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  1. Mine from 2013 http://hamfisted-modeller.blogspot.com/2013/04/148-hasegawa-f-14b-part-1.html You can find the next part on the side menu
  2. To add to the list above The Wings Over New Zealand Show Aviation Podcast omega tau (this one is a science and engineering podcast but it has quite a few aviation shows. ) Sme of the episodes are in German as the host is a German, but many are in English Thanks to Mfezi for the Skunkworks podcast - looks like it will be good
  3. Well there's still no kit to argue over and we still don't know whose summer it's being released in - so why not 😄
  4. LOL at least someone realises the seasons differ depend on where you live .. Unlike Gary... :)
  5. They said summer on facebook But not which summer (northern or southern hemisphere) 😄
  6. Lovely build Jon.. Needs weapons though 😄
  7. Well I'm not in the US so it doesn't affect me. This sort of thing is illegal here That said this seems to have come only from Hobbylinc.. so I guess I'm dubious of what it actually means.
  8. I'm more interested in what's in the box.. and when we'll be able to buy it
  9. I have a walk around here Pappy that may be useful
  10. Mine had been, in no order Tamiya P-47M Tamiya P-47 Razor back Tamiya F-14 Airfix P-51D All 1/48 scale
  11. You must be doing something wrong then . Considering it's as simple as typing in a phrase and clicking the button it's hard to understand what
  12. Except that the search function does work........
  13. None of the decal options do it for me. I'm after something low viz, that said, I'm sure Fightertown/Furball will be release some sheets
  14. Enjoying this thread Gary. Thanks for posting
  15. Fantastic work on that landing gear. I think you've nailed the piping there. And great idea on using the magnets, very innovative
  16. Maybe you could offload some pax. for more room .. :-)
  17. Having seen those panel lines on the actual kit they look nowhere near as bad as those photos make them out to be. The worst thing you can say is they are not quite as nice as the rest of the kit.
  18. Well only you can figure that out But I've built 1 Haseagwa kit and 1 Tamiya kit and I'll never build another Hasegawa kit... As for the cost, Hasegawa kits aren't cheap (new) these days... but obviously if you already own them that's not an issue. For me I'd ditch them and buy Tamiyas.. It's a joy to build. I can't say that about Hasegawas kit.
  19. I do like the decal options
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