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  1. I can now say I’ve sold it😢
  2. How does one go about ignoring a member of the message board? I attempted to do it, but it said I was not allowed. I sent a note to the owner here to no avail. Any other tips? Thank you.
  3. “ When he reached the New World, Cortez burned his ships. As a result his men were well motivated.“ Captain Ramius. Too soon?
  4. The problem with this hobby is that too many modellers take this hobby too seriously. It’s evident here. It’s at shows, in magazines articles and reviews. So many literally argue over the number of rivets on a spar box they may as well be arguing about the lengths of their members. What ever happened to the enjoyment of building a model?
  5. Does anybody happen to have any colour photos of their F-102's that were stationed down in Niagara Falls during the late late 1950's? Thanks
  6. I feel your pain. My 1980 CJ-5 is sitting idle in a barn at a buddy's house and he's itching to get the title. When life moves on and you get a nagging wife and a family, $hit changes.
  7. I recall reading somewhere that it's configured for measuring or calibration of radars.
  8. skidbuggy

    CBP colours

    Hi, Does anybody know the colour codes for CBP P-3 Orion’s and Dash8 Aircraft? Thanks
  9. Bruce Gordon on YouTube does some pretty cool anecdotal videos of when he flew F-102’s and F-106’s
  10. In my profession it's quite common for husbands and wives or other... um... lifestyle domestic "partnerships" to work together. The problem is when they break up and the guy has to fly with his ex-bf is where I see the problems. It's sickening
  11. personally I hope this lefty media driven fear shuts everything down. This way I can indeed have time to 'isolate' myself to work on my models and tell the world to *iss off.
  12. yaaaay... another cockroach in this sh^tty industry using the Eastern name..... oh well... on to my "next" flying job
  13. I'm missing the pilot's instrument panel for my Monogram 48scale F101B. Can anyone help?? Thanks Alex
  14. Only three airframes. If anything were to happen it might be an authorized rebox of a Revell A380 with Hasegawa decals. Kinda like their Hasegawa JAL 747-400 in 1/144th scale from twenty years ago. Still your chances of winning powerball or being abducted by aliens are higher than a 1/200 scale Hasegawa A380.
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