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  1. Looking to trade for a Kittyhawk 1/48 Mig-25PU. Have some Kittyhawks kits to trade for it. Thanks
  2. Not related to A-10 but on the top shelf under the blue banner, is that a Rafale? Did Academy produce one? Also, the figure beside it? batman with extra armor?
  3. It better be, the text in chinese say anyone that buys kinetic is eating sh i t
  4. Available for pre-order, and price isnt bad considering the inflation that is going on
  5. Sorry to burst your bubble but have you consider sweet Joanna might be a guy? 😁
  6. Joanna just replied to my query so she might be answering email now. No harm in giving another try.
  7. Thank you, I meant for the messages if there is anyway.
  8. Hi Sorry if this has been asked or answered before, but is it possible to download the messages in the forum? or forward them to a email address? Thanks
  9. I think the original one its top is more curvy. The corrected one has less curve to it.
  10. I need the front and rear canopy pieces, the HUD and others can do without, thanks
  11. I did try to ask for the parts from the F-15J/DJ kit. Stevens International want the model kit part number and proof that I purchase it from them. I bought this kit more than 10 years ago from I know not where ^_^. Thanks though for the suggestion.
  12. I did try Stevens International. They inform me the kit is out of production so they cant order its part anymore. Thanks for the info anyway.
  13. I remembered long time ago saw a photo of the Buran on top of the An-225 in a magazine (Flight International I think). The picture is taken from the top looking down on the Buran/An-225 in flight. Its a beautiful picture and still stick in my mind after all this year. Such a pity its gone now.
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