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  1. There is a fair bit of truth of this, and it also affects the 747-8. But the main problem for the A380 and 747-8 is the wide body twins, 777, A330, 787 and A350 provide better profit margins and flexibility for airlines. For example from down here Qantas are flying direct Perth to London now with 787's and have a project to get an airliner to fly direct Sydney to London (777-x or A350- are the contenders . Air NZ fly Direct Auckland to Chicago with 787's..
  2. Bit of thread drift but hey I like talking aircraft :D I'm sure the KC-46 will end up fine, my point just that the USAF could have KC-30 years ago (I read today the USAF has just accepted the first KC-46) . The KC-30 is more capable than the KC-46 is many areas (fuel load etc, although I understand that was a factor against the KC 30 in the 2nd 767 proposal due to weight etc. ).But lets just be honest and agree KC-30 suffered from the NIH syndrome and so dodgy political shenanigans ... You only have to look how many countries ordered KC-30 as opposed to 767 based tankers (I'm not saying the 767 was bad aircraft BTW, it's not it was an excellent machine in its time, I flew on it a lot). It will be interesting to see if NG have another go with the KC-30 for the KC-10 replacement. The A-400 may or may not never meet all its' design goals. But that can be said of just about any aircraft these days including the actual subject of this thread. What is going for the A-400 is it is the only option now for users wanting a large strategic transport aircraft now that C-17 is done. It fits nicely between C-130J and C-17 in capability. So I expect it will do fine over the years for smaller airforces. Finally, the A-380, the technology is fine, it s more the market that changed. And whilst a few have been retired at least one has found a new home. Plus Emirates still operate over 100 of these, it's suits there hub and spoke model well. As someone who has done a bit of long haul in the past 6 or so years the A380 is by far the most comfortable aircraft to travel on (I can only afford cattle class). I actively look for A-380 flights when I have to travel more than about 8 hours and actively avoid Boeings 787 Cramliner. For flights like Sydney to London (close to 24 hrs with a stop) it's as good as it can be. I'm hoping to try the A-350 at some stage as it has a wider fuselage than the 787 so even at 9 abreast it has wider seats. .
  3. Surely even someone as obviously one eyed as you you can see the irony here.... Hows that KC-46 coming along............... But in case you can't, comparing Apples with apples, the KC-30 is light years ahead of the KC-46. And it's in service now, and has been for years... Finally your comment that the A-400 is simply an upscaled C-130 confirms your ignorance .. But if it gets you to to sleep at night maintain that rage.
  4. I believe Kinetic will be doing the early Harriers (GR.1/AV-8A, GR.3) to finish of their early harrier family.
  5. You'd be better off asking about a particular kit. Even Tamiya have some kits that I wouldn't consider good. , those from the 1970s for example. Kinetic haven't been around as ling as Tamiya, nor do the have the money Tamiya has. That said they have come a long way and they are improving with each new tool. I've built their Sea Harrier and Mirage III and they are the best kits of thise subjects in 48 scale. Neither were Tamiya quality in terms of fit but they weren't particularly difficult either. Detail is pretty good , they come with reasonable weapons in box (unlike Hasegawa ) they have excellent decals, better than many aftermarket sets. Finally, as a couple of the other posters have mentioned they are excellent value.
  6. Very well done Chuck. I'll be using your build thread for a reference when I build mine
  7. Pretty sure they were for a Radar warning system
  8. Interestingly I have the exact opposite reaction. The Open engine and price of the Tamiya 109G put me off.
  9. I usually apply my washes over a semi gloss finish as it adds a bit a grimy look
  10. I've seen that happen Matt. it seems to happen over time once the bottle has been opened and you've added thinner to the bottle. I often just use generic GP thinners to thin the Tamiya X22 and that makes it go quite yellow. I've sprayed the X22 when it's discoloured and it seems to perform just like a new bottle when sprayed.
  11. Perhaps it's because there are only 4 Phoenix in the kit
  12. As I suspected you're making stuff up..
  13. Sounds like someone has changed your sheet out then. Despite not having Cartograph on the sheet they are printed by them. And as you can see in the image above the national markings clearly don't look like they are printed with a dot matrix printer. Could you post these decals up for us to look at?
  14. Hobby easy lists (or did) a weapons set as a separate product. Albeit at a hefty $30 USD I'd definitely buy a weapons set as those GBU-12 and AIM-9's look excellent. Having fought Eduard's resin ones recently I'm looking for alternatives
  15. I built the Airfix P-51 recently. I prefer it over the Tamiya one. It's great kit. I have to disagree with Gary, the decals are excellent quality as well (Cartogragh) . I used them for the national markings and aftermarket for the nose art on my build. The only part I didn't likew were the wheels, so I replaced those with AM ones. here's image of it [ The Meng P-51 does long excellent though
  16. Only 2 weeks til summer 2018. Not long now
  17. Write to Hasegawa (a old school letter not an email) Hasegawa Seisakusho Company Limited 3-1-2 Yagusu Yaizu Shizuoka 425 8711 Japan Clearly state what you are after eg 1/48 Hurricane Mk IID Kit # JT52, parts L4, A5, J7 and J11. Enclose three (3) international reply coupons (purchase from the Post Office) (last time this cost me $10 AUD total including post) Post and wait 3 weeks. The parts will usually appear in the post with some flyers. I have used this service 3 times. Twice I got the parts within 4 weeks the last time it took 4 months but the part did arrive. I expect they didn't have any replacement parts available at the time I wrote and had to wait until they did another run.
  18. Guess I'll be looking for a Flickr alternative for my aircraft photos then...
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