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  1. lesthegringo

    A-6E cockpit base colour

    Picked up one of the Hobbyboss A-6E kits, very very nice. But (there's always a but) why, with a huge range of paints available and US Navy / Grumman aircraft being common do they insist on the cockpit colour being a 1:1 mix of Gunze C117 and white? Surely there is an out of the pot colour that serves that closely enough with all the tones, shades and varieties of greys out there, not least from the Gunze range? What can I use from the Humbrol / Gunze / Tamiya / Revell range, I have a lot of them and don't want to mess around mixing paints Cheers Les
  2. lesthegringo

    Acrylic nail powder and CA glue as filler?

    Talc powder works perfectly and is easily and cheaply available in most supermarkets (baby powder), so unless the acrylic dental power has some special property I don't think it is worth the expense - am I missing something? Try the talc method first, you've nothing to lose Cheers Les
  3. lesthegringo

    It WORKED ! my daughter's UV nail lamp on yellowed decals

    Ok, didn't get the UV connection. Not going to ask about nail polish, I thought it was UV that yellowed decals?
  4. lesthegringo

    It WORKED ! my daughter's UV nail lamp on yellowed decals

    Clearly this old fart doesn't understand why women need a lamp for their nails! Having said that, my wife doesn't understand why I need fifteen different types of pliers and cutters when she thinks they all look the same
  5. lesthegringo

    It WORKED ! my daughter's UV nail lamp on yellowed decals

    The 'old fart' mob want to know what a nail lamp is.... Cheers Les
  6. lesthegringo

    Tamiya extra thin - new formula?

    Replica Models in Hungary carry it, if that's of any use to anyone! Cheers Les
  7. lesthegringo

    Tamiya extra thin - new formula?

    Ok, looks like I was well behind the times - I have only ever been aware of the 'normal' one. No wonder I was not aware of any press releases! Thanks for that, will be much more informed going forward Cheers Les
  8. Gents, just purchased a new bottle of Tamiya extra thin, and immediately I noticed that it smelled and acted differently. It is super super quick to soak in and / or evaporate, in fact so quick that you cannot wet a surface then apply a part to it like you use to do with the 'old' version - you have to apply it to the parts when they are in contact. If you do it really bonds fast, but it definitely is different. It would be wrong to say I prefer one over the other, rather to say that they both do good jobs but slightly differently. The colour of the cap is slightly lighter too, plus there is a bit of a difference to the label. I'm going to get a few bottles of the old version to keep on the shelf for when that version works better. Interesting to see the difference, and that I hadn't heard anything on these forums about it Cheers Les
  9. lesthegringo

    Best paint storage racks

    I'm tempted by Flory Models new acrylic racks, but the price coupled with the fact that I would have to locally find a suitable acrylic glue is stopping me. There must be alternatives out there but most seem to be flimsy items with not very good reviews. Have any of you guys got any experience based suggestions? Cheers Les
  10. I've found that gunze lacquer thinner will do the job gently, even if you do have to let it soak for a while Hth Les
  11. lesthegringo

    Masking Putty

    Pep, are we allowed to ask how come you were in possession of the body paint in the first place......?! As for using elmers glue, for the colouring, you may want to put some watercolour paint rather than food colouring, as the newer food colourings can stain, especially when used with acrylics. Essentially it is just something to help you see where you put it Les
  12. lesthegringo

    Removing adhesive residue without stripping paint.

    I had a similar problem withmasking tape adhesive residue after using 3M masking tape. The issue was that I had left the tape on for too long, it was during an international house move so the packed up part finished models were in a hot shipping container for a couple of months. As a result the adhesive dried on, so when the tape was removed it left behind all the dried adhesive layer. In that instance I used a scalpel to carefully scrape it off, but would like to know if anyone else has got a better method for removing dried masking tape adhesive Cheers Les
  13. lesthegringo

    Kinetic Su-33 on-line manual

    SU-25 and a good A-10 gets my vote Les
  14. lesthegringo

    Best brushable mask?

    Just recently i've started using white glue like the ones used in schools. I put a little food colouring in it to help see where it is. The advantage is that it is water based (I predominantly use lacquers and enamels) and it forms a nice skin. I use wooden cocktail sticks to get it into corners, and you can thin it to brush over larger areas. On cockpit parts it can be trimmed with a sharp scalpel if needed, and once you have painted it can be peeled off. If needed, you can soak with water and remove any residue with a cotton swab. It's a lot cheaper too, plus no ammonia smell. If you use acrylics, you need to test it if you want to apply it over existing paint Cheers
  15. lesthegringo


    I do use acrylics, but would prefer a lacqer or enamel based paint to come out, as I've had acrylics bleed colour when using other wash and decal set products after. The batch of paint I mixed up from Gunze acrylics did exactly that and boy is that a bad colour to have bleeed onto exterior surfaces! Les