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  1. I think you're spot on there. I liked The Pacific I recently re watched when I was home sick (although I did skip through much of the scenes where they were home , or on leave. The episodes based on Sledges experiences are particularity good. The combat scenes were particularity well done in the whole series
  2. Deluxe materials Plastic Weld
  3. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Butanone You could use model glue or acetone to do the same, anything that melts the plastic slightly. MEK is used a bit in the aerospace industry as a cleaner. I often use it as model glue (because that what is in a lot of them). That said I've found there are differences with some model glues. I'm currently using deluxe materials plastic weld and find it better than MEK.
  4. All the major sub assemblies are done. I couldn't resist sticking the major bits together (no glue) to see how they fit... The only issue may be slight gaps under the tail fins, but I haven't confirmed there are sprue attachments still requiring clean up. The main fuselage to nose piece is absolutely perfect as is the . The multi part missiles are pretty good but will need a tiny bit of filler on the seam lines. The canvas covers for the front instrument shroud looked a bit plain and non canvas like. To make it more canvas like I applied a piece of tissue paper over the shroud and used MEK to "melt" it onto the plastic. The back one looks better but I was happy with the effect so I did the same on the back. I then painted it, applied a dark oil wash and then dry bushed it. Not perfect but good enough for me. I also had a go at the exhausts. I used the "David Aungst" fix for these.. Rather than explain about it, read it here. To be honest I'm not sure it's worth the effort as mot much can be seen . I painted the outside of exhausts with various shades of Alclad . The detail on these is pretty good but I'd be interested to see resin ones, that said they'd have to be a drop fit replacement for me to be interested.
  5. Good to see this progressing again Pappy. Nice work.
  6. Lovely work, especially considering the scale
  7. Cockpit painting. Detail is as nice as you'll probably get in plastic. For me it's good enough that I'll never consider a resin cockpit (unless it was a exact replacement for the kit parts). What I would like for in my next build is decals for the side consoles and instrument panel. I really like decals over raised detail in this scale. Hasegawa do it well some of their kits. Painting this was about 3 hours of what became tedious work. Tamiya's instructions are good showing what colour goes where, but it just takes time. I airbrushed everything Gunze FS36270 for the base grey as IMHO FS36321 always looks to dark in this scale. The black consoles are brush painted Vallejo Black/grey and the other details were picked out with various Vallejo acrylics. All that said the angle of the side consoles means a lot of the detail is hidden (another reason I doubt I'd ever bother with a resin pit)
  8. HI Brian Thanks for the tip, I've probaly got that sheet somewhere. I really shoudf have checked :D but I've already painted them this time round. I would suggest you do the side consoles on any future re issue. That is where the time was spent (and my work was rubbish) To be honest I wouldn't buy a sheet without the side consoles ( the CB panels on the sidewalls/rear bulkheads wouldn't be a game breaker though, I'm not sure if they could be done in decals) .
  9. Thats pretty cool. My only comment is that the missiles look way to clean compared to the vehicle. That said I guess you can say they are new reloads .
  10. So far no pitfalls to report. everything just fits. My only comments is that there is scope to add more detail to the gear bays.. I started on the nose bay, added 4 wires and then decided I couldn't be bothered, and painting the cockpit is tedious. Thankfully Furball are doing decals which I'm definitely going to buy. I like decals over raised detail for cockpits in this scale. I reckon it's really effective and quick.
  11. The F-14 is close to my favourite post war jet so when Tamiya released this I had to have it. It's a bit of pity they've done the real early A as I actually prefer the late A's and B's. But as I don't have a Hi Viz F-14 in my collection, and it's by Tamiya I figured I may as well build this as close to from the box as I can. Lets see if it lives up to the hype. I'm going for the VF-41 option at this stage , using aftermarket seats . The wheels are late wheels so I don't think they are correct. I'll check the kit ones out and see what they look like. About 4 hours work and some of the major sub assemblies are done. So far everything fits perfectly, and I mean perfectly. I've found if it doesn't fit I've not cleaned up a sprue gate properly. Some parts I haven't even bother to glue as they just click in, Or when I have used glue I've not bothered to glue the entire length of the join, just tacked it in a few places. I have a small seam to fill on the leading edge of the wing gloves where the upper and lower fuselage meets.
  12. Nice work there. I don't think your photos do the build credit though.
  13. Nice work Whitey . I like the darker grey you've used as opposed to mine
  14. Never a truer word spoken
  15. Good work there