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  1. Hi to everybody, Looking for the above mentioned decals to apply on modern 1/35 Russian AFV kits. Any help will be appreciated Regards, Flores
  2. Will check. Thanks. Flores
  3. An old proud Brazilian !

  4. Thanks, but I'm not that detailist. 👍👍👍👍 Flores
  5. Hi PouK9, I understand that the reason for the low-vis markings is to avoid contrast with the Euro1 color scheme. So, the Sidewinders should be painted using the same scheme of the wraparoud. 😂😂😂😂😂 Just for laughs. Cheers, Flores
  6. Hi scotthldr, You are right. My Hasegawa F-4 came with the JASDF markings. I will favour the lizzard wraparound scheme instead, and will have to buy a set of low-vis decals. Thanks for your help. Regards, Flores
  7. Hi Ben, Thanks for your crystal clear explanation. Now the wraparound cammo scheme does make sense. 👍👍👍👍 Cheers, Flores
  8. Hello, Undecided about the cammo scheme for my Hasegawa 1/48 F-4EJ. I like the Euro1 (NATO?) scheme best, but don't know what color to use for the underbelly/belly(?). I have one such scheme image that shows the belly using the same cammo of the top side, what doesn't make sense for me. I appreciate your help. Cheers, Flores
  9. Hi mingwin, Funny the coincidence about our similar avatars. Yes, I'm fond of the cold war soviet era planes and AFV's, but not much of the modern era Russian ones. They are big even in the 1/48 scale. Both the Eduard's Su-7 and MiG-21PFM might end in my stash of kits to build, to the despair of my wife. I am not much active on plane forums. I'm much more an observer than a participant. Now that I am back to the club you might see me more often. Thanks for your help. Cheers, Flores
  10. Hello mingwin, Thanks a lot for your comments. We have very similar avatars :cheers:/>/>/> Regards, Flores
  11. Hi habu2, Thanks for your advice. Flores
  12. Hi Jennings, Thanks for your great help and comments. I really appreciated. Regards, Flores
  13. Returning to the hobby after several years absence. What a difference .... my God! Are the Eduard's kits really good? I am mostly interested in FW-190A and MiG-21 1/48 kits. What are the main differences between their Profipack, Limited and Weekend Editions? Prices, details, number of parts, photo-etches? Well folks, I will appreciate if you give me a hand. Cheers, Flores
  14. Dave, You are correct. I was not aware of this. +apple -juice = Find posts with 'apple' but not 'juice' So my searches for "Su-24" found a lot of "Su" (Suckois) Anyway, the ARC search engine doesn't work well. Regards, Flores
  15. Hi Zactoman, Thanks for your help. Definitely, either I don't know how to do a seach in these ARC forums, or it doesn't work. Yesterday I tried several different searches on this subect, but could not get to any conclusive post, like yours. I searched for: su-24 su-24 +trumpeter su-24 AND trumpeter su-24 AND 1/48 su-24 +1/48 .... .... I will now read your remarks. Cheers, Flores
  16. Hello Brad, Many thanks. This is exactly the site where I first heard about the new kit. Is it good, besides being expensive (Hannant's - 75 pounds)? I was in fact looking for the first impressions, or reviews, of the new kit. Regards, Flores
  17. SBARC, I fully agree with you. Flores
  18. Hello, Any news on the subject? Regards, Flores
  19. Fantastic build. Very nice color and weathering. Flores
  20. Depending on the gap, I use PVA or slow setting ARALDITE. Visit: http://www.huntsman.com/advanced_materials...cfm?pageID=5905 Araldite for wider gaps, and PVA for thinner ones. Flores
  21. Hello John, WOW! Fantastic! Nice help. Thanks, Flores
  22. Hello, Where can I get a good set (seatbelts) for my 1/32 Fw-190a? Welcome any help. Regards, Flores :(
  23. Charlie, I started using damp cotton but don't recommend using it at all as some of its fibers get loose sticking to the wet paint. Switching to damp toilette paper. Regards, Flores
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