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  1. I would welcome new decals for the Revell/Renwal 1/32 Mace kit (both transport vehicle & missile). Steve Sliger Greenwell Springs, LA 70739
  2. Got my item yesterday in excellent condition. Fast & smooth transaction and fast shipping! Thank you again Sir! Steve Sliger Greenwell Springs, LA
  3. I got a response yesterday with tracking number & expect delivery tomorrow. Steve Sliger Greenwell Springs, LA
  4. PM sent along with Payment sent for 1/72 Quickboost P-3 Orion Propellers w/ Tool - No. QB 72 555 - $6 Let me know, Steve Sliger Greenwell Springs, LA
  5. I would prefer this low vis Camo scheme if it isn’t different that those already mentioned. Maybe the sun light but it looks darker than ones previously shown in this thread. Steve Sliger Greenwell Springs, LA
  6. Hi Larry

    I don't know if you are interested in an Academy/Minicraft 1/72 U-2 kit (#1653), I have this kit. The kit box is open with inner bags sealed and decals look good.  I was thinking we can make a trade for the 

    Cutting Edge 1/48 U-2 Dragon Lady - U-2A/C/D #1 - 5 options (CED48149) (***){OUT OF PRINT} $27.50

    I can add some money to it to make it fair if you think I need to.

    Let me know,

    Steve Sliger

    Greenwell Springs, LA

  7. Didn’t steal my joy, I have a set of their 1/72 B-52 Balls 8 decals already.
  8. I just saw where it is sold out. Too bad,
  9. Well, I just put that sheet in my cart and when I went to check out it did not say anything about being sold out. Steve Sliger Greenwell Springs, LA
  10. Cutting Edge made a set of B-52A "Balls Three" decals that are now being sold by Fine Art of Decals (same guy but new business after his divorce); CED72111 NB-52A “Balls Three” checkout fineartofdecals.com they are a bit pricey at $34 Hope this helps, Steve Sliger Greenwell Springs, LA
  11. Thanks for that info. Steve Sliger Greenwell Springs, LA
  12. I was only suggesting that when there were references available that decals of these aircraft round be nice to have. Thank you for the info on the variant of F-16 that maybe offered as we haven’t seen them yet we can’t be certain of what the Ukraine’s will receive. I was only asking if it was document as to the exact variant they would be flying.
  13. How about decals for Ukrainian AF F-16s when we know what they will look like. Pilot training looks like it will be completed for the initial group pretty soon. I would think that they would use the current Camo scheme but they may show up with a digital scheme. Anybody know what Block F-16s they are getting? Steve Sliger Greenwell Springs, LA
  14. Hey, where did you see this? I tried googling Academy 1/72 P-3C Orion and nothing as far as this kit came up. I would like to see more. Thanks for sharing & Happy Holidays! Steve Sliger Greenwell Spring, LA
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