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    Scale modeling: aircraft, armor, sci-fi. No ships... yet.<br>PC games.<br>Watching the NFL.
  1. Hey! Good for you. Mario, I finally had a chance to look at the Cheyenne. It's coming out all right
  2. Hey Mario, hopefully it's coming. Here at my job several sites are blocked and I cannot see the photos. I'll promise to look at them from home.
  3. Doesn't the Mi-17 have the tail rotor on the oposite side? Here's a scheme I bet you haven't seen and is unlike anything you planned: It´s a Mil Mi-8MTV-1 from the Mexican PFP (Policia Federal Preventiva). Mexican Air Force (FAM) also uses Mi-8s but in a overall dark green scheme. And Mexican Navy uses Mi-17s in a cool camo scheme: http://www.scramble.nl/mil/8/mexico/gfx/photos/orbat-hip.jpg Decals at www.aztecmodels.com
  4. I all depends on wether the paints are toxic Wow. Excellent dino. I got a couple of the old tamiya ones in the stash. If I manage to paint them half as good as yours I'll be satisfied.
  5. Oh, c'mon. I was reading very nice ideas and even thinking about getting an X-wing. Then you post such thing. I think I'll stick to tie-fighters now. Anyway. Mike, you could try something like these: http://aircraftresourcecenter.com/Gal4/380...izu/gal3805.htm http://aircraftresourcecenter.com/Gal3/290...izu/gal2956.htm They are not detailed but they attract attention.
  6. Impressive. I wonder if there are AM details for it
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