to consider reference the gun pack - I doubt that the guns would be serviced while they were still loaded? cheers, Pappy
  22. Thanks very much Walt! The PE was pretty straightforward, I think I spent about an hour applying the PE (which included sanding off moulded kit details) and I spent another hour adding all the bulkhead 'furniture' and wiring. I find it is pretty straightforward once you have a plan of action with respect to what details I am going to add and how I am going to go about it. G'day people, The compressor face looks nice but is almost impossible to see one it is 'entombed' within the inlet duct, and I thought it would be the last time it would be visibl
  23. G'day people, I have cracked the bags on this one. The Dassault Mirage III certainly needs no introduction and this aircraft in RAAF service was affectionately known as the 'Miracle' as in it is a miracle it could fly with such tiny wings! Based upon the Mirage III/E, the 'O' (for "Ostralie") differed mainly in the avionics equipment installed and externally this is manifest by the antenna arrangements, although other differences existed as well. I am undecided as to which scheme I will do but as I have 'several' of these stashed away, I will be a little sp
  24. G'day Flyboy, I would suggest FS36375 (light ghost grey) for the missile bodies, and for the guidance sections and fins of the AIM-9X, a drk metallic grey (not black), cheers, Pappy
  25. G'day Chris, If the AM set is designed to fit a Kinetic F-16 i can't see why it would not fit the SW F-16XL. Skunkworks and Kinetic are related somehow, and I have F-16s from both manufacturers and there is a high degree of parts commonality between the two. The wheels, cockpits, undercarriage bays and weapons sprue parts are identical. The F-16XL kit is basically two new sprues fro the fuselage and the remainder are mostly Kinetic F-16 sprues, cheers, Pappy
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