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  1. Gents, anyone got the gun bay doors (parts A6 and A15 on my kit) that they are not going to use? Cheers Les
  2. Hi there Is the HE-111 still available? Cheers Les
  3. I have a bottle of 'thin' cyano which is no longer very thin, so is there anything I can add to thin it? Cheers Les
  4. Guys, both Eagle Cal and Kits-World do 1/48th decals for the famous Passion Wagon P-51, has anyone been able to compare them side by side to see which are better? Both are available through Hannants and clearly I would prefer to use the best ones Cheers Les
  5. Thanks guys, maybe worth hanging on for the airfix kit. Any idea when we'll see it on the shelves? Les
  6. Quite a few out there, and I know that there seem to be accuracy issues with all, so which gives the best compromise of good fit and looking like the real thing? Cheers Les
  7. Just realised you can't post pictures directly in here - I'll have to work out how to do so In the meantime a 'friend' pointed out I didn't put in the antenna wire......grrrrr Les
  8. I actually completely, properly, fully finished a model, with no bits to add, spots to paint or anything. An Eduard 1/48th Hellcat is sitting in my display cabinet with literally nothing more to do! How's that happened? Not ever the tiny little landing lights, pitot tubes, gear door actuators, arrestor hook, nothing... I think I need a lie down Les
  9. Try the concentrated Simple Green cleaner that they sell in Ace and similar places. It is not super quick but won't damage the plastic, and can be reused once the sludge has settled. if you put the model in a zip loc bag, then pour in the simple green, leave it for a day, then use a toothbrush to gently scrub the old paint away. Les
  10. guys, I'm looking for the decals that go on the vertical stabilisers, the large two letter codes plus the smaller alphanumerical ones. I'm not worried about the code as this is a model I'm building for my son. I managed to completely goof up the kit ones, and don't want to get a complete decal sheet just for these The kit is the Academy one, although as mentioned I am happy with any codes Thanks Les
  11. Martin, can you comment on how AMK will approach the wing sealing bags that inflate and deflate when the wings are swung? Hasegawa gave the option of two different parts corresponding to the swept and unswept positions respectively, which is my favoured approach. The horrible hole left on some variable geometry wing aircraft (Academy F14 and Trumpeter MiG-23 for instance) when the wings are in the forward position really detracts from the look of the model Cheers Les
  12. I have to say that even a move away from pre printed photo etched parts to a more user friendly media would get my vote. My dislike and lack of skill with pe is well documented elsewhere, but it does puzzle me why the same printing technology can't be employed on plastic. Moulded plastic instrument panels and side consoles don't have very deep features, and can still be an assembly of parts to build up the more prominent parts. My lack of skill shows itself when trying to paint the individual panels and intruments that are often black over a grey base. Getting a nice clean and clear demarcat
  13. The general fit of the parts is even better than the already excellent Eduard kit, for example how the wings attach to the fuselage. On the Eduard kit you can get the lower wing part to fit without using filler, but to do so you have to be very careful to assemble it by gluing the parts that make up the lower fuselage in quarters, and then attatch the upper wings after dressing the lower wing tips so they don't distort the upper wing tip up. On the AMK kit, there is absolutely nothing to do, it all aligns with an astounding precision. Other details mark it out, for example where there is a d
  14. I started something here, didn't I. ...? Les
  15. I have recently been looking at all the super detailed resin cockpits and all the pre printed photo etch out there, and wonder how long it will be before some clever chap comes up with a way of offering pre painted resin cockpits. I know that the photo etch is screen printed, but I have seen lots of paces where people hand paint small gift items, with a breathtaking skill which are then sold for peanuts. Combine their skills with the resin parts and you could easily see pre painted resin sets appearing Just a thought Les
  16. I have built the GWH MiG-29, and I have this kit. The GWH MiG-29 is one of my favourite kits, but I am happy to say the AMK MiG-31 is definitely better. Get your springboard ready It is even better than the Eduard MiG-21 kits Les
  17. Got your message, will stick the stuff in the post on Monday to the address in the message Les
  18. If you are still looking I have those parts, let me know Les
  19. Guys, following a disaster I need to replace one of the Vietnamese insignias and also the '5015' code on the front fuselage. The kit is the MiG-21PFM profipack boxing Does anyone have those that they are not using for their kit? Cheers Les
  20. Guys, any suggestions as to what brand of paints I can use that are compatible with styrene and resin parts, that are tough enough to be painted over and not come away at the corners when a cotton bud (q-tip) soaked in thinners is used to wipe away the overcoated paint? I'm thinking instrument panels, where i need to have the raised areas black, with the grey or base cockpit colour as the surround. I have used tamiya gloss black (enamel) and acrylic grey over it, and even taking it gently using windex or equivalent, the edges of the black areas get removed. Any ideas? Les
  21. Thanks Martin! I'll take a look at hobbylink Cheers
  22. Gents, I too am eternally grateful for having the chance to show that my measly stash of 15 kits (which includes some that are started) is utterly insignificant! Have any of you tried reversing the issue and complained about the number of pairs of shoes or handbags wifie dear has.....? Les
  23. Martin, a quick question - why are the external areas of the engines moulded with detail if they are then glued inside the engine? I am certainly not complaining, as clearly there is the possibility of some using it as a basis for superdetailing or as a diorama, but for the 'base' kit it seems a little superfluous. Is there the intention to offer something that this will be used with in the future, or was it your design guys just enjoying thier job?! Over on Britmodeller there is also a comment on how swapping two (apparently) identical parts, G11 and G12, results in a build that covers up a
  24. That artwork has also convinced me about the BM. Hell, even if it is the PD that wins, it'll end up looking like that on my shelf.
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