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  1. Just needs a finishing touch. Bird plop! Superb!
  2. never mind, its a good avatar! And these achievements should be shouted about!
  3. A great achievement indeed and to be celebrated, but I think your orbital avatar isnt right though. Alan did a sub orbital hop of 15 minutes compared to Gagarin's lengthier trip, not a full orbit. Gagarin was short of a full orbit by 1500km. Gherman Titov was the first human to orbit Earth. After that the USSR did several more multi orbit missions.
  4. No paint around the join, CA, then liquid glue and then carefully fit the PE strip once set for 24h. Mine held fine and the U/C was fine too. Its BIG with the wings open. Nearly the size of a 1/24 Stuka! Might be easiest do do your painting and then go over the join as last job as its a beast to manoeuvre
  5. I am EXACTLY like you. I always rush the last bit and loath the thing 2 weeks later.
  6. superb! Would the rubber tyres perish/fade too?
  7. Not global warming...Climate change. Its all those 4x4s and gunsmoke what dunnit.
  8. White ensign paints do Russian wheel green. RAF dark earth is close but "its based on tractor paint" after all. In fact I think modern Russian jets traditionally have green wheels now out of a sense of tradition and inverted snobbery.
  9. Try England. In Bradford its Braykfust In Leeds Brekfist. Thats 10 miles apart. Leeds Wukkin, Liverpool Waaairkin (working) 60 miles.
  10. I like a laugh at CNN pronunciation when I am away on trips abroad. Eye Rak Mohwgahdeeshooooo Bohwzneaah Sarrajeeayvoh Moss Cow (moo)
  11. Me too. Fraud last night at 10pm after a small transaction at Hannants last week. Mastercard spotted it.
  12. I think your hypothesis is correct Mark. I have only seen black inside widscreens of restored planes, not the canopy. Same with Spits. Why change colour on a wartime production line? Green is my hunch.
  13. I enjoyed your site and used google translator. Very humorous how google translates some of the language making it seem very melodramatic to western readers. Not a quote, but something like " this fighter was invincible" translates to something like" genius plane destroy all opponent fall from sky" Certainly makes for an exciting read!
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