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  1. Hello, after a lot of work on this model I just finished her. Trumpeter kit in 1/32nd, plus Aires cockpit and wheel bays. A lot of GR.9 specific parts made from scratch from me. Al apints are acrilycs from Gunze, Tamiya, Valleio and Italeri ranges. Decals for Model Alliace and Zotz. And now enjoy the pictures. CIAO! Piero
  2. Hello, first I would like to thanks for all your compliments on my AV-8B model. Now some answers to your questions. “… I am pretty impressed by the paint job of the explosive cord of the canopy. How did you manage to do that ?...†It’s not painted, its vinyl printed by Orion. “… I can't believe how many negative comments I have heard about this kit but all I have seen of the built ones are wonderful awesome replicas…†I agree, the kit is not perfect with some issue in shapes or missing things, but nothing you can’t handle with a good modeling’s skill. “…Did you rew
  3. Hello my friends, I just completed my first Harrier in 1/32nd scale, using the Trumpeter kit, resin cockpit and front wheel bay from Aires, etched details from Eduard, vinyl MDC from Orion... and many more adds by myself. I hope you like her, because I'm really happy with the final result... and others 1/32 Harriers will came! CIAO! Piero
  4. Great paint job on this "Kiwi Scooter" Paolo!!! And I'm very happy you're still able to finish a model... ;-) See your "capoccione" soon this evening for large beer, good pizza and supplì too!!! CIAO! Piero
  5. Hello, oh yes... early "in service" USMC AV-8B NA were in dark grey-dark green wraparound camouflage pattern, as you can see here: http://www.airfighters.com/photo/33874/M/USA-Marines/McDonnell-Douglas-AV-8B-Harrier-II/163877/ http://www.airfighters.com/photo/33875/L/USA-Marines/McDonnell-Douglas-AV-8B-Harrier-II/163862/ They were very-very nice... maybe one in 1/32nd. CIAO! Piero
  6. Hi Tom,

    just to let you know that a package with a set was shipped to you last saturday.

    Let me know when will arrive to yoy.



  7. I LIKE IT, I LIKE IT, I LIKE IT!!! A real show-stopper!!!... Bravo! CIAO! Piero
  8. Hi,

    yes, a "generic set" is available and will fit your AV-8B model.

    Cost for one set is €15.

    Shipping to Canada is not a problem, €5 euro should be ok.

    So total cost for one set plus P&P is €20.

    Payment can be send via paypal account:


    Let me know.



  9. HI

    I am interested in getting one of your AV-8B upgrade sets. Are you willing to send to Canada?


  10. Hello, yes, a small quantity of the these sets are available. Send me a PM for information. CIAO! Piero
  11. Hello, the Trumpeter's Harriers are good but need some corrections and some details are missing in the kits. Basically the main fixing required is the kinked-wing, but its an easy task with some putty, sanding and a pair of scribing panel lines per wing. Than its up your taste... some panel lines needs to be removed or resized and so on. Actually I'm building an early USMC's AV-8B and I hope to finish soon. I've already start working on a pair of RAF Harrier GR.7/9... that's the version where kit needs much for missing details/parts. Here you can see the result of my effort trying
  12. Hi, yes, all the GR.7/7As above were fitted with 65% LERX. And thanks to Andy for the news!!! CIAO! Piero
  13. Hello Eli, I just finished to scratchbuild one in 1/32nd...: As well as some of the GR.7/9's stuff that are not includes in the Trumpeter'kit: My project is to do some resin cast too. All I need now is a good complete RAF Harrier's decal sheet in 1/32nd scale... CIAO! Piero
  14. If you have both ACA and TAM kits, try to compare them... the Academy kit is much smaller than the Tamiya's one!!! Now the question is... which one has the right 1/48th size and shape? CIAO! Piero
  15. Hello my friends, this is my last finished model... almost a one year project. She is an RAF Harrier GR.3 from the 1° Squadron around 1988. Based on the old Airfix's Harrier kit in 1/24th scale, I put on some scratchbuilds and details set from Flightpath and Heritage Aviation aftermarkets. I made a simple base to be used for display the finished model. I hope you enjoy this model. This morning I've got my next 1/24th scale model to start... an Hurricane Mk.IIC by Trumpeter to be finished in RAF 1° squadron markings. I think she will be a nice sister for the Harrier.
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