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    1950's-1990's music;collecting/listening to old radio dramas,etc;building/study histories of 1940-modern aircraft in 1/72 & 1/48 scales.
  1. I had missed this earlier post by the Navy...,the first I found out was when I was reviewing any changes posted on Go Navy! Which were updated June 26 for various links,such as VAQs,VFA transfers,as I had previously posted this week...,but at later date than yours posted here. VAQ assignments: http://www.gonavy.jp/NavalSqn03.html AIRPAC VFA assignments: ie:VFA-94 back as fourth VFA again replacing VFA-25 which has transferred back to CVW-2 'NE' http://www.gonavy.jp/AIRPACf.html Also seems odd that Navy would need a full CVW complement,as in CVW-9 JCS and the carrier is in drydock fo
  2. According to GoNavy.jp Latest revised CVWs listings late June 2013: VFA-25 has transferred back to CVW-2 'NE' Ronald Reagan -94 has again taken it's place as fourth VFA in CVW-17,'NA',as they had earlier last year,when "Fist of the Fleet" were upgrading to F/A-18E. VAQ-136 takes the place of -133 in CVW-9 'NG' 5 xx/NG John C. Stennis having started in JEF with new EA-18Gs last year. http://www.gonavy.jp/AIRPACf.html P.S. hope to attend IPMS/USA Nats at nearby Loveland,CO next month Terry
  3. Ok,someone PULEZZZ!! settle this once and far all... Did the Navy or a squadron ever have this early TPS pattern and colors,before settling on the two colors 36320/36375. I have an old SuperScale sheet with paint scheme/pattern of 36320 on top fuselage and vert stab,the leading edge of wings(ala A-6/Ea-6B)36440,the 3/4 of the rest and the lower wings/fuselage/upper fuselage walkway from behind canopy back to tail in 36495. I also have the KoKu Fan magazine on the TPS subject in 1980-83 which only shows the now standard two tone. Terry
  4. Here's a photo(looks CG to me...?)of VAQ-136 new markings on line bird 502/ NL,the 'XOs' EA-18G bird which has been assigned as a JEF unit now,at NAS Whidbey Island,WA. That makes the fourth EA-18G squadron assigned as a Joint Expeditionary Force unit,-132,-135,138. This is from VAQ-136 OFFICIAL Facebook page:https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10151761542042907&set=o.196912000349643&type=1&theater Terry
  5. Wow,it took someone clear across the world to finally find the 1st photo of VAQ-139 new markings...,and it happened to be near where I live...!! Thanks!! Now a 'CAG' photo and VFA-25 "Fist of the Fleet" new F/A-18Es schemes,did they change them from the last deployment of their "Charlie's"?? Terry
  6. Here's Gary Verner's (skyhawkpc)photos of similar shots I took,but mine were with a Fuji 35mm disposable,since my harder to find Ricoh Zoom battery was low,guess it might time to take advantage of that "Waxman Camera" going out of business clearance for a digital!! VFA-94 BuNo 164262 405/NA and BuNo 164215,412/NA,F/A-18C(N)'s: Terry
  7. Hmm,I googled that unit yesterday morning and at that time flickr didn't show a post for it,and unless someone else did one,this would be the most current markings update photo posting. And I ask the poster where it was also taken. I don't know about you guys in this thread,but for one thing I DON'T LIKE the Navy.mil change of the photo gallery..it's much harder to find a unit or subject,as now it's a one by one search!! Thanks for the post link. Terry
  8. Found it!! Just had to scrool down REAL FAST through all the fine photos,interesting that someone whould have posted it on a Japanese-based military info web site,I wonder where was the E-2C,from the background It looks like an airshow somewhere in the states,as the trucks are American made. And that the unit(VAW-125)...,so far elected to put the new code in a stylised fashion,instead of VFA-22,81,94 now using a "standard" block inline style N ,in the same positions,between the vert control surface/slime lights. A Let's see if -81,which is the one long time unit associate
  9. I think you meant "604" but more importantly,thanks Tomas and Gregg for the quick and interesting responses..!! Where did you find this gonavy.jp link I didn't see it on the website only BBS II aircraft types photos? I'm emailing the webmaster again on this site,about your findings. Now to search out VFA-22,113 in the new 'NA' markings. *Corrected as -94 took the place of -25 as the fourth unit in the CVW. I also read on another site about naval aviation:http://navalaviationnews.navylive.dodlive.mil/ that CVW-14 was reversed in being disestablished a while back...,first I ever read that.
  10. I have photos and have only found 1 photo posted on US Navy offical site(on a "Week in Review" slideshow-week of Aug 20-26,or was!?)of VFA-94 "Mighty Shrikes" recent re-assignment back USS Carl Vinson(they were there during Op Enduring Freedom opening Oct 2001 CVW-11)to CVW-17,the Navy site just happened to have only 1 photo of the 'CAG' bird in it's orange and black markings with large shrike on tails(vert stabs)being moved to parking spot by deck crews. You can just make out the NEW letter code change behind slime light and rudder 'NA' in a standard style orange/black shadow on 'CAG' and me
  11. Yo! Chris (JetMang), I just happen to have the 1/48 sheet,was looking at it just yesterday,since I bought a DVD of CoNA online from USS Midway Museum,and have a previous history book on CV-41. I can color copy the instructions,cut out the XO's markings too. Send me your address via email from my member name,Tophat25. Terry McCoy
  12. Yo!, Kale If Andre was too far over the pond,I have plenty of 'C' tails in my HSG kits stash too!! Reply to this post or send me anEmail me Terry
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