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  1. As promised a while back, some sharper pics Of my Do 335. Thanks for a great Group build guys and for the excuse to build one of these classic kits. Steve.
  2. Thanks mate, Never actually forgotten, but plenty of times I looked at it and thought "I really can't face anymore filling/ sanding just now!" :D Steve.
  3. Thanks guys - makes the effort worthwhile. As for the scheme, I'm no expert but; apparently at least two airframes were captured by the allies. One ended up in France and at least one made it back to Farnborough where it was evaluated until being lost in an accident (sadly, I believe taking the crew with it). Since I finished this one I've seen a pic' of a very similar finish (nat metal nose) but with the RAF roundel apparently applied over a US one. My model is a literal interpretation of the Cutting Edge decals sheet instructions with RAF marking over sprayed-out German ones, nat' metal nose and upper wings and a light blue underside. Can't swear it's authentic, but it makes an attractive model. Steve.
  4. I can't believe it's three months since I last posted - I had to page though five pages of posts to find my thread again! There's been a lot of filling and sanding in the meantime, but it's finally finished. Apologies for the quality pf the pics, I've lost the mounting plate for my camera so I can't use a tripod at the mo'. I'll post up some sharper ones when I can, but here's a few to prove that the job's done... Quite pleased with how this turned out. I haven't built a Monogram kit since I returned to modelling, but as I said before it's amazing how much detail they moulded into the parts back then. Sure, it's a bit clunky maybe but when you consider that the whole engine bays are moulded in a single piece including the fuselage half then it's a very ambitious bit of work. The downside of that is that it makes construction tricky with far more joint lines than usual and a more flimsy assembly with all the cut-outs. Good fun though, and a very worthwhile project. Steve.
  5. looking superb as usual mate. Steve.
  6. About time for an update...been having some fun with this one Here you can see the tabs I attached to the upper decking so that when assembled it splayed out the fuselage sides for a decent fit. Also visible is the section of sprue inserted to push out the lower fuselage sides to give a better fit with the wings... This one shows the plastic strip shims used to fill the gap between the gun panel and the forward fuselage... And finally, where I'm at at the moment... The fit has been challenging on this one. I think it's because the engineering is quite complex due to the open engine panels and the choice of decking for the single and two seat versions. That said, Mike will probably say his went together like a dream, in which case ... it's all my fault :lol: I've a feeling that as long as I don't destroy it along the way this is going to be be quite an impressive model - it's certainly bigger than I'm used to and I think I'm beginning to see the attraction of 1/48th! Steve.
  7. Sure is, I was amazed when I found it was the actual plane - thought it was just 'painted up' in famous markings... Note though that the Duxford one has the badges and scoreboard on both sides whereas Skymodels only provide one side - not sure which is correct. Nice build Tomcat fan, and ....snap! Steve.
  8. This was a real pleasure from beginning to end - nicely detailed and some parts were even a push-fit. Really enjoyed this one... Steve. PS apologies for the reflections in the background, these were taken in my new display cabinet.
  9. Lovely job mate. Save the Walrus for next year's Group build and go for the Lightning (Lockheed or BAC?) as Jeff says, or the Spit'. Whichever you choose I'll be along for the ride. Steve.
  10. Tony that's amazing work once again (I still have fond memories of the P-80). As someone who aspires to the kind of finish you're achieving I hope you don't mind that I took the liberty of saving your pics and thread as reference and inspiration. Can't wait to see more, Steve.
  11. According to the latest issue of SAMI, yes. It'll be a double kit along with the Curtiss P-6. Rest assured that when these become available in the UK I'll be in like lightning. I imagine it will upset a few E-bay UK sellers though, I've been keeping an eye on these two for the GB but the prices they've been going for are well above what I'm willing to pay. At a quoted price of $22 and at current exchange rates the Acc-Min re-issue will look pretty attractive for a pair of interesting kits. Steve. PS Other 'double' announced is the P-51B / P-40N combo.
  12. Glad to have you along Daryl. I got the cockpit parts assembled and primed today - hopefully putting some colour on tomorrow. I'm just starting to get a feel for the size of this thing in 1/48, it's a bit of a beast! There's also a surprising amount of internet pics / ref's out there, I was able to get some good ideas from them. One question though, Monogram don't provide a stick for the rear cockpit, anyone know if this was correct; was it just an instructor's position? Steve.
  13. Thanks, Mike - that certainly gives me something to aim for! Raptor: It's all about the memories mate, that's why I enjoy these nostalgia builds. Having said that, this kit also has more interior detail (including both engine compartments) than a lot of modern kits. It's something that struck me about Monogram at the time, they seemed to be ahead of the game in many respects. Not sure if the engines will be exposed on this one. I'm thinking yes, but being a coward I might wait and see how they turn out first. Steve.
  14. Now I'm jealous! I had one of these unbuilt some years ago, but during my 'time away' from modeling it seems to have disappeared. At least now I'll have the the chance to build vicariously through you - plenty of pics please, if possible. Steve.
  15. Hi all, Blimey, last time I looked there were only two topics in here...guess we're all eager eh? Here's a quick box-art pic of my entry. This was an E-bay win bought especially for the build as I had nothing in the stash (though I did build plenty as a kid)... I'm hoping to get started on the cockpit at the weekend. Here's to a good Gb Steve. [edit - meant to add that this will be made as the two-seater using the optional parts in the box].
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