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  1. Thats very helpful Igor, thank you! Regarding the nose portion, I found these two photos that make me believe, that it is not only the rim that the radome attaches to that has no panel line. Take a look: https://www.flickr.com/photos/100009549@N06/36340894460/in/album-72157685375253980/ https://www.flickr.com/photos/100009549@N06/36597596181/in/album-72157685375253980/ As you can see the line goes over a very small tip of one of the nose panels (the one immediately after the nose rim, at the very top of the lower fuselage section of the gwh kit), and in the second photo the
  2. And since the previous post wouldnt allow one more image, Im making one more to adress a noob matter, I would call it that. This is a photo of my kit. Yufei was pretty keen on getting rid of a slight shrinkage mark he found on his kit: There you have it. As an obsessed guy for details as well, I kinda got worried when I side illuminated the front portion of my kit and found all of those irregularities (sorta folds) on the surface I believed should be smooth. Are those shrinkage marks as well? Are those supposed to be there (Im not talking about the bump o
  3. I used to model as a child, and now I decided to get back to the hobby. For such I chose the GWH 1/48 Su-35S, I love how the Su-27 aircraft family looks, and Ive seen some awesome reviews of this kit online. To the point, mine arrived a few days ago from China, and as I wait for the rest of the stuff I need for the build to arrive, I figured I would start this topic, and adress some of the first questions that came to my mind regarding the build. Starting by some doubts regarding which joints are and wich joints arent panel lines: The joints that have BLUE lines paralel t
  4. First of all I am both impressed and inspired. Beautiful work. The attention to details on this masterpiece... omg I used to do modeling some years ago, and now Im looking into getting back to it. My plan is to restart with something great, inspireing, paying attention to every little detail of the build, something like what you did on this one. Well, we'll see how that goes. Could you help me a little explaining the techniques you used to paint this model? The shading, did you pre-shade or post shade the model? And is it even paint on the edges of the panels and along the
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