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  1. I bashed my decals for my DS build together from various sheets, including the Cutting Edge OIF sheet as it included the older badges with "4th TACTICAL FIGHTER WING". However, I've noticed the Squadron badge on DS jets don't have the "TAC" part. I haven't seen many many photos of such, but from what I can tell they did not. You probably know, a lot of the 336th jets did not have wing or squadron markings on the conformal fuel tanks. The colour of the eagle on the inner side of the fin varied, either black or grey. Most in-theatre pics show crew names present, some without. I suspect the
  2. ... and how many have you completed in the last decade? 😉 kidding, thanks for the reference pics. Thanks for the compliment. Most of my 1:48 DS builds are on Jakub's site Builds index (dstorm.eu) You can tell which are the older builds, as they don't look as good as the newer builds. Also, at the time they were built, there wasn't as many kit options or aftermarket sets available, or I lacked reference photos. I probably would have used the Revell 1:48 Tornado at one point instead of Italeri. At the moment, I'm updating one of my Mirage F1 kits. What is not listed on Jak
  3. So i'm building the Accurate Miniatures SBD-2, representing a Midway plane. The weapon load was a single 500 lb bomb. The AM kit provides a 1000 lb bomb, so I got an Eduard aftermarket bomb to replace the kit bomb. Of course the 500 lb bomb is smaller than the 1000 lb bomb. That creates a gap between the bomb crutch and the bomb itself. In real life, does the arms of the bomb crutch move closer to the bomb? Or does the bomb get a longer trunnion to reach the bomb crutch arms?
  4. Academy 1:48 P-36 Accurate Miniatures 1:48 SB2U-3 Vindicator Tamiya F4F-4 Wildcat
  5. Haven't done one of these posts in a few years, in part because I broke my camera. So the pictures are all taken with a cell phone which can't capture the colors as I would like. I've slowed down with the Desert Storm subject. There are few more builds I want to do with that theme but that subject is nearly done. Been building more Star Wars and my next theme will be Battle of Midway. AFB 1:48 F-5E Hasegawa 1:48 F-4G Hasegawa 1:48 F-16C Bandai 1:72 A-Wing Bandai 1:72 B-Wing
  6. my order shipped on June 4th, received it yesterday on July 20th. time to do some model work 🙂
  7. … almost done. Stabilizers are dry fitted, canopies to work on, and nose gear cover to glue on. Am getting ready for my next Gulf War build, a re-do of a RAF Tornado
  8. I would go with the Hobbyboss offering, it is easy to build and looks good when done. I have 3 of them built as ODS planes now and will likely do another. To do a ODS variant, you will have to remove the LASTE stuff of course, and either move, add, or remove antenna depending on what variant you build. The Air Force Reserve and OA-10A squadrons had the older radar warning receivers for example. I did have the Italeri offering, but I sold it as I wasn't liking what I saw.
  9. Sounds more like they were not used. He says he photographed them on in April, which is after war ended.
  10. Hi Ish! I took a hiatus of a couple years or so from DS builds, had been doing Star Wars kits. But back to Desert Storm for a while. Here's the progress so far. Gonna airbrush the sprayed over unit markings that would go on the intakes, and the black on the nose, then it's ready for a coat of Future.
  11. If you're building a Desert Storm A-10 with TER, the squadrons that used them were the 511th TFS, 353rd TFS, and 355th TFS. The other squadrons mounted their bombs directly to the pylon.
  12. I would typically do the same, but with metal parts I haven't had such an issue so I'm not worried.
  13. nice work. did you put the safety pins in all the areas like landing gear, arrestor hook, ECM dispensers, etc? here is my slow progress .. cutting away the ailerons at the moment and using sheet styrene to fill the holes. Though it is hard to see, a metal AOA probe has been glued onto the nose. I used the Fine Molds set.
  14. I'm describing a Cutting Edge sheet. The sheet instructions indicate the two wing badges are provided, one suitable for Iraqi Freedom, the other for 1991 period. I'm assuming the 336th badge is wrong for Iraqi Freedom, as it has "336 TAC FTR SQ". The find badge does show "AIR COMBAT COMMAND" for OIF, so when I did my DS build I got that badge from another sheet as well.
  15. It was Cutting Edge 48420 https://modelingmadness.com/scott/decals/ce/ce48240.htm The sheet gives you an insert so you get two types of wing badge decals. But the 336th decals have only one option with "TAC" on it. Do you have a specific plane in mind you want to represent?
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