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  1. Whew! Thankfully it's only the weapons for the "Cat! Another crisis averted!
  2. Now some details: -Box stock build -Paints are Mission Models and Testors Model Master -Decals are Tamiya and Furball Aero Design (sorry about the arm & hand; only way I could get good shots)
  3. Finished in VF-2 Bounty Hunters markings:
  4. Today I went grocery shopping, I was appalled by what I didn't see in stores-- Walmart: the entire aisle with toilet paper and paper towels was completely wiped out (no pun intended); the aisle with baby wipes, the same, which is horrible!. The aisle with canned ready to eat pasta, box dinners including macaroni & cheese, empty. The frozen food aisle of pizzas and box dinners looked like a war zone. No vitamin C pills in the store. Pet food and supplies amazingly stocked, so obviously no one is worried about animals starving. Aldi: not one loaf of bread, hamburg, or hot dog buns. Macaroni & cheese gone. Bottled water, absolutely none. They did have some toilet paper (scored!) but no tissues. On the bright side the dairy cases were fully stocked, so I guess these products aren't a part of the American diet. Kroger: what's bread, tissues, paper towels, and bottled water? Meijer: no bottled water. Walgreens: I found bread.
  5. Corona virus doesn't cause diarrhea! Stop buying all the toilet paper unless you got enemies houses to cover!
  6. My condolences to all affected
  7. Nozzles look great! There is no definite way to match the color variations on them due to extreme heat and unscheduled replacement of parts.
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