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  1. Thats very helpful Igor, thank you! Regarding the nose portion, I found these two photos that make me believe, that it is not only the rim that the radome attaches to that has no panel line. Take a look: https://www.flickr.com/photos/100009549@N06/36340894460/in/album-72157685375253980/ https://www.flickr.com/photos/100009549@N06/36597596181/in/album-72157685375253980/ As you can see the line goes over a very small tip of one of the nose panels (the one immediately after the nose rim, at the very top of the lower fuselage section of the gwh kit), and in the second photo the line goes over some rivets. Those 2 things lead me to believe that the line is just a paint transition, not a panel division. What do you think? Ehhhh Im inclined towards filling those ripples, despite the extra pain. Getting modeling things in brazil is quite a nightmare. I need to wait a month minimium for each tool, paint, part that I need to arrive from China. Not many local shops, and the ones there are usually dont have all I need. So yeah, I have a bunch of time to kill, so I might as well take that extra effort and get rid of those imperfections.
  2. And since the previous post wouldnt allow one more image, Im making one more to adress a noob matter, I would call it that. This is a photo of my kit. Yufei was pretty keen on getting rid of a slight shrinkage mark he found on his kit: There you have it. As an obsessed guy for details as well, I kinda got worried when I side illuminated the front portion of my kit and found all of those irregularities (sorta folds) on the surface I believed should be smooth. Are those shrinkage marks as well? Are those supposed to be there (Im not talking about the bump of the refueling thing btw, rather the ones in front of that one)? Yeah, I suspect thats a pretty stupid question for you experienced modelers out there, but hey, enlighten me with your knowledge =D
  3. I used to model as a child, and now I decided to get back to the hobby. For such I chose the GWH 1/48 Su-35S, I love how the Su-27 aircraft family looks, and Ive seen some awesome reviews of this kit online. To the point, mine arrived a few days ago from China, and as I wait for the rest of the stuff I need for the build to arrive, I figured I would start this topic, and adress some of the first questions that came to my mind regarding the build. Starting by some doubts regarding which joints are and wich joints arent panel lines: The joints that have BLUE lines paralel to them, Im not sure if they are or not panel lines, and Id like your opinion regarding those to make matters clearer to me. The joints that have RED lines paralel to them, Im pretty sure arent panel lines. The joints that have GREEN lines paralel to them, Im pretty sure are panel lines. If you think I made any mistakes on the red and green lines, please let me know. This one I am pretty confident about, but I figured it is great to first illustrate what I mean by the colourful lines. I found some pretty great reference pictures of the front detail of the aircraft, and even though the kits joint line of the upper and lower fuselage matches pretty well with the paint transition line between the belly colour and the top camouflage, there is no panel line there (paralel to the red line that i drawed), and thus that gap will be filled with putty. Here is where matters get tricky for me, I have no ideia if the kit joints paralel to the blue lines are supposed to be panel lines or not. Yufei, on his pretty amazing build (http://www.arcforums.com/forums/air/index.php?/topic/303533-gwh-148-su-35sk-flanker-e-plaaf-6th-brigade/) filled those up with putty. But I cant put my finger on it. If nobody can help me further on this matter, Ill simply trust his steps to be right. You got the ideia, no panel line here, putty it all. This one doesnt follow the same logic as the previous 3 images. Here I believe GWH missed a panel line where I drawed the blue line. Do you guys know if Im correct about this one? Take a look at the reference photo I used to get to my conclusion: In blue is the panel line that I believe GWH missed Credit where credit is due: https://www.flickr.com/photos/100009549@N06/35891338524/in/album-72157685375253980/ Btw, this album is amazing for Su-35S references, check it out! While at it, I also found some misalignments (circled on blue) on the tail boom, the 2 halves of the 2 panels dont go together perfectly. That might be a matter of better sanding the sprue residue on the tail boom (as you can see on the picture, I havent done that yet), but I dont think it is. That seems to be a simple enough fix tho, some fileing should make it right. Lastly, I saw that Gabor on his build (http://www.arcforums.com/forums/air/index.php?/topic/302522-gwh-su-35s-building/) got rid of those 2 small panels, because the version he was building didnt feature those. What version is that? Im building the Red 25, should I be concerned about sanding off those panels? Thanks in advance for your replies, Arthur.
  4. First of all I am both impressed and inspired. Beautiful work. The attention to details on this masterpiece... omg I used to do modeling some years ago, and now Im looking into getting back to it. My plan is to restart with something great, inspireing, paying attention to every little detail of the build, something like what you did on this one. Well, we'll see how that goes. Could you help me a little explaining the techniques you used to paint this model? The shading, did you pre-shade or post shade the model? And is it even paint on the edges of the panels and along the rivets? Or some kind of pastel? And in the case of it being pre-shade, how do you avoid having the shading fade away on the intersections between the different colours of the camouflage? I mean, that is where the paint is thicker since the different colours overlay each other. And lastly, Did you mask the camouflage pattern in order to paint the different shades of blue or is it very careful maskless airbrush effort? Sorry to overload you with questions, Yufei, but you really made me curious about your method, and I want to learn from the best. Thanks in Advance. Cheers from Brazil, Arthur.
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