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  1. Thank you for looking and much appreciated, but I am looking for the scheme like Guardian Vipers 1 or the Caracal Dark Vipers.
  2. Hi all. I’m looking to buy either Speed Hunter or Caracal SC ANG F-16 Blk 52 decals. Partial sheet is fine. No stencils is fine. Looking for the Haveglass scheme. Thanks for looking!
  3. I rather enjoyed the text at the top of the photo. Very "old school" Navy. You would get a non-punitive letter of caution for that in some circles these days.
  4. Does this offer extend to the EA-18G? I can get you some of those.
  5. Thank you. Now off to find the kit!
  6. Thanks Dave. It will be a Tyndall jet sans CFTs. Does either kit come with the antenna in the box as say, an unused part or is this something I'll need to rob from a different kit or scratch build? Thanks again. Mike
  7. Hi all, I'll keep this short: Can you build an accurate US F-15D from the Hasegawa DJ kit? Does the Hasegawa F-15J/DJ kit come with both single and 2 seat options? If they are not easily converted with a paint and decal swap, what is necessary to make the JSDF version into a US version? Last question, I promise: Can you use the Hasegawa Strike Eagle kit to build a D? Thanks in advance for the help! Mike
  8. Nice Bearcat! You've inspired me to finally get off my rump and finish my 48th scale Bearcat.
  9. Awesome. I think you truly captured the essence of a bad day....nose gear fails or fails to extend, no paddles on station and the guy missed the gear, the nose falling through after the parachute is deployed means he's not gonna catch the over run and into the dirt goes the hun. I like it!
  10. Having lived in several uniquely different places in the United States (VA, WV, SC, FL, and WA) I would concur that we generally associate as American first. I've also found in my interactions with people from across the country that people also identify with regions. These areas could be as large as the Midwest or as localized as a city block in Brooklyn. It helps us identify ourselves and others. When we meet people, one of the early topics of conversation is usually "Where are you from?" Sometimes a vague answer suffices to build the picture you intend and sometimes you need to be spec
  11. Waaaaay better than my first build. Nice job.
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