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  1. I have never down weddings and probably never will for exactly this reasons. The constant fear of doing something wrong would kill me. Furthermore I mostly stay away from taking shots of people; i just dont have the eye for any god shots or postures.
  2. Beside jets I shoot mostly industrial buildings at night. Leads sometimes to some "nice" small talk with the security guys, or freezing solid but sometimes you can get great pics Aside from that you can find me beside some football fields. Definitly the ultamte test for any camera and lense shooting at flood lighted stadiums. Anyone giving away a an 70-200 2.8 IS for free sometimes I go for trains. The only chance on taking pics of fast moving stuff here aside from jets.
  3. Not related to your post, but great to know that theres a Viper 2.0 GB coming. Might have the chance to finally finish the one I started for the first GB. Related to your question I check whats on my HDD, I might have some pics or links for you Have you checked here http://www.dodmedia.osd.mil/ It has a lot of awesome pics from the past
  4. I heard that soaking the stuff in a 50:50 mixture of glycerine und ethanol and leaving it to dry keeps the color and kills any stuff that might be living in your future diorama vegetation. Another trick might be hairspray might conserve the stuff, but leaves it very brittle never tried it myself, I usually use the woodland scenics stuff avaiable from any model railroad store Walthers e.g.
  5. Just finished watching the news of the flooding in GB, and now i am after one of those yellow Sea Kings. What is the best kit to get, I guess the Airfix one is pretty outdated, what about the Revell one? Any decals avaible
  6. Great looking A-10 you got there. This one is on my currently on my workbench too. Just one little question, why didnt you remove the sprue from the centre drop tank?!
  7. Its the german Recce Pod, contains some IR linescanner iirc
  8. Nice pics, what lense did you use?
  9. Taurus sounds great! Now, were are my JaBoG 33 decals, time for another Tornado production run
  10. Tamiya B-17 in 48th or 32th anyone? :D
  11. Which reminds me of the question, are the AH-6 and the OH-58 armoured? They are about the same class as the UH72, and I never heard of them being armored and they are still used in "hot" areas
  12. Some have been shot down during Desert Storm iirc
  13. Just heard the news that 2 F-16 had to divert to Iceland because of a fuel systems failure and that the jets arent insured during the fligth because somebody forget that O_o
  14. Thats the same as in the "original" release. Guess its all because their main consumers are kids who are more interested in playing then building or painting
  15. Have a look over here http://s102164210.onlinehome.us/forums/ind...showtopic=95963
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