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  1. Thanks for the reply, I decide not to go for it. Too many small parts off sprues and I have no idea whats there and whats missing.
  2. Can you please get starting on the Foxbat conversion than? 😄
  3. I second gundam if you are fine with anything not plane related, no glue and no paint though some parts can be quite small
  4. The Hasegawa one is in 72 scale right? dont think they ever release one in 48 or I am mistaken?
  5. You need to apply to join the group, once approved you can see the page.
  6. Finally found it, on the IPMS website at the right side of the banner is the facebook icon. click on it to reach the facebook page https://www.natslv2021.com/ JB posted 800+ pictures but you have to click through each one of them
  7. No news or pictures? new kits, accessories, decals? I guess whatever happen in Vegas stays in Vegas 😁
  8. There is a video on facebook, manufacturer is from Turkey
  9. Anything new or interesting in IPMS Vegas this year?
  10. flanker27


    Interesting what-if, the plastic shown is F-16, are they expecting buyers to hack it into an F-20?
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