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  1. Hi Chris, yes I do. That would be really awesome!!! I have been looking for that set for quite a while now. Got the Tigermeet sheet covered, thanks to Eric. Sietse
  2. I will,but that will take some time before this model is finished. Cheers, Sietse.
  3. Oh yeah, I sure will. I have learnt my lesson. I am getting a new set and parts of my old set can still be used. So I will proceed with extreme caution. Your Hornet looks awesome!! A job well done. When the Canadians were still stationed at Baden-Solingen Air Force Base in Germany, they came to Leeuwarden Air Force base on a regular basis. That base is quite close to my home, so I had plenty of opportunities to photograph their Hornets, including the Tigermeet Hornet in 1991 and the above one in 1992. Sietse
  4. Yes, that sure is the case. I do/did have the cougar sheet, but unfortunately, when I put a few decals in the water, they immediately disintegrated. I treated the rest of the decals with Liquid Decal Film, but the end result was the same. Bummer.
  5. I am looking for 2 decalsets from Leading Edge Models in scale 1/48. See attachments. Any suggestions,where I can find these sets or if anyone has a set available? Thanks!
  6. Yes, I know. I have that particular sheet myself too. As well as the 1/48 and 1/32 CF-18 sheets from Leading Edge. I offered the Twobos sheet to my friend, but he only wants the sheet from Leading Edge. I can't blame him. It is the best one. Anyway. Thank you for your response. Sietse
  7. I know that company and that decalsheet. It is not coming even close tot the superb decalsheet from Leading Edge. I am still going for Leading Edge. Thank you for the offer.
  8. Looking for 1/48 Leading Edge Models CF-18 Canada 60 years NORAD. Sietse, Holland
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