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  1. Thanks, I just saw thar. A 1/72 scale sheet would be good too. Thanks, Steve Sliger Greenwell Springs, LA
  2. Saw this F-35C at Pensacola NAS yesterday at the airshow. Steve Sliger Greenwell Springs, LA
  3. Has anybody built this kit? I have one but I am a little intimidated by all the 3D printed gates on the model that have to be removed. Then the color call outs for painting the model make no reference to any brand of paint. Having never assembled a 3D printed model that requires the modeler to cut the printed gates, I would like to read an article about the assembly of this kit ( or a different 3D printed model) before I go cutting away on this kit. Anybody working on one that would like to share how you built this kit. Thanks in advance, Steve Sliger Greenwell Springs, LA
  4. Hi, So I am asking all those that build emergency vehicle models (Ambulances, Fire Trucks, etc), I am looking for either decals or the refective paint used on emergency vehicles to make them more visible when illuminated by light. Anybody know a source? Thanks in advance, Steve Sliger Greenwell Springs, LA
  5. Th Thanks for the info, it will be handy when I build. Thanks Guys! Steve Sliger Greenwell Springs, LA
  6. Yes Sir, both of those books are excellent and I have both. On a side note, I was assigned to the 1st AH-64A Apache unit in the US Army back in 1986. One of the cool things we got to do was go TDY to Nellis AFB for 2 weeks to work with the USAF Fighter Weapons School to develop Joint Air Attack Tactics incorporating the new technology of the Apache with the ground attack assets of the Air Force (A-10, F-16, F-111, etc.). My Cav Troop worked with the A-10 community. We could only fly during daylight hours (the Air Force was secretly testing & training aircrews in the F-117 at nig
  7. Thanks for the help, I will have to figure it out which kit comes closest to the Flogger E and see what I can do to make it look like a Flogger E. Thanks! Steve Sliger Greenwell Springs, LA
  8. Yes, I have researched the variant and have seen the one on display at the USAF museum in Dayton,OH. My question is which kit manufacturer makes a kit in 1:48 scale of the MiG 23MS Flogger E or will I have to do some scratch building? Steve Sliger Greenwell Springs, LA
  9. May be I am missing it but who makes a kit of the Mig 23MS Flogger E in 1/48? I have a kit for the 1/48 Mig 23BN Flogger H but can not locate a Flogger E kit. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Steve Sliger Greenwell Springs, LA
  10. Me also as I have the Hobby Boss F-111 E/F kit in hand and waiting to see which all gray jets will be on that sheet. Steve Sliger Greenwell Springs, LA
  11. YES!!!!! Steve Sliger Greenwell Springs, LA
  12. Kursad, Any chance of doing a 1/48 USAF F-111F sheet covering the all gray camo scheme of the 523FS 'Crusaders' 27th Fighter Wing - Cannon Air Force Base, New Mexico or similar? I have the 1/48 Hobby Boss F-111E/F kit that i would like to do in that scheme. I know that Cutting Edge did a sheet way back when and are hard to find. I would appreciate it if you would kindly consider it. Thanks, Steve Sliger Greenwell Springs, LA
  13. Uoops, I saw the answer under the subject post!
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