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  1. Colin W

    Shawn s 200th Phantom

    A fantastic achievement Shawn. I have looked at many of these over the years and enjoyed seeing all of them. To have so many is impressive but the individual quality makes this collection something special . Well done and Thanks Colin
  2. Colin W

    airfix nimrod

    hi all are the tail planes ofthe Airfix Nimrod too rounded at the tips? looking at the kit and th ephotos Im not sure what to do. most pics are profiles and a believable plan view is yet to be found. Ted Taylor says, by default they are ok bu tto me the pics show they to be more square than the kit. Leave as is, square off exicsing or build up and square off, im not sure. Advice please! Thanks Colin W
  3. Colin W

    tornnado f3 1/48

    I concur, forget the Airfix one but the Italeri is OK. You can find them on Ebay and the only real correction needed is the fin base and with a huge canopy a Neomega coskpit is a good option otherwise its good. You can of course go crazy with it. Have fun Colin W
  4. Colin W

    Gunze Sangyo is driving me nuts

    Has anyone in the UK found a decent mass market thinner to use for Mr Colour. I has to pay #5.89 for 250ml which is a bit steep. Cheers Colin
  5. Colin W

    F-111E VARK

    Have a look in the F-111 group build from last year, This was well covered in my like under BAC F-111K. There are pictures and explantions of what to do. Cheers Colin W
  6. Colin W

    Colin Whitehouse's Revell Tiffie

    Cheers Bob. Hard to photograph a grey jet but I have to admit it looks good. Makes a nice pair with the EAP. Thanks for the tips youve posted at times. Colin W
  7. Colin W

    Revell Germany 1/48 Eurofighter Typhoon

    I just finished this kit. Pics are on the other computer but it went together like a dream and its my choice for best kit of all time. I have a resin bang seat I bought for the Italeri Eurofighter but decided the kit seat here was better so used that, never done that before. What a cracker. Colin W
  8. Colin W


    Well it appears there is more to this than meets the eye. The numbering system on the Revell decal sheet is totally wrong! For example the diamond shaped air exhaust on the fin is marked as decal 23 on the instructions, but decal 23 is a piece of bilingual German and English text. The correct decal is number 67 or 68 (port and stbd). Likewise decal 66 clearly says "Danger Airbrake" but has no location on the diagram near the Airbrake. The location which looks right is marked as 21. Decal 21 is way too small for me to read but doesnt look like anything to do with an airbrake. There are a few others which are obviously wrong but are less obvious and so my confidence is low as to the accuracy of the whole sheet. I see a few of these Revell tornados have been built so have i got some wierd instructions or did someone figure out what to do.? Thanks Colin
  9. Colin W


    Fantastic. Thanks Bobski. Since I move around a lot I rairly add stores but have added the ASRAAM rails so it looks closer to the EAP which always carried these. I'm glad I asked before I stuck the ModelAlliance ones on! Colin
  10. Colin W


    So basically any current F2 single seater will be OK. This means ZJ920 or ZJ911 will be OK!Sorted Thanks But meanwhile ........ I was looking at the stencils and there is a huge difference between those for the Revell kit and those from Model Alliance. Do you know how accurate the kit ones are or should I use Model Alliances? Thanks Colin
  11. Colin W


    Hi I'm just about to decal my Revell Typhoon but the Model Alliance decals I have for 29 SQN are only for 2 seaters. The kit decals are for single seaters but have the IR pod on the port nose which I havn't fitted. So the question is did 29 fly any single seaters without the IR pod and if so what were there serials? There are lots of pics out there but I cant find one of the port nose of a single seater which is confirmed as 29squ. Thanks in advance Colin W
  12. Colin W

    Mr. Resin Primer and Mr. surfacer spray

    Hi I was hoping someone else would reply to you as I can only add part of an answer but it seems not so here goes. Mr Surfacer spray is an aerosol version of the hi-build paint "Mr Surfacer". Here we get 2 types, 1000 and 1200. The numbers are equivalent to the finish you are supposed to get with that grit of emery paper. Mr surfacer in paint form also comes in 500 but that must be too thick for spraying. The stuff is great to use if you have large areas of sanded plasic eg on a vacform a spray of Mr Surfacer will fill in the scratches and give a smooth finish very quickly. If you use the white then you get a very smooth, hard and even white finish. Check out my Aeroclub Vulcan in the gallery which was dont using copious amounts of this spray. Be careful on models with fine surface detail as it will clog up engraved lines. As for the resin primer, I have used this but cant see any real difference to the Mr Surfacer. Both have been used on Resin and give the same result but I suspect the resin primer may be designed to key into the surface better. Since Mr Surfacer works I didnt bother to replace the resin primer when it was used up. Hope this helps. Colin W
  13. Colin W

    tu-4 awacs question - engines specifically

    Hi I think you will find cuting edge made a Tu4 AWACS conversion set. Look for it on an Ebay site near you. Colin W
  14. Colin W

    Completed Builds.

    Hi All Well its taken some time but here are the completed pics for the BAC -111K. based on the 1/48 Accademy kit. Mods to the kit are listed in the build article but basically cover the following listed from the front working back. Brass nose probe. Scribed refuelling probe panel Doppler panel on lower nose Detailed nose under carrige bay Revised instrument panel and detailing to the cockpit. Tornado fit aerials on upper front fuselage. Revised square intakes Boz and decoy pods under outer wing pylons Widened main gear tyres with flat bases. Fin top RWR reciever Serials put under tail planes ala tornado detailed jet exhausts. Wrap around DSG and Green based on promotional pics from the 1960's brochure. Markings for 617 squadron. Thanks for looking. I hope I passed on some inspiration. Colin W
  15. Colin W

    1/ 48 BAC F-111K

    Thanks for the comments guys. here is a shot of the underside and another of the new intakes I think a gulf scheme is a good idea as it would allow the changes to be seen easier. Cheers colin