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  1. Fantastic work on that landing gear. I think you've nailed the piping there. And great idea on using the magnets, very innovative
  2. Maybe you could offload some pax. for more room .. :-)
  3. Having seen those panel lines on the actual kit they look nowhere near as bad as those photos make them out to be. The worst thing you can say is they are not quite as nice as the rest of the kit.
  4. Well only you can figure that out But I've built 1 Haseagwa kit and 1 Tamiya kit and I'll never build another Hasegawa kit... As for the cost, Hasegawa kits aren't cheap (new) these days... but obviously if you already own them that's not an issue. For me I'd ditch them and buy Tamiyas.. It's a joy to build. I can't say that about Hasegawas kit.
  5. I do like the decal options
  6. So it's crap because it stopped you doing exactly what the 100 post limit was designed to stop.... Perhaps you should make the effort to be part of the community rather than just using it for one single post...
  7. I'd love modern tools of both the B 26 and A 26 in 1/48. I can't be bothered with the old Revell kits..At this stage I'm considering the 1/72 Hasegawa kit foe the B26
  8. Except that their are probably 10's of thousands of those kits in peoples stashes that will never get built. A guy in my club has been bringing a few B-26's to to our last few meetings and can't give them away
  9. I think it's been discontinued
  10. I used to be a big reader of various forums, I'd vist 5 or 6 every day and sometimes spend a few hours in the evening reading through them. But over the past 2 years I've dropped of visiting all but 2-3 dramatically. And I generally only drop in once ever 4-5 days. I don't think I'm alone. I spend much more time browsing modelling groups on Facebook these days than I do reading various forums. That''s because there is just more content posted there and this easy to do on a phone when i have a spare minute during the day. So my theory is forums in general have declined in traffic with the rise of facebook ""groups. It's shame really because forums are, IMHO, "still the best medium for in depth articles/discussions .
  11. Nice shots all of them Gary. Thanks for posting them
  12. It was pointed out when the kit was released. There was an equally large amount of hand wringing over it at the time, as this is now. I can't remember how or if it was resolved. As Solo pointed out the Hobby Boss A-10 has one in front windscreen centre panel as well.. Annoying but nothing you ca n do about it
  13. That is certainly the best kit seat I've seen. I love the way the belts have been done. Nice.
  14. Sharp work on both Darren, You really know how to knock them out
  15. That is really nice. Can you explain how you did the rigging
  16. a4s4eva

    Airfix Sea Fury

    As Drewe pointed out https://www.airfix.com/uk-en/shop/new-for-2018/hawker-sea-fury-export-edition-1-48.html
  17. So do I, but the roughness either needed to be knocked down with mircromesh or a thicker gloss coat. l found lacquer thinners works so much better and is cheaper so it's win win
  18. Mr Color thinners (all sorts) are my choice. But to be honest I've found cheap lacquer thinners works just as well as Mr Color thinners for Tamiya and Mr Hobby paints. I used to use IPA for Tamiya paints but found it gave a rougher finish to the paint than a lacquer thinner
  19. And yet as Joel says, it's works wonderfully as a standalone acrylic gloss........ IMHO it's the easiest gloss to apply bar none, I used to thin it will levelling thinners but now I get the same results with GP thinners.
  20. Cracking work all of them but the winter finish on the Ju 88 is excelllent
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