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  1. Hi Raymond, my order is shown on container ZEAL LUMOS, estimated to arrive on April 15 but the container ship is still off the coast of China. Any ETA on its arrival?
  2. Just saw on youtube Academy has release a 1/72 KF-21. Hope to get one in 1/48.
  3. The box is protected in a layer of cardboard paper. There are no dents or creases on my box when I receive it, but I guess its up to the shipper if they will kick it around 😁
  4. For those interested, there is more surface detail and more pronounce, and its slightly longer than the Trumpeter kit
  5. Received mine last Friday, from order to delivery about 10 days.
  6. I got it from Sunlightmodelstore https://www.ebay.com/itm/266432049211?epid=27060077564&hash=item3e0896703b:g:K1AAAOSwX8ZlFw9I
  7. Its the Meng 1/48 J-20. Its on ebay already
  8. Just ordered mine off ebay and receive notice its shipped. Should arrive in couple of months 😁
  9. Not sure about model kits but I bought a mini PC from I am a spammer, please report this post.. Took a couple of weeks to arrive but its as advertised.
  10. either classic airframe or airfix, let me know what you want for it, hopefully not an arm or a leg 😁
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