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  1. Great job Sebastijan, awesome detailed build though 1/72 scale..))
  2. Goku, That's amazing, there is nothing to say... Speechless and flawless...
  3. This is the good reference for my future F-100 projects... Very nice indeed...
  4. The 72 scale orders were given immediately. Thanks for your good products, I am really looking forward to see other hidden TUAF jet (golden era; 1950&60s) decals just like in these details... :)
  5. Thanks for all your good replies guys... In fact there are some little or minor faults on finished kits. In an every finished model, I have achived my hand abilities. This is my second tries to paint with Allclad. I hope I can never do that faults again and be patient :rolleyes:/>. While working with Allclad, I have to be more careful because some invisible scratches and defects can not be seen before. After painting finishes, this areas show up this defects completely just like on upper side of the wing ...
  6. Thanks for your good opinions Cobrahistorian and Steve. So glad all you like that. And last photos...
  7. And this is my last aircraft, the famous “Tarheel Hal” which is P-47D-30-RA version The aftermarket decal was used but it was produced for Hasegawa kits. So I tried to adapt it to Tamiya kit not easy :huh:
  8. Thanks Marvin20. You are so fast while uploading the other images.
  9. Here is my second model 1/48 Tamiya P-47D Bubbletop. The kit was finished out of the box which is P-47D-25-RE version. Just added Eduard zoom set and Lifelike decal set.
  10. Hello everybody, This is my first topic in ARC forums since 2005. I wanted to share my finished three models. Although I am 1/72 scale modern era jet builders, I always wanted to build beautiful WWII era warbirds. So I decided to build three different model for a gift to my good fellows. All these kits completed out of the box just addition of cockpit zoom set from Eduard and used aftermarket Lifelike decal set. Allclad2 duraluminium were used to paint for overall body. Dark, matt, semi matt aluminium, magnesium, burnt metal finishes were used for different shades and panels. This my first model P-47D Razorback. P-47D-15 RE
  11. Hi, I'd recommend to visit the website includes some Turkish Phantom decals preview. But the website is in Turkish sorry :D . Some of them have minor 2020 terminator stencils. Just released these new Phantoms here you go... Turquoise Decals 'd like to hope the other Turkish Phantom squadrons as soon as possible.
  12. This is the current Balikesir 9. AJU Front Gate photo which was taken Tigermeet'05 May 2005 at Open Day for the General Public. And Varol F-84 looks great, especially NMF with Turkish marking. Regards
  13. Amazing Phantom, still waiting "the beautiful end" keep on working....
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