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  1. My A-4 walkaround is here https://postimg.cc/gallery/1mmrjjbpg/
  2. I often mask Mr Color within minutes of finishing painting . Especially in Summer where is seems to dry within seconds. The only time I've ever had Mr Color be puled up by tape is where I've used hairspray underneath it to do some chipping .
  3. great idea, well executed. You should take some photos against the sky.
  4. Just the overall finish, It didn't help I broke them installing them so had to do some repairs.
  5. It is pretty dark IMG_4561_edit by Calum Gibson, on Flickr
  6. The base is a exterior floor tile painted grey with a hardstanding pattern drawn on it
  7. They were a set from Two Mikes Resin. I think they aren't available any more
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