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  1. Also I notice most of this scammers are registered last year, and they sell a whole bunch of things not just model kits, motors, figures, keychains etc. Problem is ebay dont seem to have a way to let users flag these sellers to them till the seller disappear.
  2. Its going to be shown at the Malaysia model show
  3. btw, most probably its just a small box of rubber bands or something like this that was shipped. Still all the best
  4. Could you not drop by your post office with the tracking number? As another poster mentioned, the scammer could have send it to your zip code but some random address, e.g. maybe your address is 1234 5th Ave zip 11111, and he could have send it to 6789 ABC street zip 11111 so tracking will show the zip code but the address will never be found.
  5. flanker27


    How about the A-4SU kit? does that contain the A-4B parts?
  6. I do hope it comes through for you. I bought from another ebay seller in China, and he provides a tracking number but the item was delivered to Canada instead of USA. He also disappeared from ebay. The good thing is I managed to claim back my money from ebay when he stopped responding. I have read on yahoo that people in the US are receiving packages from China which they never ordered, like box of rubber band. I think whats happening is these sellers are selling things online, generate a tracking number to deliver a package somewhere in the US, and provide the tracking number to show the item has shipped but it could be a small box of tissue paper or something like that. Just sharing my thoughts. All the best.
  7. Thanks everyone for the input. I guess its not as simple as I thought 😀
  8. Has anyone try converting Freedom model 1/48 F-20 into a 1/48 X-29? Any idea what changes are required? I know the main landing gear is from F-16, just wondering how much of a hack its going to take. TIA
  9. The Academy F-15 also includes the outer pylon
  10. In stock, but no pics of decal https://www.luckymodel.com/scale.aspx?item_no=KI-K48086
  11. So North America warehouse, no more $2 surface shipping?
  12. Great story, and condolences to you and your family
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