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  1. Airfix 1/24 Hawker car door typhoon $100.00 plus shipping conus only Imai Thunderbird 2 with multiple containers,equipment and docking area. $100.00 plus shipping conus only Imai Thunderbird 2 with container and multiple equipment $50.00 plus shipping conus only Polar Lights 1/48 Jupiter II $40.00 plus shipping conus only Check,MO or well concealed cash for payment as I dont do Paypal. Any questions e mail me at suzi74gt at yahoo dot com
  2. I have a couple of seat pads from a jet 1/1 scale $25.00 Ejector handle $10.00 Polar Lights 1/48 Jupiter II $40.00 Airfix 1/24 Car Door Typhoon $100.00 shipped All items plus shipping Conus only. Sorry I dont do paypal. Check,MO or well concealed cash(at your own risk). Any questions feel free to email me at Suzi74gt at Yahoo dot com.
  3. I dont care if its built,dusty,broken brush painted as long as its complete and it has to be a GR3 . Me and another person traded a gr3 for a sea harrier and its missing some pieces needed to complete the kit.
  4. I'm looking for just what it says someone who started one and got burned out or fed up with it. Any questions or offers PM me.
  5. like the title says a shelf of doom Typhoon in 1/24 scale. Partially or half started or whatever thats what Im looking for. !/48 and 1/72nd arent cutting it for theses old eyes. Feel free to PM me.
  6. Have a 2 DVD seT by Aircraft films on the F-86 Sabre in good condition. $25.00 shipped CONUS only. MO,check or well concealed cash. Sorry I dont do Paypal. Any questions feel free to PM me.
  7. Also just got done doing a deal with AVG Bob. A scholar and gentleman when it comes to doing a deal with. Deal with confidence.
  8. Have a Mixture of everything. All books $10.00 a piece plus shipping. Except for the Warships book $5.00 which is in fair shape and the Squadron P35 mini for $3.00. Sorry I dont do paypal Warbird Tech Lightning and Osprey harrier book-SOLD
  9. Appreciate the offer but Im looking for started or shelf of doom specials.If the box is beat up or the decals shot it doesnt matter.
  10. Looking for a 1/24 Harrier. Preferably started or from your shelf of doom. Doesnt matter if its an AV8A ,GR3 or FRS1. Just something reasonable that your definitely tired of and not going to build.
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