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  1. Bela

    Fighter Pilot: Red Flag

    does anyone know the name of the discover channel movie that profiles the indian airforce with the great footage of thier su-30mkI and other russian jets?
  2. Bela

    F-22 in alaska

    Dont Ever Never Ever Never..... call an Airman, a soldier! LOL!
  3. Bela

    Soviet/Russian flight gear

    On the first pic posted the first suit is the vkk-3 high altitude suit used in most all the fighters in intercept missions... and even though its been widely replaced, is still being used rarely today. it sort of resembles some of our very early pressure/altitude suits. the second suit in the pic is the vk-3m and is the standard suit issued today, it isnt altitude rated, but in some cases is internally cooled with water. its quickly noticed as it has the zipper down one side of the shoulder....I think the left side. try www.redpilot.com for more info on the Zsh series helmets and the Km series oxygen masks. I think they may even have some pics of the hemet mounted sights as well. HTH
  4. Bela

    NEW 32 scale projects

    Hey Chris! how are you? how you have the time to stay up on ARC is beyond me! with all the wonderful projects coming from the ZacShack! at the time, Im waiting for a clearence to be extended, should be soon, but unfortunately, okinaa or anywhere in japan for that matter isnt known for space...so I expect to have to work from a spare bedroom. alot of nonfun for sure..... but I expect to get back to things as soon as this is resolved. Cheers back atcha!
  5. Bela

    NEW 32 scale projects

    Hi Erik! Ive had to do some project reshuffling and have been putting priority on the f-22. I do have some good progress on the mig, but left my camera battery and charger in a hotel in japan. I hope to post some updates soon. and thanks for the interest in the projects!
  6. Bela

    1/32 YF-23 Black Widow II

    Outstanding progress Chris!!! the shaping of the interior intake ducting was one of my sticking points... actually on the raptor they are similar, so your technigue is helpful there as well. your widow is looking very scary already!!! things have been very busy, and it looks like im relocationg to okinawa now, hopefully i can get something posted soon....... if i can tear myself away from your progress!
  7. You know, Ive had this walkaround for a while, but somehow missed downloading the very pics that make it obvious how this area is paneled. Thanx alot for pointing it out. much appreciated.
  8. The AKY-470 station, depicted on the plastic models looks like it would have to be carved out in the area where it runs into the tailcone if one wanted to build this pylon and mount it. Do you know if this area on the real jet is springloaded, or are there panels that are removed for mounting this pylon?
  9. Bela

    Question for flankerman

    Thanks flankerman, this is still a total mystery to me. without looking directly into the hole, i guess ill never figure it out. I sorta thought that the whole affair was simply an impact bearing support point, because the gear wasnt mounted on a bulkhead, as opposed to a latching mechanism. but the actuator on the rear, suggesting forward and aft movement, blows that theory out of the water. anyway, thanks again.
  10. Bela

    Question for flankerman

    Hey ken, how does this work? ive seen pics where when the plane was airborne, the door or whole in the fairing is still present. Whe then gear extends, is it just a point to point contact weight bearing thing? or is there some type of latching action? is the whole operation automatic, or is there some type of groundcrew pinning? also, by the way, have you come across those sukhoi s-21 drawings yet? Thanx in advance Bela
  11. Bela

    New trumpeter Su-27

    whats the point? its a flanker right? or is it made of cream cheese or something?
  12. Bela

    Latest F-35 pictures

    Ive read somewhere that development has stopped on the "a" model, couldnt confirm that by consulting the lockheed site though.
  13. Bela

    Trumpeter 1/32 Su-27 ...

    Excellent Chris!!!!! excellent!!!! unlke the other updates you made, that really enhance the trump kit, I really think these intakes might actually overshadow it. looking forward to them.
  14. Bela

    Sukhoi s-21

    Now how did I know it would be Ken 2 the rescue??? Thanx man!!!!!
  15. Bela

    Sukhoi s-21

    Does anyone have a source of a 3 view of this cancelled but gorgeous jet?