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  1. Well after dragging my feet for three years, I have finally finished this monster. Trumpeter kit, Eduard PE sets, Quick Boost ECS vents, Wolfpack Design GBUs, Northstar wheels/tires, and Fightertown decals. Scratch built cockpit details/wiring, venting in the intakes, landing gear details, fuel panel/door, canopy/A/C power panel/door, venting on LEX, nav lights on LEX. Had to shave off the built up area on the tails where the slime lights are, both on the inner and outer tail panels. Also drilled out every rivet on the aircraft as I found them to be soft. Painted with Vallejo acrylics and fini
  2. Looking for the Zactomodels A-7 intake/canopy correction set. If you have and would be willing to part with it, PM me Thx Scott
  3. Looks great! I can't believe they are gone now, flying drones I think. I worked with these guys regularly on the ranges at Ft. Drum.
  4. Beautiful!! Nice job.
  5. Hello all, I am getting frustrated with the lack of success with Mig Ammo PLW. It is probably just my lack of knowledge, but every time I try to clean up the PLW (panel line wash) I take off the wash, varnish, and the paint under it off. The process I am using is straight from the recommendations of Mig himself. First I prime and paint the part with Mig Acrylic primer, then paint with Mig Ammo Acrylic paint. I let them dry for a couple hours, then varnish with Mig Ammo Glossy Varnish (acrylic). After another couple hours of dry time, I use Mig PLW products to lightly w
  6. Here are some pics of the IFR probe I believe Spook was referring too. Just had to add a little bend to the A4 probe to match the 18. Sorry for the crappy pics, but the build is getting old and has been hit by the old dust monster. Enjoy. 20160906_112924 by gistsc, on Flickr[/img] 20160906_112901 by gistsc, on Flickr 20160906_112845 by gistsc, on Flickr[/img]
  7. I booked a flight from LAX to IAH on a United 787-9 round trip. Was going to fly on the American -8 but I am not fond of the half rear facing seats in first class. My wife is going with me and she has never flown before, so I figure not being able to sit right next to her on the American bird was a bad idea. I like the seats better as far as the design and amenities, just not the way half face the rear of the cabin. Not to mention only the rear facing seats are next to the windows. All the forward facing seats are isle. Anyways, we fly on February 8th and return on the 11th. Anyone out there l
  8. Totally went with white. Just using my own eyes and reference photos. Being white or very light gray, its almost impossible to do from a photo. Would love to see one in person, just to confirm.
  9. Trojan, they are aftermarket. Draw Decals set 44s-747-50f.
  10. 2015-11-19 20.19.57 by gistsc, on 2015-11-19 20.19.49 by gistsc, on 2015-11-19 20.18.50 by gistsc, on 2015-11-19 20.18.43 by gistsc, on 2015-11-19 20.18.27 by gistsc, on Flickr
  11. Just a quick OOB. I have not built an airliner in a long time, and now I remember why. I give props to all you guys who do airliners, they are a real pain to paint. Anyways, sorry for the crappy pix too. 2015-11-21 00.10.03 by gistsc, on Flickr2015-11-21 00.09.46 by gistsc, on Flickr2015-11-21 00.09.33 by gistsc, on Flickr2015-11-21 00.09.23 by gistsc, on 2015-11-21 00.09.11 by gistsc, on 2015-11-19 20.20.16 by gistsc, on
  12. All the kits are 1/48 scale, and the decals for the Mentor I made.
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