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  1. On a similar topic, well Phoenix's at least. On the under fuselage pallets were there any RBF tags ?
  2. Yeah me too, the best kit I've ever built, nothing has come close. As for shortcomings I've not come across anything but smart engineering Of course you have.......
  3. It's been a while since I updated this but I've been working on this . I ran into a potential fit problem with the vertical fin. I asked around and apparently there is a little gap here but this looked way to big. I did notice a bit of left over sprue on the mating surfaces so when I trimmed that off it did sit a bit better.I did run a tiny bit of filler in there later on in the build because I wasn't completely happy with how it looked. The cleverness of how Tamiya engineered this continued to amaze me. When gluing the front fuselage to the rear fuselage you just stick some slow setting glue, I used Tamiya with the white top, on the rear part of the front fuselage and slide it in and hold. No need to apply glue along the panel lines. Also the front phoenix pallet locks into the front fuselage as well as into the rear fuselage and locks the front part to the rear part. And to glue the phoenix pallets down there is a flat piece running along the centre of the inside of pallet. Again some slow setting glue on there and push into the locking holes, no need to try and apply glue on the seem between the pallet and fuselage. I should have taken photos but I was having to much fun sticking it together Although I used gloss paints I gave it a light coat of Gaianotes gloss before applying the Furball decals. Printed by Cartograph you know they will be great to use. I did use a few of the Tamiya decals for the Phoenix pallets, drop tank racks and missiles. These also performed really well. Whilst the Furball decals are just printed nicer I'd have no issues using the rest of the kit decals if I wanted to do one of those schemes Once all the decals were down I gave them a sealing coat of Gaianotes gloss, followed by a bit of random weathering with the airbrush. Once I was happy I gave it a final coat of Mr Color Semi Gloss. I know the actual aircraft were finished gloss but IMHO high gloss finishes don't look right on aircraft models
  4. Everyone? I don't think I've seen a new tool kit ever built in such numbers as the Tamiya Tomcat
  5. 300 gal tanks look a bit anemic. Slats and flaps up means its not much use for a aircraft on the ground as these were down 99% of the time in my experience. As others have said might be ok for in flight builds especially if the interior engine intake piece fits better than Hasegawas . Overall nothing here makes me want to buy it over the Hasegawa one...Be interesting to see what price it goes for
  6. Yeah that bit never made sense If we don't have to pay I'll order 4000.....
  7. Definitely an improvement. Nice
  8. Well done .
  9. Fantastic build
  10. Looking good
  11. Movable wings can be done well... Look at the Tamiya Tomcat.. But I agree that undercarriages that need to fitted early in the build sequence are a pain. .. The Kittyhawk Jag is a example of this
  12. Now the 109 is put to bed I got some time painting the F-14.. I know "black basing" is all the rage at the moment but I don't like adding extra paint if I don't need to, especially as the detail on this kit is pretty fine. Plus, because the fit is so good, and joins are on panel lines it really doesn't need priming. So, as I've done for ages I add some random dark splotches all over the kit with extra dark sea grey. Then I applied the light gull grey (Mr Color) on the upper surfaces. Most of the darker grey disappeared (should have used a darker grey) , oh well. Because I couldn't be bothered trying to accurately mark out the wavy demarcation line between the grey and white I scanned the instructions, enlarged them to the kit size, printed them on plain paper then cut out them out. I then stuck these to the model using a few bits of rolled up tape to stand them off a bit so I don't get a sharp line. Good enough but I've used a white bottle of white (Mr Color 316 FS17875) on this kit so far ! Nice finger print eh :D Next I masked out the black (Tamiya NATO Black) and sprayed that. I added a few blotches of grey grey to break this up a bit. A few more little bits of painting, walkways, gun area and we're ready for decals. :D Maybe I'll do some of them at the NSW Model show next Sunday
  13. I think you're spot on there. I liked The Pacific I recently re watched when I was home sick (although I did skip through much of the scenes where they were home , or on leave. The episodes based on Sledges experiences are particularity good. The combat scenes were particularity well done in the whole series