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  1. seems to be coming soon, there are spruce shots on facebook
  2. Nope, don't know you personally though I saw your postings and pictures on facebook 😁. Thanks for the kits, pm inbound.
  3. Let me put this down before the thread gets forgotten/locked. I think AMK tried to produce the most accurate Tomcat within a budget. They went crowd funding to support this project but unfortunately did not gather enough cash. The project got delayed and when its release Tamiya F-14 is already out. If Tamiya has not release their Tomcat, or AMK were able to meet their crowd funding target, perhaps their Tomcat might still be the best out there. I think there is a saying "on time, with quality and within budget", you cannot have all three. Anyway not trying to kiss AMK fool here, I wont be buying their F-104 as I have no interest in that plane. Happy New Year everyone 😁
  4. wow cross the 300 pages 😁
  5. so close... yet so far 😁
  6. Four more pages to go, think it'll reach 300 before the new year?
  7. I think Zactoman is just presenting some facts about the kit, not bashing AMK just for the sake of bashing.
  8. Merry Christmas and happy new year to all on ARC too.
  9. no lets get this thread locked at 299..😁
  10. Or just working hard to reach 300 pages by bashing something anything 😁
  11. It would be nice if this thread gets locked at 299 page.
  12. But whatever it is we need to make it to 300 😀
  13. I believe Sio promise two, but didnt mention if its going to one person. Could be he is giving one to the first and second person to reach 300?
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