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  1. Thanks for the response guys, really appreciated! I created some masks for the camo by putting wide low-tacking masking tape on top of a 1/72 scaled paper profile of the RAF B-scheme camo, cutting them out and pasting the tape on the model. I used that technique before on the Revell 1/72 Hurricane Mk.IIc, and it turned out well. I like the crisp delineation it gives, which is most appropriate for the scale. @ Don: The fit is okay, but fitting the fuselage to the wings could have been better. It needed more putty that I expected. Also the leading edges needed filling, as did the trailing edg
  2. Okay, the work continues... The fuselage and wings have been glued and primed. Although the fitment could have been better. The leading edge of the wings needed putty here and there. The trailing edges were much too tick for this scale and required some thinning. Afterwards they still needed more putty to fill the gap. Also the attachment of the wings to the fuselage needed quite some putty. Next, I also scratchbuilt a gunsight. Afterwards, the base colours were sprayed: Mr. Hobby Acrylic for the Dark Earth and Dark Green and Revell enamel for the Aluminium dope. I first used Va
  3. Not to much interest in my build it seems, but still an update. ;-) The cockpit parts have been painted and weathered. Including scratch-built details on all parts and seatbelts.
  4. Hi guys, It has been a long while, but I re-started another model. I already started it early last year, but haven't had the time to do modeling since then. This time it's the 1/72 Airfix Hawker Hurricane Mk.I early war model. Plan is to build in early war Belgian Air Force colours. I bought some goodies for it. - AML resin 5-spoke wheels to replace the wrong 4-spoke ones provided by Airfix. - SBS resin exhausts - Peewit canopy masks Building started of with tackling the huge ejector pin holes on the lower fuselage with some liquid plastic (glue and sprue chuncks). Later I adde
  5. Hey guys! New update (with a lot of text)! Quick version: The Hellcat finally wears its decals! Longer version: I used a mix of decals of the Revell and Academy kit. The Hellcat "Paper Doll", flown by Bob Burnell is often chosen when building a F6F-5 Hellcat. Decals for this version are included in both the Revell and Academy kit. However, I chose the Hellcat "Paoli Local", flown by Paul Drury. This version was included in the Academy kit, so I used the specific decals to make this bird and used Revell decals for the rest (the Revell decals are much easier to work with, IMHO: not so sti
  6. After a long time... Next update of the Hellcat! I've given the Hellcat a coat of Gunze US Navy Blue, added some light paint chipping (with an undercoat of Vallejo Air Aluminium and then some Humbrol Maskol added with a sponge + some 'after'-chipping via scratches). Next was a coat of Sols Plus (= Future). :) Pictures:
  7. Very nice build, dragan! Just like the Flanker, the looks of the Fulcrum never seem to get boring!
  8. Next update already! Made some progress on the Hellcat. Got it assembled a bit more. Armored glass installed, created a gunsight, filled some gaps and seams, installed and dropped the flaps... The Hellcat is actually already a step further: primed up with Vallejo's white primer, etc...
  9. Next update! After checking some reference pictures, I build the spark plug cables on the Hellcat's engine out of very fine copper wire and small pieces of metal foil for the connection pieces. I've put it onto a Lego-piece for size comparison. B)/>
  10. Already a next update! B)/> The Hellcat has been put together more or less. Seams were filled with Tamiya white putty (this stuff looks more aggressive then the grey putty, or is it just my imagination?). Seams were later sanded and some panellines were rescribed with the Trumpeter scriber. I also replaced the kit's gunbarrels with pieces of 0,7mm injection needle. The holes in the wings for the gunbarrels still need to be filled with putty. The kit's wheel bays were reworked with some plasticard. The aft sidepanels and lower panel was not included in the kit, there are just gaps
  11. Hi guys! I've started my 1/72 Revell F6F-5 Hellcat (Italeri rebox) recently. Plan is to build it without AM goodies, but with some scratchbuild details with the help of reference pictures. It will be a late-war Hellcat, overall Navy Blue and with the typical "angry cat" decals on the nose (I'll use the kit decals; maybe some of the Academy kit). This is the kit: I already added some detail to the cockpit. The kit's sidewalls, side consoles and IP had no detail at all, so I added consoles, pedals, engine control levers, landing gear levers and made some seatbelts. The cockpit is painted
  12. Hi guys, I got myself some injection needles to simulate gun barrels on my model aircrafts. But... how do you guys cut these needles into pieces without deforming the needle? When using wire cutters, the needle gets compressed and then cut, and that's not what you want, right? I also tried a "Stanley" knife and a surgical blade, but that didn't work... Regards, Jurgen
  13. Hey guys! I'm still in doubt about the Condor vs. the ICM kit. * The Condor kit can be found for like 9 euro and the ICM kit for a few euros more (or a lot more sometimes) on online model shops. * The Condor kit has (IMO) OOB decent markings and stencils. The ICM kit only markings, no stencils. I know that Begemot and Hi-Decal have an aftermarket decal sheet (+ Begemot an extensive stencil sheet). But... focusing on the kits... * Overall, I found that most people say that the ICM kit has better surface detail and panel lines than the Condor kit. But are these really a lot better? Becaus
  14. Thanks guys! But which kit is the best build-wise? I don't really care if it's a P of PD version.
  15. Hey guys! I still have some "gaps" in my 1/72 scale Soviet/Russian jets collection. One of these "gaps" is the Mig-25. Now, I found this larger topic from a couple of years ago on ARC, concerning 1/72 scale Mig-25's and Mig-31's: This topic. But... they only really mention the Condor Mig-25, not the ICM Mig-25. I found that the Condor kit was the first one, and that the ICM looks more or less the same. The Condor kit is cheaper and has a more complete decal sheet. And the Condor kit has a more logic part lay out. But... which one is the kit to go for? Is the ICM kit better? Regards,
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