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  1. Thanks Brian! I hope it's not just beginner's luck 😜
  2. Thanks Mark! I've been googleing and youtubing a lot lately and there is a ton of helpful stuff!!
  3. Thank you!! What is mini painting? 🤔 lol
  4. Hi guys, so I'm back in the hobby after about 20 years, unbelievable how the hobby have changed in those years can't believe it! There is an air force base near where I live so I see F/A-18 almost every day so I decided to go with the Revell 1/48 F-18 to start it off. I did not want to wheter it too mutch as I think the ''too pronunced panel wash'' makes it kind of cartoonish and unrealistic, so went with another technique. I also don't own an airbrush so I did the best I could with what I saw on the net and here is the result, nowhere near the ones I did back in the days but still not as perf
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