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  1. I once had a disastrous mistake of starting the Escii Alphajet, that count? 🙂
  2. With regards to news organizations, yes I do expect them to publish stories if hospitals are having such problems. I did a search and found a number of articles about hospitals being inundated with flu patients in 2018. Though, in my brief scan of the articles, I did not read anything of morgues being filled such that refrigeration trucks were needed. I would expect any reputable news organization to publish stories that are in the public interest to know the truth. Such as what is happening with Cuomo; whom I believe the news should be asking him some tough questions.
  3. Don’t you know? ... this SBD flew in Desert Storm and dive bombed Saddam Hussein’s Winnebago Perhaps post these pics on your website?
  4. my take on the Academy boxing of the Accurate Miniatures kit. I think the next SBD I build I may use a vinyl canopy, didn't like trying to stack all the pieces. One day I'll get a camera so I don't have to rely on iPhone pics.
  5. Are you saying the CDC has stated the concept that the flu is more dangerous than Covid-19?
  6. What has lead you to this conclusion that the regular flue kills more people than COVID-19? Admittedly, I don't have any statistics to reference right now, but as far as I know, the regular flue does not fill up ICU beds affecting a hospital's capability to function. My local hospital even had a refrigeration truck at one point to store more bodies as the morgue was full, which I haven't heard of the flu causing either.
  7. The point I'm trying to make is could the RAF commanders have thought of another option besides attacking at low-level in general or even using the JP233? With regards to Tornado losses (including other nations), 9 out of 12 were at low-level. The US CENTAF commander, describes how he essentially banned low level attacks / training during Desert Shield among his wing commanders even though that is what their crews trained for, unless they could argue why they should continue low-level. He states he expected resistance but only the F-15E and F-111 commanders made the argument for low-level.
  8. I'm not so sure about the British Tornado having to put itself in as much as danger, as opposed to their wing leadership choosing to do the low level bombing which put crews in greater danger. Even if AAA didn't get you, there is so little margin for error. The Saudi's stopped low level attacks after the first night. Others eventually went to higher altitudes where there was safety. Early on during the war when VA-35 sent 4 intruders to attack an Iraqi airfield, one was shot down, another damaged that had to divert to Saudi Arabia. This is all after the fact of course, but could the R
  9. The two squadrons tasked with night time combat also did the traditional way of seeing things, carrying two pods with illumination flares.
  10. Just a thought without looking up actual dates / times, US involvement in in World War 1 was ~1 year, World War 2 5 years, Vietnam, 10+ years. So in 16+ years of combat, The US lost 580,124 people you say. 1 year of Covid = 487,701 ? just looking at these numbers, that 92,423 difference does not seem far away and may be rapidly approaching.
  11. ... been waiting for Jakub to supply me with wartime Saudi F-5 pics, still waiting ... 😉
  12. To answer your question about loadout, you need to decide what squadron you want to represent. TERs were used by squadrons organized under the 354th TFW(P), the 355th, 353rd, and 511th TFS. The 511th TFS used the ALQ-131 whereas the other two used the ALQ-131. The LAU-88 triple Maverick launcher was used by jets of the 74th and 76th TFS, 23rd TFW. So a jet with the 354th would have the single Maverick launcher. What would be on the TER were usually Mk82s, CBU-58, or Mk20 bombs. Depending on how detailed you want to be, the Experts Choice sheet representing 681 that
  13. I bashed my decals for my DS build together from various sheets, including the Cutting Edge OIF sheet as it included the older badges with "4th TACTICAL FIGHTER WING". However, I've noticed the Squadron badge on DS jets don't have the "TAC" part. I haven't seen many many photos of such, but from what I can tell they did not. You probably know, a lot of the 336th jets did not have wing or squadron markings on the conformal fuel tanks. The colour of the eagle on the inner side of the fin varied, either black or grey. Most in-theatre pics show crew names present, some without. I suspect the
  14. ... and how many have you completed in the last decade? 😉 kidding, thanks for the reference pics. Thanks for the compliment. Most of my 1:48 DS builds are on Jakub's site Builds index (dstorm.eu) You can tell which are the older builds, as they don't look as good as the newer builds. Also, at the time they were built, there wasn't as many kit options or aftermarket sets available, or I lacked reference photos. I probably would have used the Revell 1:48 Tornado at one point instead of Italeri. At the moment, I'm updating one of my Mirage F1 kits. What is not listed on Jak
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