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  1. weirich1

    1:48 F-16A Hasegawa kit

    Outsatnding work!
  2. weirich1

    LF 1/48 Aircraft

    Without a definite weight, I could probably get it there for $10-$15
  3. weirich1

    LF 1/48 Aircraft

    Academy 1/48 F-22, I'll let it go for $45 + shipping
  4. The finished product turned out amazing! Thankfully it did not meet its demise!
  5. I would not recommend unless you have a way to clean pop tart residue off first.
  6. weirich1


    Email sent
  7. weirich1

    F-35 Current Paint

    Yes, the RAM (raised areas) on the fuselage are now FS36170 Have Glass Gray, but you still need to paint certains areas FS36270 Neutral Gray. The FS36270 areas are the radome, canopy frame, area around intakes, tail areas, trailing edges of horizontal flight controls; basically the areas the image that are lighter.
  8. weirich1

    Tamiya 1/32 F-4E HAF SRA

    Pure awesomeness!
  9. Outstanding work! Inspiring! Bravo!
  10. weirich1

    F-35A, Italeri 1/32

  11. weirich1

    F-35A, Italeri 1/32