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  1. almost there, mostly putting on RBF tags at this point. Then putting on the last missile, a HUD part, and boarding ladder. had accidentally put on a decal on the fin backwards, successfully corrected it after peeling the decal off.
  2. Aside from what everyone has said, I thought VA-35 had an interesting load out on their first low level attack, an ALQ-167 on outboard, MERs inboard with 5 Mk20 per rack. I’ll be building a VA-75 jet next, with MER outboard with 3 Mk83 each, and 1 Mk83 on the inboard pylons.
  3. Angles of Attack is a pretty interesting book by an A-6 pilot off the Ranger during Desert Storm. At one point, he describes using the AGM-124 during SUCAP missions. I would suppose where the carrier was stationed also effects the load out. Would carriers in the Red Sea have flown SUCAP?
  4. As a modeling subject, I can’t find much info on the OA-10A in Desert Storm. Plenty of pictures of the A-10 with the other five squadrons, but no decent pictures of the 23rd TASS while deployed. Haven’t see much written either other than the two times the squadron lost a plane.
  5. Would be nice if they did an accurate Midway dual .30 gun setup instead of the later configuration
  6. Yes to the rear station, sorry, should have been more clear
  7. When I built my ODS F-111F, I used some parts of the Hobbyboss F-111E kit to modify the Academy F-111C kit. In retrospect I would have done things differently. I still ended up using parts from Verlinden such as the ALQ fuselage pylon and AIM-9 rails.
  8. Too bad the only pictures during Midway of Japanese planes are the blurry ones of Hiryu’s B5N2 attacking Yorktown. The reason I built the A6M2 that crashed on Midway was people examined the wreckage, there would be little doubt whether it was Nakajima or Mitsubishi built. Shattered Sword is a book I plan to purchase one day. Will you building any other Midway planes?
  9. Just giving my opinion as I’m not an expert but I had a similar problem when building a A6M2 for my Midway collection -most likely some surviving aircraft from Pearl flew at Midway, the Japanese carriers were consistently in action after Pearl. Replacement planes and crews would have been needed. Given that, Other than the specific aircraft numbers, the planes still had the same markings. Akagi zeroes would still have a single red band, with AI-1 _ _ on their tail fin. Though there is some debate whether Hiryu and Soryu changed their aircraft codes when Admiral Yamaguchi chang
  10. Looks good, wonder if when ILM built the TIE bomber model out is this kit, they also said this is a terrible kit?
  11. slow progress, had decided to finish a Gr1 Tornado before this. Will be working on the weapons and such next. I think i'll put on CBU-58 instead and save the CBU-87 bombs for a 614th TFS build.
  12. If someone is not going to use their decals … I Am looking for decals for the underwing fuel tanks, especially the red circular markings. the kit I am building does not have them 😞
  13. wasn't all that satisfied with my old build, so here's my redo: \
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