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  1. I built the Haseagwa one a few years back. Fit was OK - not great but more than acceptable for a kit of it's vintage. However like a lot of Hasegawa kits I've found the engraved detail inconsistent. This means I often have to re-scribe bits off it
  2. To be fair the RRP is pretty close to the other boxing so the diorama stuff is effectively free.
  3. Nice looking sheets. Look forward to getting some
  4. Kinetic's excellent F-104J is in the cabinet. I used Fundekals for markings. I really enjoyed this build. Full details of the build and more photos at my blog but here's some pic's for those not interested yn that
  5. What does Auto cannon delete modification mean? It don't think it's actually a thing? if you are asking why don't they have cannons fitted, its because unless you are using the guns regularly there is no reason to. And clearly all the civilian ones won't be doing gunnery -ever. They have simply removed the guns (saving weight) and fitted the fairing over the wing roots.
  6. All that is usually true . The exception is if you want to build a Falkland's Sea Harrier and you are using the Kinetic kit. I ordered those sets from Aztec 2 weeks ago and they are on the way to me at the moment..
  7. I cheated and used a HUD cover which was always fitted on the ground unless testing or the pilots were about to go flying . There are plenty of images in the Skyhawk articles on my blog that show the HUD and instrument panel of the aircraft
  8. I never really had any luck with Future.. I tried it and gave up using it years ago. Gaianotes is an excellent gloss coat, very hard wearing and imperious to any oil or enamel product. Mr like the Mr Color clears which I also like. It does stink though so a mask is a good idea for long spraying sessions
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