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  1. F-18's all in 1/72 at least 10 of the hasegawa F-18A thru D variants 2 each of their E and F model bugs 1 of the revell F-18E 2 of the italeri RF-18A at least 10 of the academy F-18A and C variants
  2. airfix harrier GR3 in 1/72. one i built in my teens had a warped fuselage, which i couldn't fix. never, ever again will i build one.
  3. easiest way of turning a RoG F-16B to a D, is to use the B parts from the boxing with the shaw AFB based B on the decal sheet and combine these with the C model that has the mountain home and spangdahlem decals on its decal sheet. this is the option that i am going for eventually. then i guess you can add the various resin and brass aftermarket bits to do the varying other options. trevor [back after an extended absence]
  4. on sunday last at the coventry model show i bought this kit. it looks good but then i think that the square cabin windows look undersize. does anyone else have this kit and confirm this? it will be built as a Hind-A. trevor
  5. if memory serves me correctly aeroclub have done a jetpipe correction piece too.
  6. that jeremiah weed is stern stuff! yeah telford was great fun even if my wallet melted under the strain.....
  7. the 12 sqn buccaneer, XV868.... painting isn't finished and i haven't even started the decals loggin off NOW! :)
  8. fujimi A-4C and TA-4J/F in 1/72 nice to see the box art again and at the very nice price per kit of £7.99
  9. hmm, RoG Fairey Gannet AS1 [and isn't this a much nicer kit than the trumpeter Gannets?] airfix BAC Strikemaster just of note regarding the RoG gannet, the canopy pieces are very thin and fragile. mine were broken on opening the box and i have had to write and ask revell for a replacement set. trevor
  10. hmm, as a member of the what-if? sig tha's a challenge..... at the very least we do have porkpies and twiglets and as you well know a reputation to uphold. haydn! i hope the compressor gets fixed soon.
  11. hmm, managed to mislay the A-10 decals i was gonna use...... :( but there are other options in gray for the A-10 in USAF markings i have, :)
  12. you and who's toon army, mr brown! pleased to help here if i can :( you know where to find me, worse luck, :)
  13. i have started varnishing a HP dart herald using the gloss varnish in RoG's aquacolor range. goes on very well and dries good and glossy too. :D anyone else using them? trevor
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