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  1. The business surface: I stole bombs, TERs, MER, ECM from the Tamiya JASDF F-4EJ kit. Glad I used Camo Gray FS36622 on the tanks and weapons mounts to break up all that white.
  2. Tamiya F-4J finished in the colors of VF-143 Pukin' Dogs: Taproom 102, USS Enterprise The right/starboard side is the 1971-72 cruise; the left/port side is the 1972-73 cruise with the late CDR Harley Hall adorning the canopy frame. Outstanding AOA Decals. Paint is Testors MM Gloss Gull Gray FS16440 and Gloss White.
  3. This afternoons update-- Loaded up the belly of the beast: missiles, bombs, ECM pod; now it's ready to inflict some damage. Tires, ladder, few other pieces installed too. I would provide a picture but all that gloss white made it hard to take a decent one.
  4. Decals ON! It's a flying billboard for the NAVY. Yes, it has a split personality.
  5. Vietnam and modern era fighters. 1/48 or 1/32; 1/72 too small to detail. Favorite brand = Tamiya Favorite aircraft = F-16
  6. From a Viper expert, the blue cables in the landing gear wells looks great. Detaling in the wells is amazing.
  7. Here's the reason behind the red doors and struts-- It's also referenced on AOA Decals VF-143 Pukin' Dogs "Taproom 102" instruction sheet.
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