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  1. perhaps there is a frangible cover that goes over the pod until the first rocket is fired?
  2. There's no way it will be under $100 USD. Just can't see it for the size and what people are expecting detail wise based on other new Kinetic kits I expect it will be closer to, or even over $200 without an interior . I agree having a separate interior kit is a good idea.
  3. All of those look excellent.
  4. For the D I'd say Kinetics - when they release one (I know the next boxing is Block 30/40/50)
  5. You must be doing something wrong I contacted them a few weeks ago and got a response after about 15 mins. And I'm in Australia. Try spares@airfix.com As for Tamiya, well my experience with them in Australia is that they have no customer service. You have to contact the distributor and they often aren't interested in helping.
  6. From what I understand, either is fine and the aircraft have have one of each. So if you have a specific aircraft/ timeframe in mind best look for photos (or not worry) 😄 .
  7. Hi all. I have recently completed the Hobby Boss F/A-18E kit. I know this actual jet wasn't as weathered as I have modeled but I wanted to do a relatively heavily weathered low viz aircraft so accuracy in that department went out the window. I used Aires Exhausts, Eduard bombs and some buts from the Meng kit. decals are from Furball Full details are at My Blog
  8. I read it. But there are similar marks in Tamiya's kit in equally annoying locations.. On those doors Kinetics locations are probably the best spots. But by all means suggest alternatives if you have some expertise in moulding (like Crash test dummy did).
  9. For the gear bay doors in particular where would suggest they put them? It looks like the detail is on both sides of the part...So they have to go somewhere.
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