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  1. One awesomely clean bird, looks amazing!
  2. Looks great--when aircraft had paint schemes with personalities and not just gray.
  3. Meng 1/48 Growler: added some extra "Scorpions" decals, mismatched paints to give it a deployed vibe. Didn't use any of the supplied decals for pods, no way I was going to apply 30 decals per assembly.
  4. The title says it all: LF 1/48 Italeri F-16C "Toledo" decals (or whole sheet) from this kit 552825. This is a paint scheme worn by one of my squadron's jets, would love to build it. It was a source of confusion while it wore these colors: we had 2 jets with "112" on their tails.
  5. 1/48 Meng E/A-18G of VAQ-132 coming along perfectly! So fun building NAVY jets, adding that carrier beating they take while deployed.
  6. Cockpit is the same, just rest of jet is changed between variants (A-B-C).
  7. Best "Nighthawk" model seen; the canopy glass is perfection.
  8. Now you can build another with a General Electric engine and large intake since they are converting to Block 40.
  9. Reid Air Publishing / Speed Hunter Graphics has test and line jets available in HG5 www.reidairpublishing.com
  10. Yes, Model Master FS 16440 Gloss Gull Gray
  11. I was just on True North Paint site. I might have to give them a try especially since they have FS36170 Have Glass Gray for the Viper and Lightning.
  12. Back or high shelve so it's out of sight. If unhappy during the build, the damn thing has wound up in the trash (last example of that was an AMT Camaro that nothing fit properly). If the kit sits in the stash too long, started or not, it winds up on Ebay.
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