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  1. Technically you are 100% correct. But, this is "what if" so rules like that no longer apply. I like to explore the possibilities of other versions of a nationalities markings. This being a classic example. Simply changing a square based roundel into a circular based roundel. Cheers Richard.
  2. [quote name=ReccePhreak' timestamp='1444687749' post='274Reconnaissance econnaissance 480] Richard, I love all your Corsair profiles, but how does the FGR.4 do the reconnaissance role? Larry Hi Larry, there are a number of European pod mounted photo reconnaissance set ups that the RAF Corsair could have fitted that would enable it to perform the task. Cheers Richard.
  3. Is there a link or anything for this story? I'd love to see S-3's flying again! I may well do these as I have an S-3 profile ready to go, but it won't be for a while as I'm busy with Corsair stuff atm. Cheers Richard.
  4. Thanks Chris! I hope you'll like these new ones as much, once I get them on the market. Cheers Richard.
  5. Sure, here it is.............. https://gekkographics.selz.com/ Blog here: http://studiogekko.blogspot.com.au/ Cheers Richard.
  6. Thanks, working on the decal/mask sets now. Cheers Richard.
  7. Some more............. Cheers Richard.
  8. Truth is stranger than fiction sometimes hey Jennings! :thumbsup:/> Thanks Moritz! Now some RAF...................... Cheers Richard.
  9. Here's some Royal Navy A-7E Corsair's. Cheers Richard.
  10. Looks good Wege! Cheers Richard.
  11. 1. 2. 3. 4. Cheers Richard.
  12. Thanks, hopefully I'll at least be able to get one sheet of them out.
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