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  1. Hello every one I hope that you are all well and keeping your distance and helping to rid us of this virus. I have been busy making some droids, I began with some half spheres and had no idea what to do with them so I looked for inspiration and it arrived. I began to have a go at making a 12 inch tall version of R2 D2 droid and at the same time make a smaller r series droid at the same time then it got out of control and like buses three came at once. I hope you like attempts, and I also took the plunge at the ripe old age of 65 and a half to buy an air brush set and give it a go I have used it on the models but I think I have a great deal to learn yet even at my age. regards Barrie ( the old guy )
  2. Hi guys here is my death race 2000 mustang based on the Revell 1/12th scale model which I bought for spares but thought that the body shell chassis ans wheels would make a good deathr race scratch build so I went ahead and did it, all plastic sheet mods on the body with sprue and evergreen rod and tube on chassis. For once I did not have to worry to much about the paint finish as it was very rough in the film ( I am not painter ) I just love to make models. regards Barrie ( the old guy )
  3. Hello phantom this model takes me right back to a long time ago when I bought one in a hobby shop, hell I wish I had that original kit now, as a kid I made a right mess of it but your is very good a credit to you. regards Barrie ( the old guy )
  4. Looks like I was right, tip of the iceberg, a very BIG iceberg. you must know the phantom aircraft better than the pilots who flew them, dare I ask how many star trek related craft you have ...? regards Barrie ( the old guy )
  5. WOW that is some fleet and some fantastic display of your work I wish that I had some where like that to display my own work, brilliant Max just brilliant. how many aircraft do you have on display ....? or is this just the tip of the iceberg ..? regards Barrie
  6. Very nice work Mr Phantom a good way of recycling cans if ever I saw one good paint job to. how many more have you made in this way ...? shows us the fleet . regards Barrie ( the old guy )
  7. Hello Max, I am so glad you like the models, as an old guy (65 ) I have been model making a long time but since taking retirement or as my partner Carol calls it retardment, I have had the chance to build even more models and with good fortune and help from my local hobby store have been able to sell some of my models. The battle star was bought a few year ago by a friend in Greece for his collection he has since asked me to build a further 8 or 9 models for him. The latest being a 4 feet wing span bat wing pics of which I will try to post here along with build pics of the battle star. regards Barrie ( the old guy )
  8. Sorry Mr Whiskey I was not sure if the tv series was shown all over the states, I should have know that it is a world wide thing. I am sure there are many sci fi shows that are shown in America which never reach over here to England and vice versa. regards the old guy
  9. looks like a great start to your project, you have far more patience than I have I find small models much harder to build and admire those that can, and those that can also add a great paint job to bring a model to life, I myself am terrible at painting, a base coat is the most I usually do. regards the old guy
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