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    Cycling, sketching and painting, modelling (incase it wasn't obvious)
  1. Col.

    Fairey Firefly Mk.5 in 1:48

    It is the Airfix 1/72nd kit. Quite basic and the fit isn't that great but she's coming together. At least, she could be if I could get back to working on her :D
  2. Col.

    FAA Tarpon

    There is a collection of wonderful builds going on in this GB and you're keeping the standard high with this one Sean.
  3. Col.

    Seafire FR 46

    Good luck in sourcing a new canopy to finish her off. She looks damned good as is and makes an interesting comparison to the Tamiya MK.1.
  4. Col.

    Fairey Firefly Mk.5 in 1:48

    Amazing work there, truly fine build with excellent paint and weathering to match.
  5. Col.

    1/48 Special Hobby Barracuda II/III

    Good to see you're making steady progress, despite the kits best efforts to thwart you :D If you're paintwork is up to the same standard as the rest of this build she's going to be a stunner!
  6. Welcome aboard Rafalbert! Now, get all hands on deck and lets see the Attacker take (ship)shape sharpish :D
  7. Col.

    Scale Cast from England?

    They stopped production quite a few years ago Jackman. Had a couple of their products and they took a lot of work to do anything with.
  8. Welcome aboard Ruud. A Hasegawa Avenger you say, that's the 72nd scale kit if I recall correctly? Always wondered how well that one went together. Welcome aboard Anthony. Always glad to meet another FAA enthusiast. I'm particularly keen to see your Scimitar, get fired in with some build threads as soon as you're able
  9. Col.

    FAA Avenger II Po1B

    Welcome aboard Ruud, look forward to watching this one take shape. The official end date is April 2nd but this allows us the possibility of some extension for almost completed builds to be finished
  10. Col.

    Fairey Firefly Mk.5 in 1:48

    Your rapid progress continues apace my friend, looking good so far.
  11. Col.

    Fleet Air Arm Group Build

    That's good enough for us Ken I wondered How long it would be before someone graced this GB with an RN Phantom, hope to see your build soon mate.
  12. Col.

    Fleet Air Arm Group Build

    Fire in Ken, what you got planned?
  13. Col.

    Hawker Sea Fury "Korean War"

    Making fine progress with this one as well mate, you certainly made a neat job of the canopy.
  14. Col.

    Hawker "Seahawk" FGA Mk6

    Good to see her at the painting stage already Mark, although I'd say go for spraying the black stripes and save yourself some potential grief.
  15. Col.

    Fairey Firefly Mk.5 in 1:48

    Something tells me you'll be finished your Firefly long before I get through my one