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  1. Red: radome, wingtipss, horizontals stabs, vertical tail all using Testors Enamel Red #1103 after decals on. Blue: primarily around the landing gear doors and ventral fins with Tamiya Royal Blue # X-3.
  2. My current build is Block 42 F-16, 89-2082, 180th Fighter Wing, using the Testors "Camo Gray" as the base coat for the MM FS36170. I think it will produce outstanding results, fingers crossed. PSA 8-16-19: The above Testors "Camo Gray" is not the darker gray I thought it was like the label ; it is "Camouflage Gray FS36622". Basically this sub-line of paint is ideal for Vietnam era paint schemes. I'll still use it as primer for FS36170; only cost me $4.50 for 3 cans.
  3. Still plenty of this kit out there in the wild!
  4. I finally found and built one after all these years of waiting! OOB except for GT Resin intake; the intake looks seamless to the inlet fan. I used Microscale liquid Decal Film since I didn't want any unexpected incidents with the kit decals. Fuselage is painted in Testors Extreme Lacquer "White Lightning" and "Wet Look Clear"; the "WL" has a pearl effect, really makes the TB shine.
  5. Not mine but look here: https://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?/topic/80662-tamiya-132nd-f-15e-strike-eagle-package-for-sale/
  6. The business surface: I stole bombs, TERs, MER, ECM from the Tamiya JASDF F-4EJ kit. Glad I used Camo Gray FS36622 on the tanks and weapons mounts to break up all that white.
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