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  1. https://www.cybermodeler.com/hobby/kits/sh/kit_sn_72002.shtml Special Navy 1/72 U-Boat Type IIA
  2. "After all the amazing construction of the launch pad, Manfred couldn't replicate the hot dog wrappers in the bottom of the trash can he built from scratch......" The main reason I have been watching this build for literally years is it is so inspiring to know you can do anything you want if you just be patient and refine your skills. Thanks for letting us view this incredible build. I will continue to tune in. I still say you need to be looking for a great museum for long term loan of this work of art.
  3. Manfred, One thing I don't remember you talking about in the past 61 pages is how you are getting such nice detailed pictures. What kind of camera and settings are you using? #1 fan of this build Kel
  4. When ARC Discussion Board came back on line, this was the first thread I went to. Manfred, there are few out there with the guts to take on such a large project. When you are finished you should really think of donating it to a real space museum. It is just amazing work you have been doing! I would hate to think the project stuffed in a closet. Amazing work!
  5. I haven't chimed in in awhile. This build is absolutely my favorite on the whole interweb thinggie. Very inspirational and informative. Just amazing model building from a first rate guy! You keep going Manfred. I kind of don't want to see the end!
  6. Everything everyone already mentioned plus "Unbroken Chain" by Guenter Wendt. I had the chance to meet him and got my book signed or I would give it to you. It is a great insider's view of this unique persons roll in history. The Astronauts really trusted him and after the Apollo 1 fire, they demanded that he be hired back. That is why you see him associated with the Astronauts. They use to love to play practical jokes with him. The famous "No Handball" sign of Alan Shepard. "I wonder where Gunther Vent" after closing the doors of the capsule. Lots of good stories.
  7. Driving, working on and showing my 2004 Corvette Coupe. 36,000 miles on it. Long gun shooting. Barrett 50 cal. Custom Rem700. 11:1 twist, 26" Bell&Carlson stock, X-trigger, Burris Full field II 6.5x50 scope. Sled magazine. 600 yard shooter all day! Every shot documented. Collecting autographed books from Apollo Era of NASA These are a few of my favorite things.....
  8. I dig this! Very cool idea!!! keep going. I will keep watching the progress.
  9. I want to put some LED lighting and do a bit more work to it but I got kind of burnt out on it. I will get reinspired and hit it again soon.
  10. Finishing the Tie Interceptor and starting the hanger.
  11. I tried my hand at scratch building. I am no where near the level Manfred is but I am learning. Here is my Tie Interceptor. I call this one "First Female Tie Interceptor Pilot or Who left the Lid Up?"
  12. I haven't posted in awhile to say this build is just my favorite to follow on line. Ever! Manfred is knocking it out of the park with his skills. It actually inspired me to scratch build more and try new things to increase my skill set. Thanks for sharing this with us and keeping us informed. Just awesome!
  13. Modeler7

    C 130 item

    Scooby is right on. Good explanation from a few guys here. Mark Williams was an FE with me at Dyess AFB. I hope he chimes in soon. There are a lot of little detail things different about a -7 and -15. -15 engines had their first two stages of the four stage turbines cooled so they can run hotter which equals more power. The quickest way to tell the difference between a -7 and -15 was the thermalcouple harness. I could list it all but it would not change the look of your engine one bit. There is even a small detail different between the inboards and outboards (ice probes in the inboards, righ
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