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  1. Thanks very much! G'day people, Well the beastie is coming along slowly. The intake seams still need some work but they will get there The top side was not too bad but the lower side will need some more work The fin fillet will also need a smear of filler. The left side was very good, but the right, not so much, In between applying filler and sanding, I was able to do some more seat work, And I could not resist a cheeky dry fit!
  2. N That is probably a good use for it, I can't imagine anyone would actually drink that stuff :P Pappy
  3. Thanks very much! G'day Ray, thanks very much. The kit is very nice OOB, but a few little touches will give the kit a bit of sparkle. G'day people, The tub has been painted up and it looks very busy now The PE set provides a Radar control stick but I thought it looked a little '2-dimensional' so I substituted a stick from the gash spares. The provided PE throttle and its quadrant was also discarded and replaced with a scratchbuilt item. I decided to leave most of the instru
  4. No worries then, I am sure that the safety devices are installed! l Looking forward to more pictures, cheers, Pappy
  5. Great work Thommo! The quality of your work is very good but one small point to consider reference the gun pack - I doubt that the guns would be serviced while they were still loaded? cheers, Pappy
  6. Thanks very much Walt! The PE was pretty straightforward, I think I spent about an hour applying the PE (which included sanding off moulded kit details) and I spent another hour adding all the bulkhead 'furniture' and wiring. I find it is pretty straightforward once you have a plan of action with respect to what details I am going to add and how I am going to go about it. G'day people, The compressor face looks nice but is almost impossible to see one it is 'entombed' within the inlet duct, and I thought it would be the last time it would be visibl
  7. G'day people, I have cracked the bags on this one. The Dassault Mirage III certainly needs no introduction and this aircraft in RAAF service was affectionately known as the 'Miracle' as in it is a miracle it could fly with such tiny wings! Based upon the Mirage III/E, the 'O' (for "Ostralie") differed mainly in the avionics equipment installed and externally this is manifest by the antenna arrangements, although other differences existed as well. I am undecided as to which scheme I will do but as I have 'several' of these stashed away, I will be a little sp
  8. G'day Flyboy, I would suggest FS36375 (light ghost grey) for the missile bodies, and for the guidance sections and fins of the AIM-9X, a drk metallic grey (not black), cheers, Pappy
  9. G'day Chris, If the AM set is designed to fit a Kinetic F-16 i can't see why it would not fit the SW F-16XL. Skunkworks and Kinetic are related somehow, and I have F-16s from both manufacturers and there is a high degree of parts commonality between the two. The wheels, cockpits, undercarriage bays and weapons sprue parts are identical. The F-16XL kit is basically two new sprues fro the fuselage and the remainder are mostly Kinetic F-16 sprues, cheers, Pappy
  10. Thanks very much fellas, I am very happy to put a line under this one and call it done. I have another to do and I think it will go together a lot quicker the second time around knowing where the pitfalls are now. I am really hanging out for the GR.3 release now, cheers, Pappy
  11. Today's update, All the fiddly bits done Better pics when I get the chance Pappy
  12. G'day people, She is sitting on her pins and decals are on Plus a little mock-up just because! enjoy Pappy
  13. G'day people, G'day people, Still limping along, I have added the makeshift chaff fit to the airbrake well. The SHAR was not equipped with a dedicated CMDR system when the task force set sail, so in something akin to a Blue Peter episode, an improvised system consisting of chaff bundles stuffed into the airbrake well was devised. The bundles were held in place by welding rods connected to the airbrake door by wire. when the airbrake was opened, the rods were released allowing the chaff to be deployed, crude but effecti
  14. What a corker! Congratulations on a great build! cheers, Pappy
  15. G'day S03, Thanks very much for the reply. That looks a lot different to the part supplied in the CC set. The one in your pic also seems to have a couple of LCD displays attached to it. Is this a later version or upgrade? cheers, Pappy
  16. G'day, I am working my way through the 1/48 Cobra Company HH-65 interior set and I have a question regarding the orientation of resin part 10. This is listed as comms power. It looks like a small collection of cannon plug connectors. The instructions state that it should be placed in the same spot corresponding to the small floor panel on the opposite site behind the front seats on the left. The picture in the instructions is not much help, and they do not specify what the correct orientation should be? Can anyone help me with the correct orientation of this
  17. Righto, on with the show then! :P
  18. G'day Ken, I shall be following along to watch you weave your magic. ref the nose re-profiling, could you not chuck a blob of Milliput (or similar) inside and then shape as required? No problem if you sand through the plastic as the Milliput will allow you to continue to profile instead of resulting in a void, cheers, Pappy
  19. Thanks gents, A little more progress this weekend. First up, the overhead canopy panel Fit was good, it just needed a little sanding here and there to get a crisp fit. KH have divvied up the front glass into 4 separate panels so I hope it will all meet and play nice when the time comes to assemble it all. I also sanded off teh right side RWR sensor, it was sitting at the same height as the left one which is incorrect. This is the base plate of what will become the new Right hand sensor Next up the underside view with the
  20. G'day people, I have inched forward again, KH have simplified the rotor blades. The Seasprite family have distinctive pitch flaps near the end the main rotor blades and each one has its own actuator rod. This detail is missing from the kit blades. I have attached the pitch flaps and will add the rods later but I did make a small 'slot' that the rod will emerge from before the flaps were attached. I have also added a few more bits to the tail rotor. KH have made a pretty decent job of this and all the pitch change linkages are suppl
  21. Cheers Calum, I have used Seal before. Do they still have the min order condition? cheers Pappy
  22. G'day people, I managed to get the pylons glossed up, The pylons were given a quick brush over with Future then, while still wet, the decals were applied and they were given another brush over with Future. I find that this 'Future sandwich' method works very well when using small stencils which can be prone to silvering, cheers, Pappy
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