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  1. All that is usually true . The exception is if you want to build a Falkland's Sea Harrier and you are using the Kinetic kit. I ordered those sets from Aztec 2 weeks ago and they are on the way to me at the moment..
  2. I cheated and used a HUD cover which was always fitted on the ground unless testing or the pilots were about to go flying . There are plenty of images in the Skyhawk articles on my blog that show the HUD and instrument panel of the aircraft
  3. I never really had any luck with Future.. I tried it and gave up using it years ago. Gaianotes is an excellent gloss coat, very hard wearing and imperious to any oil or enamel product. Mr like the Mr Color clears which I also like. It does stink though so a mask is a good idea for long spraying sessions
  4. Finally finished my A-4K . It's depicted as NZ6201 from No 75 Squadron RNZAF when it was passing through HMAS Albatross, NSW. Australia in 1993. At that time I was working on No 2. Sqn RNZAF and we (for reasons I can't remember) referred to 75 Sqn as the gumboot squadron. 75 Sqn's aircraft had stopped at Nowra for fuel on the way back to New Zealand. Whilst they were there some mates and I took the opportunity to alter the Squadron crest on a number of the aircraft. I tried to add a lot of the little details that were specific to the A-4K and I'm pretty happy with how that worked out
  5. None of that makes any sense, unless you're trying to big note yourself Why are you worried what I pay? If I think something is worth it I buy it.. If not I don't....
  6. Why is it a problem?
  7. I thin it in the airbrush cup and just tip an excess back into the jar. I do this with paint and Mr Surfacer. never seen any point in doing otherwise I've also had yellowing of X 22, proably because I thinned with cheap hardware store thinner and tipped into the jar. I've also sparyed that mixture it doesn't dry anything but glossy and clear.
  8. Sorry Jim this is hobby is dying is rubbish
  9. Whilst all that is true it doesn't make it any less frustrating to those wanting xyz..
  10. You're reading to much into it. It was just a way to express the frustration that they don't release more variants of the subjects they have do so well. I'm pretty sure many modellers feel this way. Never said they did. No argument with here. I bought the P-38 purely because it's Tamiya and despite having no interest in the subject whatsoever. That said I'd choose the Eduard Spitfire Mk I and 109G6 over the Tamiya variants because, for me, they have better options in the box and have better surface detail.
  11. I see this rationale a lot. But IMHO if it was true why not start with E, or EJ.. And why never a F-86, F-104 etc... Tamiya have am annoying track record of doing a few variants, teasing much but then leaving the modeller hung out to dry .... look at the 48 scale P-47 (no N) F-16 (No D's A's or any of the interesting big spine variants.... it appears the F-14 and P-38 maybe going that way as well . From this modellers perspective they make no sense in what they do. 😉
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