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  1. This would be most welcome news if true. I spoke with them in person last year and it was said they were not going to release the C-141 due to licensing restrictions from Lockheed-Martin. Time will tell.
  2. Please, can you help a brutha out? I’m looking high and low for this long out of production 1/48th scale set. Anyone out there willing to part with it please let me know. Thanks, Alex
  3. Yup… already listed, but no one listens
  4. Seeking the old Afterburner decal sheet if anyone is willing to part with it fora reasonable price. It’s the circa 2009 sheet of the Niagara Falls unit. Thanks
  5. Consider using Canadian Voodoo Grey or Boeing BAC707 grey.
  6. Decent injection moulded Sikorsky S-92 1/72nd or 1/48 Shorts 330 1/72nd SA-227 Metroliner 1/72 DHC 6 Twin Otter 1/48 C12 in 1/72 and 1/48 an accurate A330/340 in 1/144 and 1/200 A350 1/200 A380 1/200 C17 and C5 in 1/200 It’ll never happen due to cost, royalties and popularity. I guess I’ll have be disappointed with another Spitfire Mk whatever or Mustang with mod 15 rivets instead of 14 slag away.
  7. Why not build it? That will ultimately remove the odour.
  8. I know... it’s deceptive at first.
  9. I saw this whilst shopping a few nights ago. slag away
  10. I made mine from block balsa wood sealed in CA, sanded to shape and promptly thrown into the box of shame.
  11. I’m looking for the insignia that painted on their M1 Abram and M60 tanks. I know italeri did it in 1/35 scale on an M60. Could someone please post or send me a detail scan or picture please. I’m doing a home decal project on the Revell 1/72nd scale M60. I only posted this here because because this will get more views. If someone gets their panties in a bunch, then please delete this or ban me... Thanks in advance. alex
  12. I can now say I’ve sold it😢
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