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  1. This Red Hawks Eagle sure has a lot of red on it Ken. :lol: Another good looking Eagle from you.
  2. Wow, I really like this model! I also never even knew it could carry HARM missiles. Clean and nice panel lines lines gets a big
  3. Incredibly good and detailed build! Big
  4. Seeing more and more of these Black Eagles and I like it!
  5. Nice Stinger. I bet they could probably use something like this today to supplement the Spookys.
  6. Good job on these unique looking fighters especially the panel lines. I like the in flight one the best.
  7. The distant pics makes this model look small. :lol: Like the camo on it.
  8. Looks like this Corsair killed a lot of camels! :lol:
  9. Impressive seeing those bombs on this big Slam Eagle.
  10. Big to this clean blue nose Mustang.
  11. Along with the Polish Vipers, the Chilean Viper colors and scheme is my other all time favorite Vipers. Big
  12. You sure made that Monogram Nighthawk look good! Like seeing the bombs too. Big
  13. Wow, that model must be tiny! Good job on it.
  14. Very impressive looking loadout on this Canberra. Can someone say what is that underneath the nose area? Never seen that on a Canberra before. From reading the posts here it seems to be specific to the G model?
  15. Good to see it done. It definitely looks like it has a few sorties under it's belt. :lol:
  16. That sure is a good looking old school Aggressor! Big
  17. Good job on both those choppers and nice pics too! Big
  18. You are doing a good job on this little Viper guy. From what I can see the seat and side consoles look incredibly good. Keep it up.
  19. Always good to see an Eagle build, especially a big one! Good start Guy.
  20. That nozzle looks very impressive. Looks like it could do good work in the kitchen cutting up food too. :lol:
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