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  1. You didn't mentioned 1/72 and surprise: Tamiya is also the best.
  2. Let's just agree that the new Hase kit is the best and the closest in this scale despite not being 100%. I just got one a few months back and the new sprues look great as do the decals (thinner than the usual).
  3. Lol, holy sh*t, how did I end up on this page, now that I see the date, it's from 2007???
  4. Having held various incarnations of the Italeri kit, this is what you should know: First of all, the only reboxing among Italeri and Revell are with the F.3, that is, Revell's ADV is a rebox of the Italeri. As far as the Italeri kits, the consensus is that the shape is ok but the detail is typical Italeri quality: deep panel lines, no rivet detail. Given that the Revell IDS is only £1-2 more expensive, I see no reason to go to the Italeri, there's simply no comparison in quality (believe me when you see both together). The ADV is a different story since Revell does not make one. So you hav
  5. Just out of curiosity, how do the Tamiya and Academy kits compare to the Hase and Revells in 1/72?
  6. I agree, I've found so many great deals on eBay I can't even begin to list them all. I think the gripe is mostly selling stuff as Paypal tends to rip you off, but as a buyer, I've had mostly good experiences. Speaking of which I got some hard to find 1/72 Tomcat decals from the Su-22 killers of VF-41, markings for 101, 102 and 107 (from eBay of course!). Now I all need is VF-1 from its Enterprise days...
  7. The Hase GR1 is kind of pricey to be honest... then again I also could use the 617 Sq decals. I guess I'll buy the resin set eventually. None of the Airfix kits has the JP233?
  8. Anybody know where I can get a pair of JP233s in 1/72 scale? All I've read about is the impossible-to-find Airfix RAF/NATO weapons set. Thanks
  9. So, nobody? Found another site but again, £4+ shipping. Bastards
  10. I need a new 3B pressure valve to connect my Paasche VL to air propellent cans. I have one but apparently the screw got lost so I'm -pardon the pun- screwed. So far I have only found airbrush.com but the shipping cost for this meager piece is £4.80 which I find absolutely ridiculous. Any other distributors of Paasche products and spare parts in this island? Thanks P.S. That said if anyone has an extra 3B valve (or just the screw) they wish to donate or sell to me, I'm all ears...
  11. I didn't know you could turn them off. That's great, no offense but I find them extremely annoying and distracting.
  12. I'm glad I'm not the only one with these problems
  13. Individually the stuff is cheap but when you add things up, the sum does get somewhat inflated -if you are on a budget of course, like me. Normally you don't pay much attention because you get your tools incrementally but when you're practically trying to build up a lifetime of modeling supplies in the space of 2-3 days, it does strike you as how much it all adds up to. I am, however, grateful that I managed to get my old airbrush for free. Well, today I bought hopefully the last round of supplies from my LHS (sandpaper, compass, plastic card, zap-a-gap, Tamiya tape -which apparently they d
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