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  1. Hello everybody!!! I first want to tell you guys that all your profiles are amazing!!! The Su-30, the F-8, the 3D F-16, the Mirage 4000 of my friend Alanqua, everything is wonderful!! I start using Photoshop some months before, initially to draw some Pirate Fulcrum, but I really increase my abilities after some friends of mine ask me to draw Mirage 4000 what-ifs (here in France, the Mirage 4000 is something like the TSR.2 for the British plane's lovers )... There is some of my works: -Comoros Pirate Fulcrum, one of my first attempts with Photoshop... A link, because the drawing is too bi
  2. i really love your F-15E!! It's very well done!! And with Harm it looks like more dangerous :( PS: for Jeff. Do you have a link or pictures of your F-15G... It's a good concept
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