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  1. a4s4eva

    Best Fitting 1/48 Scale Spit, P51-D, FW-190

    As I suspected you're making stuff up..
  2. a4s4eva

    Best Fitting 1/48 Scale Spit, P51-D, FW-190

    Sounds like someone has changed your sheet out then. Despite not having Cartograph on the sheet they are printed by them. And as you can see in the image above the national markings clearly don't look like they are printed with a dot matrix printer. Could you post these decals up for us to look at?
  3. a4s4eva

    AMK 1/48 F-14!!!

    Hobby easy lists (or did) a weapons set as a separate product. Albeit at a hefty $30 USD I'd definitely buy a weapons set as those GBU-12 and AIM-9's look excellent. Having fought Eduard's resin ones recently I'm looking for alternatives
  4. a4s4eva

    Best Fitting 1/48 Scale Spit, P51-D, FW-190

    I built the Airfix P-51 recently. I prefer it over the Tamiya one. It's great kit. I have to disagree with Gary, the decals are excellent quality as well (Cartogragh) . I used them for the national markings and aftermarket for the nose art on my build. The only part I didn't likew were the wheels, so I replaced those with AM ones. here's image of it [ The Meng P-51 does long excellent though
  5. a4s4eva

    RAF Sentry AEW.1 8/23(R) Squadron

    Looked good in the flesh Ray
  6. a4s4eva

    AMK 1/48 F-14!!!

    Only 2 weeks til summer 2018. Not long now
  7. a4s4eva

    Hasegawa parts?

    Write to Hasegawa (a old school letter not an email) Hasegawa Seisakusho Company Limited 3-1-2 Yagusu Yaizu Shizuoka 425 8711 Japan Clearly state what you are after eg 1/48 Hurricane Mk IID Kit # JT52, parts L4, A5, J7 and J11. Enclose three (3) international reply coupons (purchase from the Post Office) (last time this cost me $10 AUD total including post) Post and wait 3 weeks. The parts will usually appear in the post with some flyers. I have used this service 3 times. Twice I got the parts within 4 weeks the last time it took 4 months but the part did arrive. I expect they didn't have any replacement parts available at the time I wrote and had to wait until they did another run.
  8. a4s4eva

    Flickr now limiting free accounts to 1000 images.

    Guess I'll be looking for a Flickr alternative for my aircraft photos then...
  9. Not squashed for me
  10. FWIW we used Pledge furniture polish in the RNZAF to clean aircraft canopies. I always wondered why, now I suspect the answer is that Plexus is the same as Pledge.. but Pedge was cheaper 😄
  11. a4s4eva

    Proposal for Steve Bamford.........

    From what I see most forums have less traffic these days. I frequent 4 or 5 forums (here, HS, Brtimodeller, Aussie modeller and Kiwi modeller) and all bar Britmodeller seem to have less traffic than they did pre facebook. That said I actualy find myself checking out ARC more often as it doesn't have hundreds of new posts a day. I find I can get my fix in 30 mins or so. IMHO Facebook is definitely the reason. it's so simple to join groups you're interested in and post a quick image, especially fro niche subjects. I build 48 armour and it's only place I go for that sort of content. It's alsos good to get news on new products. That said it's rubbish for long conversations
  12. a4s4eva

    1:48 BAE Harrier GR 7 SAEOU

    Nice work. You don't see this scheme often, which is a shame because it's quite attractive
  13. Lovely finish Jon, I love Mr color as well but I'd never get that sort of demarcation. I really like the ejection Seat grab handles. I think they look very convincing, great idea. I enjoyed the article (as usual). I know you don't do stores/weapons etc but you really should. : D
  14. a4s4eva

    RAF Lakenheath photo thread

    Sharp work Gary.