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  1. nice work! .. impressive number of models built, when are you gonna admit you have the prison population building models for you? 😉
  2. definitely watching this build, very nice work. It's inspiring me to continue on my 1:72 B-52 I started years ago.
  3. Thanks Gianni I was trying to decide whether to make this build a Bitburg or Langley bird; I chose Langley as it was cheaper requiring less aftermarket. I started this build as part of Desert Storm group build on Britmodeler, but I wasn't able to finish in time. Family life with a newborn occupies much of my time. Thanks for the sim link, I don't play .. but it's cool to watch, especially if it's DS planes 🙂 Do you mean the model specifically or my Desert Storm collection? If you mean the model, it was several months as I worked on it off and on. So
  4. I'm happy to see the Midway subject and especially the SBD-3 coming out again. To bad I'm currently working on the Hasegawa A6M2, might have saved me the trouble of trying to put decals together. Noticed they put fuel tanks on the F4F-4 when they didn't use them in that battle.
  5. I see Eduard made a resin twin .30 for their boxing of the SBD-5 kit, surely it can't be that much effort for them to make an early version of the twin .30. ... me being hopeful. I might have to build one together. Great Wall Hobby easily could have done with their TBD Midway boxing if they had done their research. Their single .30 in the Wake Island boxing looks right with the proper ammo box and holder attached to the side of the gun.
  6. interesting article, thanks for sharing kind of answering my own question, saw these screen captures of VT-8 at Midway, can see the ammo cans on the side of the rear .30 guns. T13.png (2376×1558) (midway42.org) I think it's fair to say the GWH guns aren't done properly. Too bad no one seems to do a correct 1:48 early dual .30 rear guns.
  7. researching what I need for a Midway SBD-3. Having built the Accurate Miniatures SBD-2, I've set my mind on using the Accurate Miniatures SBD-3 kit for a Midway plane. So a few things I've noticed about the flexible rear gun from various pictures, someone can correct me if I'm wrong no armor plating on the guns no small sliding doors on the side of the fuselage to help stow the gun ammo cans on the side of the guns, not the single large ammunition container Given that, any .30 dual gun available in kit form will need to be modified still?
  8. looking forward to this for my Midway collection. I trust they will add the missing frame from the windshield when the kit is released ..
  9. Thanks. The two ghost grays are Gunze Sangyo paints straight from the bottle. Yes, those are indeed most of of my builds on Jakub's website. Though I haven't bothered with my duplicate builds such that I didn't show all my A-7Es or A-10s. Some of those are not my builds on his site. Being such a long project, products have come out after some of these model builds have been done. Both resin stuff and decals that would have been made things easier. Some of my builds are going through an update in that respect. A simple one was replacing a scratch built
  10. Those that have been part of ARC for years will know I've been building 1991 Gulf War subjects for a long time. My Indefinite Desert Storm Group Build is still going, though the end is somewhat in sight. I still want to build an A-6E, F-16C Block 40, F-16C Block 30, and am currently redoing a RAF Tornado. I've already started my next build topic, The Battle of Midway which I'm finding more interesting at this point than Desert Storm. But anyway, here's my take on another Hasegawa F-15C with a few mods done. I don't really post in-progress pics anymore but more pics to come late
  11. I once had a disastrous mistake of starting the Escii Alphajet, that count? 🙂
  12. With regards to news organizations, yes I do expect them to publish stories if hospitals are having such problems. I did a search and found a number of articles about hospitals being inundated with flu patients in 2018. Though, in my brief scan of the articles, I did not read anything of morgues being filled such that refrigeration trucks were needed. I would expect any reputable news organization to publish stories that are in the public interest to know the truth. Such as what is happening with Cuomo; whom I believe the news should be asking him some tough questions.
  13. Don’t you know? ... this SBD flew in Desert Storm and dive bombed Saddam Hussein’s Winnebago Perhaps post these pics on your website?
  14. my take on the Academy boxing of the Accurate Miniatures kit. I think the next SBD I build I may use a vinyl canopy, didn't like trying to stack all the pieces. One day I'll get a camera so I don't have to rely on iPhone pics.
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