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  1. I suspected as much, happy I ditched the nozzle mech before I added the wing now, cheers, Pappy
  2. That is a long way off yet, I still need to do some work on the interior. I think that once the fuselage is closed, things should go pretty quick from there, cheers, Pappy
  3. G'day people, Having already built the avionics rack, I now needed to add some avionics. I used some resin details from the gash box which were modified to closer resemble my references. I will add some cables and a few more handles once the rack is installed in the aft of the cabin, Most of this will not be easily seen, which is probably for the best as my reference pictures were a little limited so it was a bit of a guess based on a couple of different angles. Most importantly, it will look like something 'busy' (but not necessarily accurate
  4. G'day Mike, Thanks. I am using liquid glue. I touch the brush to the edge of the part and capillary action draws the glue around it. It is important not to adjust the part while the glue sets of some melted plastic glue can bubble out and marr the clear part, so I need to be sure the part is where I want it before I commit. I have a couple of lamps (you can see the reflections in the windows) above the cardboard background. It is quite primitive but since I usually just end up taking macro shots, it does not need to be fancy. I am not a very good photographer, the camera is a simpl
  5. I am not sure why that happened, perhaps because I removed the nozzle linkage mech? It was not really providing a lot of lateral fuselage rigidity so I must have missed something somewhere else. I also have a small gap at the front of the wing assembly in the same spot you did, so I think I will just shim and fill once the glue has set. What I think has happened is that I glued in the IFR light panel to the wing assembly before I attached the wing. Stupidly I thought it would be a good idea. I think that this has ended up pushing the wing root away from the fuselage. I think it would have been
  6. Thanks very much fellas! My references show that the the jet needs an avionics rack in the rear cabin behind the SENSO. I scratched one up based on TLAR I have come to the conclusion that the aft cabin door cannot be slid back when the sonobuoy launcher cover is fitted, so the only way to see into through the SENSO's window (most of the view is blocked by the SENSO's seat) and from the front right door looking back, which limits what you can see, so I don't need to be too pedantic about accuracy as it will be dark and the viewing angles limit what can be se
  7. G'day people, Watershed moment today, the main wing is on - tadaaah I added some .005" shims to the aft shelf the the wing trailing edge sits on as these sat a tad low. I will need a little filler where the wing centre section meets the aft fuselage but that was down to me. The wing underside was not too bad for the right wing But I cannot say the same for the other side, It was worse before I got some CA into the joint whilst spreading the fuselage apart through one of the engine nozzle openings. Perhaps I
  8. G'day people, Well I have pushed on through the unpleasantness that was the intake assemblies. After several sessions of FSR (fill, sand - repeat) I am happy to say that I eventually triumphed over the intakes. The intakes were given a quick blast of EDSG to see if the job was really over Since I still had some paint in the airbrush, the tail cone was also given a quick blast Result! Next up, I started working on the wings. The flight controls a
  9. G'day Mike, I have been playing around with a few different methods. I have been using pastels on the floor and sound quilting, I bought some artist pastels a long time ago. I basically rub these onto some coarse sandpaper and apply with a soft brush. I use a selection of black, brown, ochre and white. I just mix up what looks right. For the washes I am using enamel paint, in this case varying mixes of black and brown thinned with white spirit. It is not scientific, but basically I vary towards cool shades for the grey parts and used a warmer toner around the seat cushions.
  10. Hindsight is always 20:20 etc I've also missed things which I will get right on my next SHAR build (which will not be for a while), but there are aspects of my build that I could have done better. G'day folks, Guess what, I found another error with the Kinetic SHAR kit! This one is a really simple fix. The kit features a panel in front of the windshield that is shaped like an air inlet. Upon checking the refs, yup, there should be an inlet scoop here which the instructions neglect to mention. The good news is that this part (well at l
  11. Thanks, The thing is, the RAN SH-2G's did not have Sonbuoy equip in the rear cabin. The door on these is a different style door (window in the middle) rather than the modified door with the sonobuoy cover. The window on this door is on the left side not centred. Still, the door rails are present so i am going to assume that the door can still be slid open. As for the tin fish, I may end up just installing two jugs and the MAD sensor, as I have seen pics of this config in flight, so it must be kosher. perhaps I will display a torp next to the chopper for interest.
  12. G'day Calum, Have a look here http://www.grubby-fingers-aircraft-illustration.com/images/Seasprite_847_05_med.jpg Note the 'normal' APU exhaust that exits on the right side of the doghouse, as well as the additional exhaust that is behind the SATCOM antenna on the tail boom. I may have been wrong when I called it an APU exhaust, perhaps it is related to the ECS, the point being that there is an additional exhaust that was on the RAN birds. You are correct, the RAN wanted to dispense with the second pilot which was a brave decision on many fron
  13. G'day people, Well it is a case of one step forwards and two steps backwards! I was looking at my refs when I discovered another kit error. Kinetic provide the small panel (part E25) on the tail boom underside with the Reaction Control Vent (RCV) and two circular grilles as a separate panel. Full marks on the idea as this means the builder avoids a nasty seam running down the guts and possibly eliminating of damaging this delicate detail whilst cleaning up the centreline seam. The instructions would have you install this item with back to front, i.e with the
  14. G'day people, Not much to show today as stuff is drying and it doesn't look pretty enough yet. I did end up painting the sound proofing though, cheers, Pappy
  15. The SH-2G(A) had an APU exhaust poking out of top of the tail boom aft of the doghouse, as well as a few other external features missing on the SH-2G (NZ). Have these external features have likely been deleted in NZ service i.e SH-2G(I) or do they remain as externally distinct from the SH-2G(NZ) ? Pappy
  16. \Thanks Calum, Thanks, some great reference stuff there, especially for a RAN bird I want to do later. I ill use this build to see where all the problems are and how it goes together. The Polish jets are a little older and have a more analogue cockpit, plus the SENSO station is also retained, so the back end is different. Hopefully the aftermarket guys will catch up with this one, not that it needs that much, cheers, Pappy
  17. I have not applied any aftermarket to this kit, I have scratch built all the details myself. Apart from a mask set (designed for the SH-2F but it will still fit) I do not believe that any after market stuff exists for the SH-2G, although I am sure the AM boys will eventually catch up. cheers, when the detail is this nicely rendered, it only takes some careful painting to make it pop.
  18. What he said, I sprayed the intake interior EDSG, without the fan face fitted, there is nothing you need to mask in there. I will need to touch up this area after fitting the intake seams. The fan face fits very easily through the wing opening.- just don't forget to fit it before attaching the wing! Pappy
  19. Thanks very much gents. The detail provided by KH is very crisp and was a pure joy to paint up. G'day people, I managed to get the crew seats done today. SENSO The drivers It is possible to install the front seats after the bulkhead is attache to the floor but it would be a lot easier to do this beforehand. i was worried that I would break the cyclic or collectives as it was a little tight but I manged in the end. The reason I did not add the front seats was because
  20. G'day Seasprite experten, I am after some info. I am currently building a Polish SH-2G for the Helicopter GB, but I imagine the questions will be relevant to all Seasprite /Super Seasprite variants. http://www.arcforums.com/forums/air/index.php?/topic/296686-polish-navy-kaman-super-seasprite/ 1. Can the aft left cabin door (the one next to the sensor operator) be opened normally, i.e. is it a normal sliding door or does it have to be removed like an access panel by removing screws fasteners etc?. I would like to pose mine slid back if this is possible/
  21. G'day Mike, Is the AFV kit a new tool or is it a re-box with some extra bits. If the latter, what are the extra bits? Great choice, cheers, Pappy
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