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  1. Hi Dutch, I send a e-mail almost 10 days ago and so far no reply..... Hi Charlie I'm looking for the 1/72. I have a couple Doyusha on Hands. Thank you guys for the reply. I'm still Looking Cheers from toasted Florida Andre
  2. Hi Guys Anyone has this model and may want to sale? I try build for a friend of my just retired on 767 Any Help will be very appreciated Andre
  3. Hi LF- Revell AN-124 1/144 For sale or trade on a Roden C-5B 1/144. Andre KBCT
  4. Guy's I'm check-in here before go out and shop. Anyone has a Academy 12487 PBY-5A CATALINA [BLACK CAT] with interest to sale or trade? CONUS only please. Cheers Andre Piovan
  5. I'm looking for Revell new release Embraer 190 not the 195. Thanks anyway Andre
  6. Guys Any store in US already have in stock the 190? Just can fins kit and decals on international EBAY for now..... Want to make the JETBLUE "BLUE PRINT" Cheers Andre
  7. Hi Can work on a bundle for those 4 kits? shipping to 33311 Hawk 1/48 Lockheed U-2 : Complete, in original 1960's Hawk boxing. Includes a free Caracal Models CD48118 U-2 decal sheet ($15 value). $20 + shipping Hawk 1/48 Lockheed U-2C : Complete, in current Round2 boxing with new decals. This is the version with modified U-2C fuselage Includes a free Caracal Models CD48118 U-2 decal sheet ($15 value). $20 + shipping Minicraft 1/144 KC-135R : Complete. Includes a free Caracal Models CD144001 KC-135R decal sheet ($14 value). $25 + shipping Roden
  8. Hi Guys Looking for the above sub. Trades or sale.. Cheers
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