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  1. my order shipped on June 4th, received it yesterday on July 20th. time to do some model work 🙂
  2. … almost done. Stabilizers are dry fitted, canopies to work on, and nose gear cover to glue on. Am getting ready for my next Gulf War build, a re-do of a RAF Tornado
  3. I would go with the Hobbyboss offering, it is easy to build and looks good when done. I have 3 of them built as ODS planes now and will likely do another. To do a ODS variant, you will have to remove the LASTE stuff of course, and either move, add, or remove antenna depending on what variant you build. The Air Force Reserve and OA-10A squadrons had the older radar warning receivers for example. I did have the Italeri offering, but I sold it as I wasn't liking what I saw.
  4. Sounds more like they were not used. He says he photographed them on in April, which is after war ended.
  5. Hi Ish! I took a hiatus of a couple years or so from DS builds, had been doing Star Wars kits. But back to Desert Storm for a while. Here's the progress so far. Gonna airbrush the sprayed over unit markings that would go on the intakes, and the black on the nose, then it's ready for a coat of Future.
  6. If you're building a Desert Storm A-10 with TER, the squadrons that used them were the 511th TFS, 353rd TFS, and 355th TFS. The other squadrons mounted their bombs directly to the pylon.
  7. I would typically do the same, but with metal parts I haven't had such an issue so I'm not worried.
  8. nice work. did you put the safety pins in all the areas like landing gear, arrestor hook, ECM dispensers, etc? here is my slow progress .. cutting away the ailerons at the moment and using sheet styrene to fill the holes. Though it is hard to see, a metal AOA probe has been glued onto the nose. I used the Fine Molds set.
  9. I'm describing a Cutting Edge sheet. The sheet instructions indicate the two wing badges are provided, one suitable for Iraqi Freedom, the other for 1991 period. I'm assuming the 336th badge is wrong for Iraqi Freedom, as it has "336 TAC FTR SQ". The find badge does show "AIR COMBAT COMMAND" for OIF, so when I did my DS build I got that badge from another sheet as well.
  10. It was Cutting Edge 48420 https://modelingmadness.com/scott/decals/ce/ce48240.htm The sheet gives you an insert so you get two types of wing badge decals. But the 336th decals have only one option with "TAC" on it. Do you have a specific plane in mind you want to represent?
  11. I used the Cutting Edge F-15E Iraqi Freedom sheet. It had the proper wing / squadron badge for the 336th TFS as extra decals with TFS/TFW. the sheet also has empty crew name decals such that I could print a decal and place whatever name on there. I think the only decals I used from the kit was were the mission markings and eagle on the fin.
  12. time to return to some Desert Storm builds ... This build is gonna represent this plane from the 561st TFS, 35th TFW(P) I will build mine with the standard load-out, 3 fuel tanks, 2 HARMs, 2 Sparrows, 1 ALQ-184 some progress pics: dry-fitting the Black Box F-4G cockpit set pylon, with modified flare dispenser, sway braces from a Hobbyboss kit, and adaptor
  13. I used Mk83 bombs from the Hasegawa US weapons set for my Italian Tornado build. What time frame are you building? Aside from different antennas, the Italian Tornado has different fuselage pylons. here's my Saudi build https://www.dstorm.eu/pages/en/other/builds/ben_tornadoids_760.html and Italian https://www.dstorm.eu/pages/en/other/builds/ben_tornadoids_mm7038.html
  14. I've got the 2 in the Hasegawa D set. I can't recall if decals were included for them, if so, you need those too?
  15. Fantastic work as usual! 🙂 perhaps a 1:72 TIE Bomber this year? 😉 Did you or have intentions to do the Perfect Grade Millenium Falcon? I'm thinking about it, but don't know if I want to spend that much on a model kit.
  16. thanks for all the info everyone, appreciated 🙂
  17. After doing jets and Star War kits for a while, I'm starting to get back into WWII stuff and am interested in building a Midway SBD-3. Being the original Accurate Miniatures SBD-3 kit boxing isn't readily available, wondering if there is another version of Academy or Italeri boxing which has all the parts necessary for a Midway SBD. If so, what parts would I use (or not use)? I'll likely go aftermarket decals for a Enterprise SBD.
  18. Benner


    I don't know, looks different to me than what you see in this pic of a 1st TFW jet, the rail adapter and such .. in any case, not the greatest pic to use. here's a better angle on a 53rd TFS jet. Clezy, Thanks for posting those photos of the 58th TFS jets with AIM-120; excited to see those 🙂
  19. Benner


    I've been building Desert Storm models for quite a while and have been researching along the way .. -No F-15E Strike Eagles had the LAU-128 -only the 58th TFS, 33rd TFW received the AIM-120 to use towards the end of the war, none were fired in combat. Why the 58th? .. probably because they were the ones with the most air-to-air kills. Keep In mind, the air-to-air kills towards the end were of Iraqi aircraft fleeing to Iran. educated guess for the rest .. an expert like Murph can correct me -The LAU-114 can not fire the AIM-120 -the 58th TFS and the 53
  20. Ish, time to face reality … the US Navy isn't gonna be flying Tomcats again 😉
  21. still some work to do around the canopy and I can flat coat soon received the Edard Mk84 retarded bombs, comparison with Hasegawa Weapons Set Mk84 bombs
  22. Thanks for the compliment Anthony; and welcome back to the hobby 🙂 My build is mostly OOB as there is no aftermarket resin sets on it, well the bomb fuses are resin but that doesn't count 😉 With regards to the MER braces, I mean the Multiple Ejector Rack sway braces. Those are the bomb racks in the kit (I think they're in the kit), that can hold 6 bombs. Each bomb position had a couple anti-sway braces to hold the bomb in place. I transplanted some of those onto the wing pylons by cutting a small notch in the pylon and gluing on. Which decal set did you
  23. sweet, now you have to get the new one that is coming out
  24. now you need a pic with all the other fighters flying in formation 🙂 Did you build the PG Falcon ? Wish they would do that one in the ESB version.
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