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  1. Maybe Boeing believes in make love not war
  2. I think and I can be wrong, the F-14 comes with those weapons. The weapons are also available separately as a weapon set. For those that preorder and paid, they will get the kit with the weapon inside, plus an extra weapon box set. Thats my understanding.
  3. 300 posts here we go...
  4. Hey any idea if any company is planning to release 1/48 decals for this F-15J jet? https://www.plazajapan.com/4967834023123/
  5. I guess this post deserved to be archived? the community spirit to reach 200 posts is amazing 😁
  6. I checked with So, indiegogo kits will be shipped out end of the month as well
  7. On LSP facebook page, there are some photos of ZM 1/32 Hs-129. In one of the photos, in the background is a F-4E with the word World Premiere....On the top it seems to show Next Summer?
  8. Hi For those with the GWH 1/48 F-15E, if you are not using parts C39 and W27, I would like to buy them. Please PM me if you are thinking of selling. Thanks Song
  9. flanker27

    1/72 J-20

    New 1/72 J-20 from a new company? https://item.taobao.com/item.htm?spm=a230r.
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