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  1. Benner

    Hasegawa 1:48 F-16C 17th TFS

    working on canopy / cockpit area …
  2. Benner


    sweet, now you have to get the new one that is coming out
  3. Benner

    B-wing Fighter, 1/72 Bandai

    now you need a pic with all the other fighters flying in formation 🙂 Did you build the PG Falcon ? Wish they would do that one in the ESB version.
  4. Benner

    Hasegawa 1:48 F-16C 17th TFS

    slapping on decals ...
  5. Benner

    Questions About The Bandai Star Wars Kits

    just to also add to what Mofo says said, I've heard that the plastic does not react well with enamels or oil based thinners. Also with regards to scale, I wouldn't say there's a definite scale everything is sized to. The X-wing and Y-wing have the sized pilot figures. But the A-wing and B-wing have a larger and smaller pilot figure respectively than compared to the X-Wing pilot. Anyway, I've built the X-Wing, Y-Wing, A-Wing, with the B-Wing in progress. They're really nice kits, and I enjoyed painting / weathering them.
  6. Though the box-art isn't typically a good reference, here's Italeri's interpretation
  7. cool insightful info. Didn't know that, thanks 🙂 though just to make sure we're on the same page, I think I originally worded my first post badly as I meant the leading edge colour on the vertical stabilizer, not on the wings.
  8. So I'm building a Hasegawa F-16C. am wondering, how come the fin sometimes had a darker colour on the leading edge? I know the two following pics are black and white, but it seems the top portion of the right side is dark, while the left side seems the colour of the rest of the fin?
  9. Benner

    Hasegawa 1:48 F-16C 17th TFS

    oh, an OV-10D, sweet. yeah, decals are a problem. I've noticed that most decal sheets have the colour wrong. You could go with a grey version from VMO-1, but it's just not the same without the desert camo. Here's how my Falcon looks now. pics are done with my phone, as I broke my camera a couple years ago and never replaced it. Got some touch ups, and bit more on the underside and I'll almost be done painting
  10. Benner

    Hasegawa 1:48 F-16C 17th TFS

    Yeah, they're quite common for the F-15. But finding one the right size and colour for a F-16 may be a challenge.
  11. Benner

    Hasegawa 1:48 F-16C 17th TFS

    If you look at the roundel part, it isn't filled in like the typical F-16. It is just an outline. I don't have any F-16 decals like that unfortunately .. looking at this pic below, looks like the TAC badge is a bit off. People can't put decals on properly 😉
  12. Being it is January 17th, figured I would start the thread for my current DS build 😉 … another Hasegawa F-16 This one is going to be 83-1145 "Death Dealer". I'll be using a combination of a couple decal sheets for this one. Not sure what I'm going to do with the insignia. It is a different style than all other F-16s that I've seen. here's how my build looks now. Flaps have been cut and lowered. Used a bit of sheet styrene for just behind the cockpit for the strengthening plate. Not sure if these planes had more at the time. Armament will be 2 Sidewinders, an ALQ-119, and 4 Mk84 AIR which I have yet to purchase.
  13. Benner

    Backdate HB A-10A to pre-LASTE. Possible?

    it's pretty simple to backdate. Cut off the LASTE stuff on the fins, fill in the hole for the GPS? behind the canopy. You just need to check what kind of radar warning receivers the plane you want to model had. Either keep the 2 nodes on the nose and tail for aircraft with serials later than 78-582; which have the ALR-69 radar warning receivers. If so, another antenna at the base of the tail should get removed. Earlier serials have the ALR-46 radar warning antennas, a blocky thing on the bottom of the nose and tail. The nodes would have to be removed for this and the nose piece scratchbuilt.
  14. Benner

    F-15E Loadouts

    https://www.dstorm.eu/pages/loadout/f-15e.html One thing that chart doesn't mention is that the targeting pods were in short supply, so not all jets got them. I believe there was eventually enough for half the planes deployed.
  15. My first jet build in a couple years .. essentially done for now. I will add the boarding ladder, maybe RBF tags later on.