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  1. Though, i'm not a big fan of the Millenium Falcon, this model has potential to look amazing. I built the 1:144 kit and it looked alright. However, there are still other craft that I would prefer over the Falcon. A 1:72 kit of the Imperial Shuttle, B-Wing, Tie Bomber ... and I'm all happy :)
  2. have you guys seen this? sweet ..
  3. Built this for someone else, so I did this one kinda quickly. I've decided 1:144 is too small of a scale for me. All the weathering was done with paint brush.
  4. nicely done! :) I'm awaiting my order to come in.. I made a purchase on Nov 25th but it never showed, trying to get a refund. :( Put in another order with another retailer a couple weeks ago.. maybe this time.
  5. it was No. 3 in a group of 4 Intruders from the Saratoga, dropping cluster bombs I believe over an airfield. It was a low-level night attack, no.2 (with Lts. Zaun and Wetzel) was shot down. no 3 diverted to Saudi Arabia. After this mission, the Navy generally quit low-level attacks..
  6. My condolences for the loss of your little girl; I hope you and your wife will be surrounded with the care and comfort of family and friends during this difficult time.
  7. The Force is weak with Star Trek ;)
  8. Academy 1:48 F-111F Aardvark Finemolds 1:72 TIE Figther Finemolds 1:72 TIE Advanced Finemolds 1:72 TIE Interceptor Finemolds 1:72 Y-Wing Bandai 1:72 Y-Wing Finemolds 1:72 X-Wing .. there's also a Bandai X-Wing but I don't have any pictures of it in my photobucket account. My usual build theme will be sidetracked by Star Wars for some time :)
  9. Excellent work as usual, will Anton and Koen post pics of their finished builds too?
  10. wow, great stuff, all awesome builds!
  11. nice! keep up the nice Star Wars work :)
  12. Personally, I am fine with these 1:72 kits; they look great and I like having all the other options in 1:72 (TIE interceptor, etc.). Also, they are more affordable to me. Given the retail price of the Revell Master Series 1:48 X-Wing, I'm definitely not buying one anytime soon. Budget modeling here I come! :)
  13. hey, what did I say about not putting this one into the fail pail?
  14. unfortunately, the availability of Star Wars kit options meant I had to go down to your scale ;)
  15. Well, The Finemolds kit is larger than the Bandai kit, different sizes make taking pics of em together a little more tricky. Also, I don't have the Finemolds kit anymore in my possession.