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  1. Yes, Please do! I have that kit but would like to convert one of my other kits with the "Sugar Scoop Exhaust" Steve Sliger Greenwell Springs, LA
  2. Don, I just sent you an Affirmative PM Steve Sliger Greenwell Springs, LA
  3. If you can not make a trade with Charlie, I think I have one but not sure which variant it is. Steve Sliger Greenwell Springs, LA
  4. The same happens to helicopter rotors operating in sandy to areas with fine gravel mixed into the dirt (lack of a better term). I see it all the time on the helicopters that I fly. Steve Sliger Greenwell Springs, LA
  5. Tom, Contact Jim Key at customreplicas@att.net. Jim advised on a FB group post forum that the newly revised kit is out, just contact him for more info. HTH, Steve Sliger Greenwell Springs, LA
  6. Found one, Thanks Guys! Steve Sliger Greenwell Springs, LA
  7. As stated, looking for this kit, must be complete, box condition not important. May beable to trade or pay reasonable price and shipping. Contact me off board at sandy55961 AT aol DOT com If you can help. Thanks, Steve Sliger Greenwell Springs, LA
  8. No Raffle ticket, did not even buy any (I did donate I think 3 kits to the raffle) as I was to busy selling kits & talking to other vendors. Glad the club did well on the raffle ticket sale. No, I will not be at the meeting as I will be out of town. Hope to make one in the future thou. Steve Sliger Greenwell Springs, LA
  9. Thanks Tank, Yea, I was looking a different websites after posting trying to find out about the rear door change in the later models and that new sleek nose. Thanks for the link, a most interesting read. Steve Sliger Greenwell Springs, LA
  10. It took awhile but I figured out how to post these photos of the Mi-17V-5 N214XX that I saw at Opelousas St. Landry Parish (KOPL) airport back in November. Note that the nose is not blunt like the Mi-8 or Mi-17 stock nose is. I don't know if this is a mod done by the owner he in the states or was an actual addition to a later version of the aircraft. Steve Sliger Greenwell Springs, LA
  11. This may be well dated information but having worked with the USAF Fighter Weapons School A-10 Branch back in 1986 at Ft. Hood, TX, Ft. Sill, OK, and at Nellis AFB, NV, My Air Cav unit was the first unit to fielding the then brand new AH-64A Apache attack helicopter. While working with the A-10 pilots, we were told that they could use the seeker heads (depending on which version was fitted to the aircraft) of the Maverick missiles for use not only in targeting but to also use as a poor mans vision system day or night, so they may have had one of each of the current versions loaded
  12. Yes, it is a really nice kit indeed. Mine also came with F-4 Phantom Reinforcement Panels (for the Tamiya kit) #48-701 from Nautilus Models. These are for some of the F-4B aircraft later in their career and also for the F-4J/N/S and USAF F-4E/G aircraft during overhaul. You will not be disappointed with this kit! Steve Sliger Greenwell Springs, LA
  13. I picked up a factory sealed one at a model show today for $100 even. Steve Sliger Greenwell Springs
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