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  1. Unless things have changed since I was at US Army flight school back in the early 80's, the Army provided initial rotary wing training for Air Force pilots but a lot has changed since I walked the flight lines at Ft. Rucker. Placing the MH-139 at Maxwell would be close to the initial entry training source when newly graduated Air Force helicopter pilots are assigned to the MH-139 training. Just my thoughts but others may know more, Steve Sliger Greenwell Springs, LA
  2. Apogee Rockets had or still has one in 1/70 scale which is probably more detailed than your old Estes 1/70 scale. They are a bit on the high side price wise but you get what you pay for. Steve Sliger Greenwell Springs, LA
  3. Also used in the cockpit of US Army UH-1 Hueys, OH-58 Kiowas, and AH-1 Cobras. I can not speak of the other military services as I served in the Army and having flown those 3 aircraft while in. Steve Sliger Greenwell Springs, LA
  4. Yes, that is actually a piece of leather to help protect the wearer from the metal in the buckle assembly. Also helps on a hot sunny day to prevent burns from the metal. Steve Sliger Greenwell Springs, LA
  5. The Estes Saturn 1B went on sale today from Estes. Steve Sliger Greenwell Springs, LA
  6. This aircraft, N214XX, a Mi-17V-5 is owned by Red Star Helicopters in Las Vegas, NV. I saw it (minus the red star & with the aft part of the engine exhaust very sooty) this afternoon at the St. Landry Parish Airport (KOPL) in Opelousas, LA getting fuel. I will post pictures later as I have to transfer pictures from my phone to my lap top. Back in the 90's, Ft. Polk, LA had 2 Hips & a Hind for threat training at the base. When this aircraft took off it appeared to be heading to Ft. Polk. Steve Sliger Greenwell Springs, LA
  7. Civilian Bell 206 B model Jet Rangers had the option of short or high skids. The reason you see more high skids is because those skids are used for the Off Shore Float option for those being flown over water ant the added benefit of giving additional ground clearance for the tail rotor. I flew OH-58C in the Army and when in the field, we were always safety conscious about landing at field sites due to the shorter ground clearance of the tail rotor due to the short skids on the aircraft. My first civilian job after my Army days was flying Bell 206 (B III, L, L-1, L-3, & L-4) aircraft in t
  8. Also, there are several different styles of "sliding windows" windows for both the front and aft windows. Also you can just leave the windows the way they are and model an ex-military airframe being used by a "Public Use" agency (State & Local Law Enforcement, State Wildlife Management, Federal State Forrest Management agencies, etc.) . I saw a privately owned ex-military OH-58A aircraft at the airport I am based at a couple years ago. It still wore its well worn OD paint scheme minus all the US Army markings and Had a Civil N number instead of the US Army aircraft tail number. T
  9. Everything you need to know about Future Floor Polish & Modeling is here: http://www.swannysmodels.com/TheCompleteFuture.html Hope this helps, Steve Sliger Greenwell Springs, LA
  10. Thanks Dutch, that it Tactical Paint Scheme (TPS). that is a scheme that I would like to see. I have no preference on unit so if anybody has one they want to suggest, post it here. Steve Sliger Greenwell Springs, LA
  11. Something like this aircraft I found on the internet. Steve Sliger Greenwell Springs, LA
  12. Kursad, Any chance of having a US Navy Low Viz markings option on the sheet? One with Low Viz US national markings as well as the unit markings. I think I have seen an all gray scheme with full color national & unit markings in a Hasegawa boxing and that doesn't strike my fancy. Anyway, could you include a Low Viz scheme on the sheet too. Thanks, Steve Sliger Greenwell Springs, LA
  13. Deke's flight was the 1975 Apollo Soyuz ASTP flight, not Skylab. But this is a great reference photo of an H-1 enging. Thanks for sharing, Steve Sliger Greenwell Springs, LA
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