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  1. Well I'm happy they've given us a traditional canopy. Whinge and win is a saying I use a bit .. in this case the whinging has paid off I'll give the multi part one a go, I can see some advantages of this approach. But it does rely on things fitting perfectly.
  2. I'd like to see the clear parts. I hope you did away with the multi part canopy
  3. great set. thanks for sharing
  4. Alex, what paints did you use for this one. I'm tempted to do a similar scheme
  5. The few times I tried it I found the Hairspray better than the "chipping fluid".
  6. Nice work. Paint looks good
  7. No issues with the sets I've used
  8. Same here. Lucky model, great business. I think most people who have trouble don't read the print at the bottom of the screen re how to contact them.
  9. Mine from 2013 http://hamfisted-modeller.blogspot.com/2013/04/148-hasegawa-f-14b-part-1.html You can find the next part on the side menu
  10. To add to the list above The Wings Over New Zealand Show Aviation Podcast omega tau (this one is a science and engineering podcast but it has quite a few aviation shows. ) Sme of the episodes are in German as the host is a German, but many are in English Thanks to Mfezi for the Skunkworks podcast - looks like it will be good
  11. Well there's still no kit to argue over and we still don't know whose summer it's being released in - so why not 😄
  12. LOL at least someone realises the seasons differ depend on where you live .. Unlike Gary... :)
  13. They said summer on facebook But not which summer (northern or southern hemisphere) 😄
  14. Lovely build Jon.. Needs weapons though 😄
  15. Well I'm not in the US so it doesn't affect me. This sort of thing is illegal here That said this seems to have come only from Hobbylinc.. so I guess I'm dubious of what it actually means.
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