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  1. I was thinking the same, havent heard back from Vicki since a week ago. I am going to wait another week before emailing them about it.
  2. Anyone has any experience with this? portable airbrush on ebay anything to share? tia
  3. yes nice to have this finally settled, now on to 300 threads and the free Tomcat 😁, though that might take another year to ship ....
  4. Vicky from AMK just email me to confirm my address in indiegogo, so it seems those who pre-order from indiegogo should receive their kits soon I hope.
  5. Nevermind, just saw the workaround from Mstor, thanks for the tips. Please close this topic.
  6. Hi anyone else noticing that when they sign into their account, the forum page is mess up? If not sign in its display fine.
  7. I hope they remember to pack the AMK t-shirt and cap too for those who ordered through indiegogo, or is it going to be another 2 years wait for the t-shirt and cap? 😀
  8. Thanks for the info, I thought AMK is based in Macau not Hong Kong, but I guess package still goes through Hong Kong post?
  9. Anyone who pre-ordered through indiegogo got any updates?
  10. If the box art is from Jan, it seems like they have information on Kinetic releases?
  11. Maybe Boeing believes in make love not war
  12. I think and I can be wrong, the F-14 comes with those weapons. The weapons are also available separately as a weapon set. For those that preorder and paid, they will get the kit with the weapon inside, plus an extra weapon box set. Thats my understanding.
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