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  1. I had a similar problem withmasking tape adhesive residue after using 3M masking tape. The issue was that I had left the tape on for too long, it was during an international house move so the packed up part finished models were in a hot shipping container for a couple of months. As a result the adhesive dried on, so when the tape was removed it left behind all the dried adhesive layer. In that instance I used a scalpel to carefully scrape it off, but would like to know if anyone else has got a better method for removing dried masking tape adhesive Cheers Les
  2. Just recently i've started using white glue like the ones used in schools. I put a little food colouring in it to help see where it is. The advantage is that it is water based (I predominantly use lacquers and enamels) and it forms a nice skin. I use wooden cocktail sticks to get it into corners, and you can thin it to brush over larger areas. On cockpit parts it can be trimmed with a sharp scalpel if needed, and once you have painted it can be peeled off. If needed, you can soak with water and remove any residue with a cotton swab. It's a lot cheaper too, plus no ammon
  3. I do use acrylics, but would prefer a lacqer or enamel based paint to come out, as I've had acrylics bleed colour when using other wash and decal set products after. The batch of paint I mixed up from Gunze acrylics did exactly that and boy is that a bad colour to have bleeed onto exterior surfaces! Les
  4. I'm very surprised that the paint companies have not come out with something; Gunze could work with Eduard to have a match...... you would have thought. I mixed my own, which matches Eduards stuff, but am amazed at the lack of interest from companies that you would imagine would leap at this sort of thing Les
  5. Get a load of cheap tie wraps, cheapo super glue and wet or dry paper in varying grit sizes. Cut the abrasive paper into strips and super glue onto the tie wraps - instant flexible files. Alternatively a load of lolly (popsicle) sticks from a hobby shop (they sell them in packs of 50), some 3m foam type double sided tape, and use that to attach the abrasive paper onto the sticks, that works as good foam backed abrasives. You can cut them into shapes to suit For very small drills, evilbay has lots of 3D printer extruder nozzle cleaning 'drills' that come in packs of fiv
  6. Guys, to confirm, the non-caustic oven cleaner did the trick, I now have a pristine looking airbrush again Thanks again for all the input Les
  7. Actually the stuff we have makes a point of being non-caustic, and it does seem to have worked. I'm still leaving it a bit longer for the bits in the tucked away corners, but I have made great in-roads. Certainly worth remembering! Cheers
  8. if the oven cleaner doesn't work, I'll get some brake fluid Cheers
  9. It looks like the shelves are not in a fixed height, so potentially more shelves could be added to one unit - that would be better than the Ikea ones. Looking on the site, the sizes are virtually identical though, which is a shame; I could do with units maybe 5cm wider, that's all it would take to make them a whole lot better for the 1/48th scale aircraft I'm building. If only Ikea would make the Detolf units a bit wider *sigh* As an aside, they are also white, whereas the seven Detolf cabinets I have are black, but that's nothing that can't be fixed with a quick spray!
  10. Thanks guys - on the basis we already have oven cleaner, I'll try that first Cheers Les
  11. Are those the same size as the Ikea ones? Cheers Les
  12. I have an old (30 year old) Devilbiss Aerograph Super 63 airbrush that my dad unearthed in a cupboard at his house. I used to do fantasy artwork on leather jackets and the like, and I bought it to do the really fine work. It was a fantastic bit of kit but during cleaning one day I ended up losing the nozzle, and being short of cash at the time I just put it back in the box and forgot about it. Of course being young and stupid, I didn't clean it before putting it away and so now, the 30 year old Humbrol enamel paint I used to use has welded itself to the main body of the airbrush. I
  13. I have one from the kinetic kit, it would need cleanup due to the sprue gate position (which is why I replaced it with an aftermarket one). Would that interest you? Les
  14. I've come back from vacation to find what PB have done. After all the problems using it and the unreliability I found uploading, I for one won't have any regrets about walking away. I won't even bother deleting the photos, I have them all in original form. They can sit there taking up their space while PB wait in vain for my money $400? Yeah, right..... Les
  15. To be honest it is such a small feature that I know it was going to break so just waited until it did, put it somewhere safe and put it in when installing the landing gear. 99% of people would see it anyway Les
  16. Also there are different types of airbrushes. A single action external mix airbrush like the badger 350 is excellent for this type of application, as it can spray a fine coat over quite a broad area, so it covers well. It also can hold larger volumes, and is more tolerant of the mix. For large areas it is great, and is also very easy to clean afterwards. Double action internal mix airbrushes are great for finer detail, but for large areas are slower, and yes they take a bit more cleaning Les
  17. Guys, the wash really does seem to be affecting the bond on the Hasgawa plastic; all the undercarriage parts have had all the joints weaken. In addition, it seems to have attacked the plastic at the joint faces. It looks like it has soaked into the surface, and in order to get the joints to bond again I have had to scrape off the joints to the point where I am back at unaffected plastic. I am also surprised that in order to jet to the joint it has had to penetrate the gunze primer and lacquer top coats. I'm definitely going to stop using it on any undercarriage or load bearing part
  18. Oooh, forgot about ejector pin marks, good one, some are sooo thoughtfully placed. Of course, if we open this up to include resin replacement parts, how about those 'direct replacement' part for specific kits that don't come close to fitting correctly - my Kinetic F-16 sits on the shelf of doom for that very reason *cough cough Aires exhaust, cough cough* Les
  19. You all must have been there - the moment when you look at a part of a kit that you are building and think what the hell were they thinking......? So, a couple grabbed me over the last few weeks, and I couldn't resist putting them up here, but I'm sure that you can all come up with better My (recent) top three contenders are Eduard F6F drop tank - who in their right mind makes an insert with two attachment pins sicking out like this so that there is no way that you can easily sand the seam? And if that wasn't bad enough, let's make the fit so appalling that
  20. Go on, ask me how I know! Looks like it is necessary to seal the metallic coat before the panel line wash, as it eats into the surface of the metallic coat; the wash is enamel based, however I didn't expect it to attack what I thought were lacquers. Anyway, it does, thankfully no long term harm done as I was able to retouch, but just want to make people aware so they don't fall into the same trap. I'll probably seal with Mr Color clear lacquer. I have to say, every now and then you get a model where things just keep on going wrong. This Hasegawa F-14A has been one of th
  21. Gents, Ebay and amazon have loads of metal and plastic profile gauges for sale but they are clearly aimed at DIY stuff like tiling and woodwork. As such I have no idea how good they are for modelling, so the 'reviews' don't help me much. Do any of you guys have a profile gauge that you think is worth the money? I suppose my needs are that the profile has to be relatively smooth with small steps, so would have lots of small 'fingers'. It wouldn't have to be very big, just be able to match the profile at a reasonable resolution Any feedback greatly appreciated Cheers
  22. Seems to be much better for paint at least, I've yet to have an opportunity to test it for CA adhesion. I used Gunze lacquers, and it stuck very nicely Les
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