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  1. Doesn't everyone use the unread content function? That's where I bookmark every forums
  2. And people thought I was being stupid 😄
  3. Well I've always said choice is a great thing
  4. Looks great. Is the cockpit the kit one?
  5. Then perhaps you need to read some of 105 page to understand what the issue was..
  6. Good luck with the build. It's a bit a hellish journey depending on how accurate you want it. I'e not seen a post 1405 S-702 built (project Sea 1405 added the FLIR and a whole lot of other lumps and bumps to the S-70B2) . I don't actually know if anyone ever did a conversion, and if they did it's rare. I think you'll be scratch building a bit My pre 1405 build log is here, the finished build here My walkaround is here
  7. Well I'm happy they've given us a traditional canopy. Whinge and win is a saying I use a bit .. in this case the whinging has paid off I'll give the multi part one a go, I can see some advantages of this approach. But it does rely on things fitting perfectly.
  8. I'd like to see the clear parts. I hope you did away with the multi part canopy
  9. great set. thanks for sharing
  10. Alex, what paints did you use for this one. I'm tempted to do a similar scheme
  11. The few times I tried it I found the Hairspray better than the "chipping fluid".
  12. Nice work. Paint looks good
  13. No issues with the sets I've used
  14. Same here. Lucky model, great business. I think most people who have trouble don't read the print at the bottom of the screen re how to contact them.
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