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  1. Even when they were off, the sunlight on them gave them a greenish tint you could duplicate with a wash
  2. Now I know why I was so frustrated with the decals at ten years old haha. I tried to be more patient this time.
  3. Finally decided to quit lurking and start working haha. Not perfect but i think it came out OK. The old decals were too brittle and broke apart. But I scanned the original sheet and printed replacements on some inkjet waterslide paper.
  4. I went through two sets of the United decals but they were brittle and disintegrated after 20 years. I did scan a high resolution copy and uploaded it to Scalemates so I could print new decals on water transfer paper. I fabricated a vestigial dorsal fin to make it look like a 720. Pictures online show the United 720s without the HF antenna since they were used for domestic routes only. Oh, and the horrible cockpit windows I filled and printed a windshield decal for too. I was building it for nostalgia and it turned out way better than when I was ten.
  5. Thanks! Great decals. I have a Heller 1/72 DC6 and some aftermarket United decals for it too. Interestingly, the Aurora decals are for N7211U, which was actually a 720 haha.
  6. Hi all, newb here. Been out of the hobby for 30 years, but I grew up in Denver CO and my dad's friends worked for United at Stapleton. I always liked the old United livery and have a set of the old Aurora United 727 decals. I got the Atlantis 727 reissue and think I'll try it using the Museum of Flights N7001U as a reference. I know it's not a 100% accurate kit, but for nostalgia at least it'll be fun to see if my old Binks airbrush still works.
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