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  1. No model kit is 100% folks!
  2. Salomon, Leave the PDU bay yellow zinc chromate, not white; components inside it are white, gray, with silver lines. The gun drum and mechanism are dark gray, darker than the gray used on the fuselage. The EPU is mainly silver, light gray, aluminum with with a gloss black fuel hose, darker gray harness that powers it. The little boxes in the bay forward of the EPU are mainly gray since they are Avionics components.
  3. Best F-16XL I've ever seen! Congratulations! The paint scheme is phenomenal especially the shadowed tail and US insignias that match the upper surface. The KA nozzle is beautiful! Of course, a heavy load out is always impressive. 10/10
  4. The above image of 80-543 is undergoing restoration to be used as a static display jet. It was disassembled (wings, tail, stabilizers, engine, etc), moved by truck to that location. I love that 1/48 hangar kit, time to search for it.
  5. Very interesting subject: I prefer jets with heavy weapons loadout!
  6. Reid Air Publications / Speed Hunter Graphics just posted this teaser image on Facebook--
  7. Looks great so far, keep us updated! You can never build enough Vipers! Take this from a guy who sees them everyday at work.
  8. I just read a review on this abomination on another website. Who in the hell decides to give modelers the wing positionable leading and trailing flaps with swept-forward option? Seriously an F-14 model that does not allow wing sweep? On the other hand I do like the concept of one piece missiles and forward fuselage. The canopy frame and glass seem remarkable too. Furball Aero decals look amazing as always.
  9. Photoshopped! You don't get that low in the weeds on a bombing run.
  10. Maybe a rack to carry multiple BDU-33s
  11. Outstanding work, great detailing!
  12. Iranian F-14s are barely airworthy, so it's not like they would be able to put up much of a fight. Iran is the reason all of 'Cats except museum and gate guards have been shredded. Even the ones on display are pretty much just shells of former glory.
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