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  1. thanks for all the info everyone, appreciated 🙂
  2. After doing jets and Star War kits for a while, I'm starting to get back into WWII stuff and am interested in building a Midway SBD-3. Being the original Accurate Miniatures SBD-3 kit boxing isn't readily available, wondering if there is another version of Academy or Italeri boxing which has all the parts necessary for a Midway SBD. If so, what parts would I use (or not use)? I'll likely go aftermarket decals for a Enterprise SBD.
  3. Benner


    I don't know, looks different to me than what you see in this pic of a 1st TFW jet, the rail adapter and such .. in any case, not the greatest pic to use. here's a better angle on a 53rd TFS jet. Clezy, Thanks for posting those photos of the 58th TFS jets with AIM-120; excited to see those 🙂
  4. Benner


    I've been building Desert Storm models for quite a while and have been researching along the way .. -No F-15E Strike Eagles had the LAU-128 -only the 58th TFS, 33rd TFW received the AIM-120 to use towards the end of the war, none were fired in combat. Why the 58th? .. probably because they were the ones with the most air-to-air kills. Keep In mind, the air-to-air kills towards the end were of Iraqi aircraft fleeing to Iran. educated guess for the rest .. an expert like Murph can correct me -The LAU-114 can not fire the AIM-120 -the 58th TFS and the 53rd TFS, (4thTFW(P) at Al Kharg) were equipped with the LAU-128. Besides the LAU-128 having a more blunt front end, you can also tell the difference by how long the adaptor is between the launcher and the wing pylon. some pics .. No ALQ-135 antenna on the nose so this is likely a 53rd TFS Eagle. https://nara.getarchive.net/media/ground-crewmen-move-a-weapons-skid-after-securing-an-external-fuel-tank-to-23e24b Saudi F-15C and 1st TFW F-15C with LAU-114, has a long adaptor going past the end of the missile. https://picryl.com/media/a-1st-tactical-fighter-wing-f-15c-eagle-aircraft-and-an-f-15c-of-the-13th-squadron-3a2134 post war photo of 58th TFS plane with LAU-128, has a shorter adaptor
  5. Ish, time to face reality … the US Navy isn't gonna be flying Tomcats again 😉
  6. still some work to do around the canopy and I can flat coat soon received the Edard Mk84 retarded bombs, comparison with Hasegawa Weapons Set Mk84 bombs
  7. Thanks for the compliment Anthony; and welcome back to the hobby 🙂 My build is mostly OOB as there is no aftermarket resin sets on it, well the bomb fuses are resin but that doesn't count 😉 With regards to the MER braces, I mean the Multiple Ejector Rack sway braces. Those are the bomb racks in the kit (I think they're in the kit), that can hold 6 bombs. Each bomb position had a couple anti-sway braces to hold the bomb in place. I transplanted some of those onto the wing pylons by cutting a small notch in the pylon and gluing on. Which decal set did you get? I would suggest you still use it. I avoided the kit decals because I found them rather poor looking. There's no serious issues with the kit for me, it looks "good enough" for my tastes. You can get various aftermarket sets to make it look more accurate, like the intakes but .. good enough. This was my third Hobbyboss A-10, this one I painted the engines separately to make things easier. Primeportal is typically by go to place for reference photos. I do try to find pics of the actual plane I am building; that is often a factor with what plane I decide to build. My builds are all from Desert Storm time frame, so I also research the load out and aircraft details, like what antenna arrangement they had then, etc. I also had an A-10 in Detail book to research on further details. Never saw an A-10 do a gun run. actually, never been to an airshow either... did see a Hornet overfly my workplace on Saturday though 🙂 Good luck with your builds
  8. working on canopy / cockpit area …
  9. sweet, now you have to get the new one that is coming out
  10. now you need a pic with all the other fighters flying in formation 🙂 Did you build the PG Falcon ? Wish they would do that one in the ESB version.
  11. just to also add to what Mofo says said, I've heard that the plastic does not react well with enamels or oil based thinners. Also with regards to scale, I wouldn't say there's a definite scale everything is sized to. The X-wing and Y-wing have the sized pilot figures. But the A-wing and B-wing have a larger and smaller pilot figure respectively than compared to the X-Wing pilot. Anyway, I've built the X-Wing, Y-Wing, A-Wing, with the B-Wing in progress. They're really nice kits, and I enjoyed painting / weathering them.
  12. Though the box-art isn't typically a good reference, here's Italeri's interpretation
  13. cool insightful info. Didn't know that, thanks 🙂 though just to make sure we're on the same page, I think I originally worded my first post badly as I meant the leading edge colour on the vertical stabilizer, not on the wings.
  14. So I'm building a Hasegawa F-16C. am wondering, how come the fin sometimes had a darker colour on the leading edge? I know the two following pics are black and white, but it seems the top portion of the right side is dark, while the left side seems the colour of the rest of the fin?
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